15 Best Anime Movies With OP MC– RANKED!

Anime Movies with OP MC have a different level of swag. Watching an Overpowered Main Character is always fun because they take every opportunity to enthrall everyone on and off screens with their magic. 

There are many anime where the MC is OP, but watching movies doesn’t cost a lot of time. Above all, you feel entertained within an hour or two, so it’s never a bad idea to try them out. I have gathered 15 such films that you can watch. 

Before we start, let me tell you that there will be a variety of films where some of the main characters will have supernatural powers and others won’t. Yes, you heard that right because it’s not always powers that make one Overpowered!

Anime Movies With OP MC–Brace Yourself For Roller Coaster of Over Powers


  • From movies with female leads to movies with intellectual power, In this list of anime movies with OP MC, you will find them all
  • I have tried to cover almost all genres of anime movies with overpowered main character to entertain you to the fullest
  • All the entries are ranked based on a personal perspective.

15. Summer Wars

Anime Movies with OP MC --Summer Wars
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are confused about how Summer Wars has an overpowered MC, then my Lord, let me explain! 

Do you consider intelligence a superpower? Even if you don’t, there’s no denying about that, and the fact that this is one of the best anime movies with OP MC you can watch. (XD)

Koiso Kenji is our protagonist, who apparently has no powers, but his mind makes him overpowered. He’s a math genius and is extremely good with numbers. He is so obsessed with solving queries that he can’t feel at ease when he doesn’t solve one. Though this is his strength, it’s also his weakness, which others manipulate for their own good. 

He works part-time as a moderator for a popular Virtual Reality platform, “OZ”. It never crossed his mind that solving a math problem could trouble the whole world. Someone sends him a problem, and he solves it out of habit, which hacks OZ, and now things are a huge mess. He must maximize his brain power to undo what he has done!

14. Weathering With You

Anime Movies with OP MC--Weathering With You
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Before moving on to the story, let me make it clear that though the female lead holds a unique power, the film doesn’t involve any action or thrill. Instead, it’s a simple story with a slice-of-life theme. This movie is especially recommended to those who like overpowered main characters but want to see them in a different light! And why not? Not every movie needs to be full of action and magic. 

The story takes the viewers to the world where Tokyo is facing troubles due to the non-stop showers. People’s lives have become hectic because it’s getting challenging to continue routine tasks due to massive rains. 

Among such people, Hodaka also is struggling in his life and lack of finances just adds to his injuries. However, when he crosses paths with an orphan girl named Hina, he finally finds a solution to bring peace to the world. 

The girl holds the power to call the SUN whenever she prays! Impressive, isn’t it? The boy motivates her to use this power to bring light to many lives. However, things might not be as easy for them as they think! Nothing comes free of cost, and meddling with nature can put them in serious trouble!

13. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Anime Movies with OP MC--Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
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Did anyone mention Iconic Vampire anime movies with OP MC? There you go! Add Vampire Hunter to your list of movies. Not gonna lie; the film has questionable animation, and it’s pretty obvious because it’s from the 2000s. However, at the time, it was the best in all aspects, and it being the Madhouse Production is the proof of this!

D is the overpowered MC, who is a human-vampire hybrid. His aura is so fearful that it gives chills to the people on-screen and off-screen. The world lives in the terror of vampires, and thus, they hire vampire hunters to hunt them down. When Charlotte, the daughter of the rich family, gets kidnapped by a vampire, her family decides to hire D and offers him a huge bounty

Of course, he accepts the bounty, but various challenges knock on his door on the way. Whether he’ll be able to save the girl or not, you’ll have to find out. 

12. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Anime Movies with OP MC--The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Makoto Konno is your average high school student dealing with life’s twists and turns. Her school life was monotonous, and she had nothing else to have fun. One day, her life totally changed after finding a mysterious object. 

The object gave her the power to time travel, and without realizing the true potential of it, she started using it for a time pass. For many lame excuses, she began traveling back to the past until she realized everything had a limit. A lot happens, and life puts her in situations where she eagerly needs this power but can’t. 

Not only for Makoto, the movie has many life lessons for people of all ages. It is true that by the end of this movie, you will learn to appreciate living in the present. The power of time is a blessing and we all have that power! Yes, we have! We just need to focus on our present, and both our future and past will be taken care of! Trust me, dude, this is clearly one of the best anime movies with OP MC!

11. The Garden Of Sinners

Anime Movies with OP MC--The Garden Of Sinners
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is the most thrilling anime movie with a female lead. Shiki is not your average protagonist so don’t you dare underestimate her. She can see the Death of objects, which sets her apart from everyone else.

The story highlights the late 90s when eerie incidents became a widespread reality.  Every now and then, people commit suicide, but the horrifying fact is they all die in the same building. 

When Shiki smells a supernatural cause behind these incidents, she goes all out to investigate it. She is not alone as her talented friends accompany her everywhere. They also are not ordinary individuals. I am sure you will love the movie, especially if you enjoy watching anime movies with OP MC.

10. Akira

Anime Movies with OP MC---Akira
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

I bet many of us dream of having superpowers, but trust me, great powers come with great responsibilities and if not taken care of, they can destroy the world. So, it’s better to only dream about them because not all that shines is a Gem. This is the lesson we get after watching this 80s’ one of the most fantastic anime movies with OP MC.

In the late 80s, there was a boy named Akira who once put the world in serious trouble with his psychic powers. The chaos led to World War III, and to prevent further destruction, the higher-ups captured him. Many years passed after the horrifying war, but people still feared someone having powers similar to Akira’s.

Shoutaro Kaneda is the protagonist who, along with his friends, wanders from place to place on their motorbikes. They have a conflict with another group called Clowns. After one of their fights, Hsoutaro’s friend Tetsuo develops superpowers similar to Akira. 

Unfortunately, instead of using it for a good purpose, he becomes the biggest threat to the world. Now, Shoutaro must find a way to stop his friend from repeating the history. 

9. Afro Samurai

Anime Movies with OP MC--Afro Samurai
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

While talking about the best anime movies with OP MC, how can we forget about the iconic Afro Samurai? It’s famous in the industry for countless reasons. Afro is our overpowered MC who experiences the most tragic moment when someone murders his father! But why? 

He lives in a world where the strongest person wears a “Number 1” headband. Anyone wearing this headband is like a top dog in the hierarchy. To get this title, one must reach the 2nd level so that he can challenge the number 1 in a duel. Afro’s father was Number 1, and the man who killed him to get the title was Number 2. 

Watching his father’s brutal murder, young Afro’s heart filled with the fire of revenge. He grew up training to be at the level to challenge his father’s murderer. However, leading to the top of the hierarchy was not an easy task. To top it off, there’s a twist! Guess what? Though only Number 2 can fight 1, everyone else can fight “2”, so he is always at risk of getting attacked.  

8. Sword Of The Stranger 

Sword Of the Stranger
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

SwordFight, action, suspense, thrill, and drama make this one of the best anime movies with OP MC. The strength and skills of the hero aside, the hero’s personality is no less than a visual treat. (XD) Yes, we are talking about Nanashi, who is a fearsome Ronin. 

The story begins with Kotaru, an orphan boy, running for survival along with his dog Tobimaru. China’s Ming Dynasty sent some deadly assassins to kill the pair for unknown reasons. Running for their lives, the duo comes across Nanashi, who temporarily helps them. However, the MC didn’t want to entangle himself in unnecessary fights, so he refrained from assisting them further. 

Anyhow, as one can easily guess, Kotaru makes him help him and hires him as his bodyguard. This is the moment exactly when the story picks the  beat as the daring Ronin finds a reason to fight. I bet you will be thrilled if you watch the astounding sword fights between Nanashi and the opponents. 

It received an 8.26/10 MAL rating, so make sure you watch it by any means possible. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

7. Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind

nausicaa of the valley of the wind
Source: nausicaa of the valley of the wind movie
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Somebody talked about girl power? Well, watch this movie because your overpowered main character is a female! Let’s talk about the story.

Once, Earth was almost destroyed due to an incident, and since then, life on Earth has been struggling to live peacefully. When the line between humans and other species merged, humanity faced a lot of dangers mainly coming from the jungle. 

Far from the jungle and free from toxins was a kingdom with the name Valley Of The Wind led by our brave lady Nausicaa. She has numerous powers and abilities, including windriding and talking to animals and insects. 

She uses her abilities to maintain peace in the world. However, no matter what, troubles always find a way to challenge her. Suppose you enjoy anime movies with an OP MC specifically where the MC is a girl, in that case, this is the absolute BEST!

6. Mary And The Witch’s Flower

Marry and the Witch's flower
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Trust me, it’s a gem in the anime industry, and the list of anime movies with OP MC is incomplete without this entry. This is the best film one can watch to treat oneself  to escape from the dark realities of life. Mary Smith is the clumsy female protagonist who, no matter how much she tries, ends up causing trouble. 

She is good at nothing, and that will pinch your heart. Finally, the universe gives her an opportunity to live her dream life when she finds magical flowers in the jungle. These flowers give her temporary magical powers, and a magic broom takes her to the magic academy, where everyone is impressed with her abilities. 

The magic flowers make her overpowered than the rest of the witches because not everyone can reach that level. Like I said before, with great power comes great responsibility and now her simple life remains no more the same. She attracts many sinister and evil eyes who are after the flowers she has. Therefore, a series of constant troubles begins where she must do everything to stop a wicked witch from causing chaos. 

5. Spy X Family Code White

Spy X Family Code White
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next one on this list is everyone’s favorite film! Spy X Family, in particular, is not limited to just a single character being overpowered. If you observe closely, Loid, Yor and Anya are all overpowered in one way or another. 

Anyhow, I am recommending this movie because of Anya Forger who has the power to read minds. I mean, Just imagine! I don’t know about you but I for sure would flip the whole world upside down if I had that power! (XD)

Loud gets another task that puts his career at risk, and he has to make a smooth way out of it. There is only one way to do that, and that is to help her daughter Anya win a particular certificate. To earn that, Anya must win a cooking competition, so the Spy Family goes all out on this task.

There is so much drama, comedy, action, and a lot more to look for in this one of the best anime movies with OP MC.

4. The Boy And The Beast

the boy and the beast
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Like the title suggests, 9-year-old Ren and Kumatetsu, an overpowered beast, are the center of the story. Initially, it kicks off by giving you misty eyes because it’s quite emotional. Eventually, things settle down and you will be invested in it in a matter of time. 

After losing his mother, Ren feels his world shattered; having nobody to rely on, the boy runs from the house. While struggling to survive on the streets, he comes across Kumatetsu from the Beast Kingdom, a world completely different from his. 

Kumatetsu was in search of a disciple, and he decided to test Ren for that position. He takes him to his world, and that’s how Ren’s life takes a 180-degree turn. The beast trains the boy, and amidst it, the duo develops an unbreakable bond. Honestly, one of the best things this movie offers is their friendship. There is a lot of action, fantasy, drama, fun, thrill, and much more! It’s a complete package and that’s why it’s here on this list of best anime movies with OP MC.

3. Bleach Hell Verse

Bleach Hell Verse
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Well well, brace yourself before we dive into the Bleach VERSE! For years, Bleach has kept its fans captivated and made its place among the Big 3 of the anime. It has many movies to watch, and it’s up to you, whichever you want, but I’d like to recommend Hell Verse

Hell is the worst place to live, and only the sinners are sent to this place. One can enter Hell once  but one can’t return. The twists begin when the sinners of hell somehow enter the human world and wreak havoc. 

Ichigo is our overpowered main character who tries his best to protect his town. As a series of incidents happen, Ichigo loses his sisters in the hands of abductors. Now, to protect his sisters, he must enter the HELL VERSE, which is not a good place to go. However, Ichigo doesn’t fear anything especially when it comes towards his family and friends. 

2. Black Clover: Sword Of The Wizard King

Black Clover Sword of the Wizard king
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Unfortunately, there aren’t any stand-alone anime movies with an OP MC that can beat this masterpiece. Black Clover anime has topped the chart when it comes to anime where the MC is OP. It has all that you are looking for, and even if you have watched the series, I’d highly recommend watching its movies. 

Asta is the boy who used to live powerless in the world of powers and magic. Where everyone holds a unique power, he was empty, but his determination to be the best is impressive. His desire to become the wizard king finds him a way to fulfill his dreams. The boy learns that he has anti-magic powers and unmatched abilities. 

In this movie, Conrad Leto, the 27th Wizard King, enters the scene as a deadly threat. Due to his sinister motives, the 28th Wizard King sealed him once. However, he returns to destroy the Clover Kingdom, and this time brings the three dead Wizard Kings to life for his help. 

Now Asta and the team of heroes must find a way to stop these overpowered Antagonists. This is the perfect movie where you’ll see Overpowered heroes and Villains. 

1. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

Demon Slayer The Movie
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Demon Slayer needs no introduction, as it’s famous for being the best Demon anime series of all time. Tanjiro is your overpowered main character. Because of him, we have added this film to this list of anime movies with OP MC. 

The crime of Demons was increasing specifically in a specific train. To fight them off, the Demon Slayers, including Tanjirou, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko, enter the train. They were on a mission to help everyone’s favorite Flame Hashira, Rengoku. Contrary to their expectations, some unexpected villains enter the scene.  

Rengoku fights with the top ranked demon Akaza; on the other hand, Tanjiro and others are busy dealing with Enmu. Unfortunately, Rengoku gets heavily injured, losing his life as a result. This is one of the most heartbreaking Demon Slayer movies and also one of the Hit anime movies of all time. 

Final Notes

Yay, we are finally done with our absolutely entertaining list of anime movies with OP MC. I tried my best to add one of the most loved entries to this list. The list is specially created for fans of all genres who tend to find something different. I believe if you watch them once, you’ll yearn to watch them again!

For some more anime movie recommendations, be friends with Anime Fleek. 


What’s the Anime where the main character is OverPowered?

There are countless anime where the MC is OP and the most famous ones are One Punch Man, Black Clover, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Overlord. 

What is the best Isekai anime with OP MC?

Some of them include Mushoku Tensei, Tensura, and  Rising of the Shield Hero.

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