Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World?–Anime Details

Why Does Nobody Remember Me In This World? Anime is on its way to fascinate us. The title itself is so strong that it fuels one’s curiosity. It is one of the most anticipated TV anime adaptations of popular light novel series. 

The LN delighted the readers with its beautiful storyline, and now its anime version will capture our hearts. We sincerely thank Kei Sazane and Neco for the incredible plot and enthralling illustrations. 


  • The anime will debut in July 2024
  • Tokyo MX, BS Asahi, and Kansai TV Stations will broadcast the series
  • Animation Studio Project No. 9 will animate the show

Why Does Nobody Remember Me In This World?– What We Know So Far!

Unfortunately, the exact release date is not specified at this stage, but let’s stay tuned, as it will be out soon. A 46-second teaser trailer is out, which hints at the theme, aesthetics, story, and much more. It’s intriguing enough to effortlessly give us goosebumps. 

Recently, stunning character visuals and a character trailer were presented. I’m not going to lie; Studio Project No.9 has done a mind-blowing job animating the light novel according to the standards. Secondly, the talented voice actors have added perfection!

Let’s not forget the efforts of the whole staff and crew. Well-known Anime Director Tatsuma Minamikawa directs the upcoming Sci-fi fantasy masterpiece. 

Characters & Their Voice Cast

Here is the list of our gorgeous characters and their respective voice cast. 

  • Ichinose Kana, famous as Yamamoto Mito from Vampire Dormitory, will voice Rinne
  • Chiba Shouya, famous as Nerei Akihiko from Wind Breaker, will voice Vento Kai Sakura
  • Shiraishi Haruka, famous as Sonoda from iDOLM@STER, will voice Anise Jeanne E
  • Hishikawa Hana, famous as Lillvqvist Chastille from An Archdemon’s Dilemma, will voice Reicherieru
  • Lynn, famous as Bayreuth from The New Gate, will voice Yubikitasu Falin Rina
  • Suzushiro Sayumi, famous as Houra Himka from The Misfift Of Demon Academy II Part 2, will voice Miskotti Saki
  • Yamashita Seiichiro will voice the supporting character, Highroll Assuran

Why Does Nobody Remember Me In This World? Anime Plot

Why Does Nobody Remembers My Name? Anime

Credit: Crunchyroll

Typically, we see the war between Humans with demons, monsters, and gods, right? This anime brings something different. We’ll see the war between five different types of races: Humans, Demon, Wild Gods, Spirits, and Phantom Beast. The war resulted in the favor of humans and thanks to Prophet Sid who sealed the other races in a Crypt (Black Pyramid). Kai is the main character who is responsible for looking after these crypts to prevent the races from breaking free from them. However, the twist begins when the world gets rewritten, and this time, Sid isn’t there to protect humanity. Now, the other races rule the world, and Kai must do something on his own to bring peace back to the world. Will he become the hero in a world that desperately needs one?

Final Notes

Light Novel Anime Adaptations have been extremely popular for the past few years. There are a few such adaptations that left a permanent mark on our memories. Having said that, the standards of anime weebs have drastically risen. So, it’s a great challenge to keep up with such high standards. Judging from the trailers and teasers of why does nobody remember me in this world?, we can say it will be good enough to win our hearts! What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below.

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Source: IMDb and the Anime’s Official Platforms

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