Mononoke the Movie: Karakasa Unveils New Trailer and More

Fans have been eagerly waiting for new updates on Mononoke the Movie, and finally, it’s time. The recent announcement introduced eye-catching key visuals, a teaser trailer, and some additional details. July 26 is the release date of the most awaited anime project to hit theaters.

About Mononoke the Movie: Karakasa 

The thrilling one-minute trailer makes sure to bring the viewers to the edge of their seats. After watching the trailer, one knows that it’s going to be Worth Watching. The art, Direction, character designs, and aesthetics of the film are SUPER AWESOME. 

Kudos to the singers and music producers for creating auditory masterpieces that add more charm to the overall story. “Love Sick” is a beautiful theme song, and its credits go to Aina The End.

The credits for the astounding animation production go to Studio Twin Engine EOTA. Kitsuneko Nagata’s efforts as the character designer speak volumes. Kudos to Yuuichi Takahashi for managing the Animation Character Designs and working as the Chief Animation Director. Taku Iwasaki is responsible for creating addictive music. Kenji Nakamura handles the overall Direction of the upcoming anime film.

Voice Cast

  • Kana Hanazawa voices Kitagawa
  • Haruka Tomatsu voices Botan Ohtomo
  • Yoko Hikasa voices Fuki Tokita 
  • Yuko Kaida voices Awashima
  • Yukana voices Mugitani
  • Yuki Kaji voices Saburoumaru 
  • Jun Fukuyama voices Hiraki
  • Daisuke Hosomi voices Sakashita 
  • Miyu Irino voices Tenshi
  • Kenjiro Tsuda voices Hokuto Kourogi 


About Mononoke the Movie

Credit: Crunchyroll

The story takes place in Feudal Japan, where evil spirits called Mononoke threaten humanity. Medicine Seller has the power to kill these evil spirits, but it’s challenging because he must know certain details about Mononoke. The story is all about him moving places and slaying evil. 

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Source: Crunchyroll

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