My Wife Has No Emotion Anime Reveals New Key Visual, More Cast

Let’s get ready for a BRAND NEW Sci-fi romance series, My Wife Has No Emotion. The upcoming anime adaptation is based on Jiro Sugiura’s manga. The anime will smash hit the screens on July 2. The recent announcement presented us with enthralling key visuals and voice cast details. 

About My Wife Has No Emotion Anime 

My Wife Has No Emotion key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The famous Director Jiro Kono, who worked on the popular anime “Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun”, is on board as the Art Director. Yoshie Ito works as the DOP, and Takumi Ito works as the Sound Director. Fumihiro Yoshimura works as the main Director of the series, and Mitsutaka Hirota handles the series’ composition. Tsuyoshi Sasaki, known as the Chief Animation Director for “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” handles the character designs.

Voice Cast

Yoshino Aoyama voices Akari Kosugi. The VA is famous for voicing Hitori in BOCCHI THE ROCK!  Yu Serizawa voices Super Mina. She is renowned for voicing Rae in  I’m in Love with the Villainess.


Takuma was living a monotonous life that revolved around work and house. Exhausted from work, he decided to bring a robot (Mina-Chan) who would manage house chores. The robot was beautiful and worked so well that he jokingly wanted her to be his wife. Surprisingly enough, Mina took it seriously, and the duo started living like a couple. As the next one can guess easily, the guy begins to develop feelings for her. 

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Source: Crunchyroll

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