Wind Breaker Episode 12 & 13 Review

Welcome back to the Wind Breaker Episode 12 & 13 Review. Many fans are sad because our favorite anime’s season 1 has ended. The good part is that its second season has been announced, so we don’t need to worry about anything. 

All through these 13 episodes, there is no doubt that the anime kept us all entertained. It was a pleasant watch. Even the last two episodes had neat endings, knowing the story would continue. 

Wind Breaker Episode 12 Review & Highlights

Wind Breaker--Kaiji Ren

The episode begins with all the classmates trusting our sweet Haruka Sakura to be the Top Dog. Surprised by the class’s decision, he feared that he had always wanted to be a Top Dog to prove himself. 

Somehow, he had thoughts similar to Choji’s, but spending time with Umemiya and everyone else changed him. Before he can answer, a comedic scene happens when the second-year grade’s representative, Kaji Ren, interrupts. Because of his headphones, he can’t judge the loudness of his voice. However, he clearly asked Sakura to agree and not waste time. 

Humour & Surprises


Like always, the episode started with engagement with a touch of humor and shock. So, just like that, it was decided that Sakura would be a first-year representative without waiting for his approval. Sakura, Suo, and Nirei are also added in contact with Seniors. Unable to figure out the duties of a Class Representative, he was asked to follow Kaji and Kusumi on the patrol. 

The First Task

Nirei Sakura- Wind Breaker

Their first task was to find a lost kid named Lisa with a pink ribbon. Kaji passed on the task to Kusumi and started walking, surprising everyone else for taking the task so lightly. Guess what? It turns out Lisa was no other than a cat. Within seconds, Sakura was faster than everyone, showing his monkey skills to catch Lisa, but she jumped into the water.

At last, we saw Kaji jumping into the water to save the cat, and they succeeded in the mission. 

The task cleared the doubts in Sakura’s head, and he learned what he needed to do. He asked Kaji why he was a Top Dog, and surprisingly enough, he didn’t have any reasons. He became the representative because everyone else wanted him to be. Kaji depends on his friends for social interactions, and they depend upon it; it’s a mutual relationship that keeps him going. Moreover, he just doesn’t ever want to break the trust of his friends. 

A Call To All the Representatives

Bofurin's Devas

Umemiya called all the grade representatives and their vice representatives. Therefore, Suo, Nirei, and Sakura gave their joining just like everyone else. Previously, Kotoha advised Sakura to call people by their names. 

The boy was struggling to remember the names when others entered with Umemiya. Contrary to Sakura’s expectations, they were not Grade Representatives but Furin‘s Devas and their Assistants. Episode 12 ends there.

Wind Breaker Episode 13 Review & Highlights


The last episode started with the entry of a new group called KEEL. They had a short interaction with Sakura and friends. Soon after they left, the team found Anzai injured and in an unconscious state. 

However, Anzai refuses to accept that KEEL did something to him for reasons unknown. Nirei asks Sakura to help him, but he leaves without saying anything. It turns out Anzai didn’t want to get Bofurin involved in the matter related to KEEL. However, Sakura got a hint about it after overhearing Anzai’s conversation with the girl. 

Anyhow, we all guessed what was going to happen next. The episode was very predictable but it maintained the thrill. Knowing that it is the last episode, the entry of a new group was expected. At least, this is something I expected. 

Anzai’s Link With KEEL


It turns out that Tsuchiya, Anzai, and Nagato were childhood friends and used to stick to each other through thick and thin. Eventually, they joined different schools and thought they would keep in touch. 

The girl and Anzai kept in touch while Anzai became a member of KEEL, who used to rob people. When Anzai decided to stop him and when he went to hear his side of the story, he returned all beaten up. 

During the call, a student from Class 4 delivered a letter to Anzai, which made him rush out of the class. When Sakura followed and confronted Anzai, it turns out the letter had pictures of Nagato all beaten up. So, the last episode ended with Sakura deciding to save Nagato. 

Final Notes

The second and last episodes were good, with the right balance of humor, emotions, action, and all. Throughout the anime, we are glued to the screens. The fact that the last episode ended on a cliffhanger makes fans impatient. We hope to see the second season on our screens soon. Season 2 is officially announced; just wait for the higher-ups to update us about the release date.

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