15 Best Anime Movies With Handsome Characters

The pretty faces and strong build of anime characters make the anime more attractive to watch. So, this special list of the best anime movies with handsome characters is for you. There are countless anime characters that fans drool over, and finding the most attractive among them is quite a daunting task. 

Still, there are many quantifiers for anime characters through which you can decide who is the most handsome, hottest, and strongest one. Currently, Gojou Satoru has been topping the list of anime with the hottest characters. We can not forget the forever dominating vampire Kaname Kuran, the cold-blooded Levi Ackerman, and obviously the overpowering Sukuna

These are a few names that make the anime more popular. When it comes to anime movies with handsome characters, we get a wide range of choices when picking our favorites. Well, mine is listed below, so do you want to get a hint on that? Let’s go!

Anime movie with Handsome Characters that will make you drool.


  • The list has the top anime with attractive male leads including anime movies with monsters, sports, and action-fantasy genres
  • You will see some handsome old-generation men and some from the modern era. 
  • The list is completely based on personal preferences. 

15. Legend Of The Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Stellar War; Part 3

Best Anime movies with handsome characters; legend of the galactic heroes die neue these stellar war part 3
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This one is an old one, but because of the leads, it has managed to be on the list of best anime movies with handsome characters. Yang and Reinhard are the stars of this movie and are strikingly attractive and dominating in every way possible.

The plot mainly focuses on the ongoing war between the two sides and the consequences. With all the politics and loss, Yan and Reinhard are eager to bring peace. Against all odds, being all honest in their own beliefs, they are similar yet polar opposites.

The duo acknowledges the fact that on the other side of the galaxy, they have a worthy opponent and they have to try their hardest and earnestly to bring their peace. 

14. Dragon Ball Z; Battle Of The Gods

best anime movies with handsome characters; Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Many of you might not consider it the best anime movie with handsome characters. Still, for action-fantasy lovers, this movie sure has the most handsome and powerful characters. Toei Animation has a knack for displaying the best power-oriented Kung Fu styles. 

Additionally, power and strength simply make a character more handsome and attractive. Honestly, this is one thing you will have in abundance in this movie. The story focuses on Goku and his team as they try their best to stand against the God of destruction

God Berus, as mentioned earlier, somewhat fears the Saiyan race and wants to know if they are strong enough to challenge him. Not that we need validations. Still, it’s a fun watch with a lot of adrenaline rush and some strong and handsome men with six-packs. So enjoy it. 

13. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

Best anime movies with handsome characters; i want to eat your pancreas
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

You may not find the main character attractive at first sight. However, once the story progresses, you will grow to be fond of his personality. So, without a doubt, I had to bring it to the list of best anime movies with handsome characters. 

It is an emotional movie with a plot twist, so heads up! The story focuses on a high school boy, Haruki. He is detached from reality, aloof, and uninterested in everything. His life starts changing after his encounter with his high school friend Sakura

The feelingless boy experiences different emotions, and the duo develops a bond that changes them for the better. 

12. Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game

best anime movies with handsome characters; Kuroko's basket ball the movie last game
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This anime adaptation of the manga series of Kuroko’s Basketball is one of the best sports anime you will ever watch. Since it’s a team of basketball players, they are obviously tall and strong, have nourished and toned bodies, and handsome is a plus that they have. 

So, without a second thought, this one had to be on this list of best anime movies with handsome characters. You can watch this one as a standalone if you only want to enjoy the thrill for a short while. 

The plot showcases matches between Japan’s legendary players against a player from the USA. In the first half, our heroes face defeat, but in the second half of the movie, they showcase their skills with determination. You might want to be a basketball player after watching this one. 

11. Suzume

best anime movies with handsome characters; suzume
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Had to add this one to our list of best anime movies with handsome characters because I completely fell in love with Souta’s look. His gray-black shoulder-length hair just adds the off-the-top element to his personality. He looks like he has come straight out of a fantasy manga

His sleek figure makes you fall for it, and yes, his attitude and nature are a 10. If you are into fantasy anime, then this plot is for you. A high school girl, Suzume, finds a handsome and majestic man, Souta, and follows him to an abandoned area.

To her surprise, this adventure led to a threat to humanity. Now, with the help of Souta, she is on a quest to stop her world from the monsters. The duo sets on a mission that seems threatening, but still, they have to do everything to protect their loved ones. 

10. Bleach: Hell Verse

best anime movies with handsome characters; bleach hell verse
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Being an anime fan it would be unfair if you didn’t find Kurosaki Ichigo as handsome and a hot character. Aside from being a personal favorite, he is actually among the most popular and handsome anime men. His orange hair and personality stand out the most. 

Even his sword manifestation is too hot to handle. So, I had to add this special one to the list of best anime movies with handsome characters. Also the series itself is popular as the anime with the most handsome male characters.  The story revolves around the death reaper Kurosaki Ichigo. An alarming incident happens in Hell, and in consequence, it threatens his family. 

Now, to protect his sister from the chains of Hell, he has to fight a rebel from Hell. The deal is that Ichigo requires help in Hell to get by. Enter the Hell guards and boom, you have a new hero avatar. I must say he looked handsome in that form, too. So, give it a try if you are looking for a change. 

9. Hal

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It is definitely not the highest-grossing movie or an award-winning film on our list of best anime movies with handsome characters. But for Shoujo lovers, this movie is simply a treat to their eyes. Hal, the lead, is your teenage crush, and the drama-filled romance story is lit. Plus, thanks to Japanese animation for making our leads strikingly attractive. 

The story focuses on a heartbroken young Kurumi. She is living her life in grief after losing her boyfriend in an accident. Surprisingly, one day, she opens the door for someone who looks exactly like her boyfriend, Hal

Turns out that this Hal is a humanoid robot, a gift from her grandfather. The duo soon develops a bond that they never thought they could have. With a lot of tears and some romance, this movie surely makes it to your list of the best anime romance movies

8. Naruto Shippuden: The Movie; Road to Ninja

Naruto Shippuden  Movie Road to Ninja
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Thanks to Masashi Kishimoto for bringing such a masterpiece to our lives. This fantasy-filled action story is everything you need to get as many life lessons as you can and enjoy. This movie is obviously not a standalone; still, with a little effort and attention, you can watch it as one.

Additionally, because of the maximum number of handsome, smart, powerful, hot, and cool characters, I had to bring it to our list of best anime movies with handsome characters. When I say handsome, it means Itachi, Minato, Sasuke, and Kakashi. The plot displays all the characters in a what-if scenario

Naruto finds himself in a perfect world where he has healthy parents and a normal life. Opposite to his reality. The challenge isn’t only to defeat the enemy but to muster the courage to break this heaven with his own hands. Can he or can he not? This is a question you will have the answer to after giving it a go. 

7. Free Movie 1: Timeless Medley; Bonds 

Free movie 1 timeless medley bonds
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

What is better than athletic boys swimming and raising the temperature? I guess it’s an anime that turns this fantasy into reality. The next on our list of best anime movies with handsome characters is literally overflowing with handsome characters.

If you are looking for best looking anime heroes then surely you have your deal. It is so difficult for me to choose which one is better. The story focuses on the high school boys as Haruka and Rin among them sort out their rifts. The duo become friends after a quarrel. 

They decide to face off against each other in swimming in the upcoming tournaments. All while trying to figure out a path to choose in life as High School is about to end.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle 

howl's moving castle
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Studio Ghibli’s work is often praised as it has always brought award-winning and highest-grossing movies to the screen. Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the best from Studio Ghibli’s many. Charming characters, monsters, magicians, witches, war, and whatnot. 

This movie has it all. Additionally, the reason for it to be on our list of best anime movies with handsome characters is Howl. I bet he needs no introduction, but his charming aura and persona are one thing to talk about. 

The story focuses on the handsome magician Howl and a darling lady, Sophie. A curse brings them together, and fate happens. The duo falls in love and faces a lot of hardships, including a witch and a war. Still, they end up happy. So, it’s a must-watch for you to lighten up your mood.

5.Black Butler: Book of Atlantic

Black Butler Book of the Atlantic
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are into suspense, anime movies with mysteries, and handsome male anime characters then this one should be your pick. Because of the all-rounder, extremely talented, and handsome butler, Kuro, this movie made it to our list of best anime movies with handsome characters.

His smart and sleek figure, that butler outfit, shiny black hair, and killing looks are to die for. The plot itself feels like a trap because the mystery is placed perfectly. The story focuses on the young Earl Ciel and his loyal butler, Kuro. 

This time around, they are given a task to check for strange occurrences on a ship and get to the bottom of it. During this eventful adventure, they face the undead and decide to bring them back to their final resting place. Whether they accomplish their goal or not is something you will have to figure out. 

4. One Piece Film: Red

One piece film Red
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Luffy, Zoro, and Shanks, if these names don’t sound familiar to you, then my friend, you are living in the Stone Age. Give it to Toei Animation, and you have the story, plot, and characters unmatched. The amount of handsomeness you will have in this series overall is unlimited. 

It may last for a short while, but still, it has what it takes to be on the list of best anime movies with handsome characters. The plot tells the tale of Luffy and his childhood friend Uta, who hates pirates. After a small conflict, Uta traps the Straw Hat’s crew in her dream world.

Now, it is upon Luffy and the Straw Hats to find a way out of this illusion. If it is Zoro, he would swing his swords to get out of it, but that is not an option this time. So, watch this for an abundance of action, fantasy, and adventure as well. 

3. 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This one is an award-winning film with a plot that strongly focuses on love and drama. The story is your typical love story with a lot of tears. The only reason it is on our list of best anime movies with handsome characters is because of Takaki, the high school boy and our male lead

His character does not seem to dominate but carries an aura that leaves a mark on your memories. Plain, soft, living in agony of love, and yes, handsome as well. The story portrays a long-distance relationship between two childhood friends, Takaki and Kanae

They are desperately trying to be together, but life happens. The couple lives in agony, hurting themselves and their loved ones as well. What will be the end of their love story? If you are curious, then get down to it. 

2. Demon Slayer: The Movie; Mugen Train

Demon Slayer - The movie Mugen Train
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The next one on our list is one of the highest-grossing films ever. If you are looking for anime movies with monsters or the best anime movies ever, then this must be on your list. Additionally, the characters in this series have a strong persona overall. 

Their personalities, their artistic features, and their portrayal are top-notch. Hence, we have it on our list of best anime movies with handsome characters. The plot focuses on Tanjiro and his team as they investigate some mysterious disappearances. 

The team is tasked to find out the reason behind the disappearances. Their search leads to a train where it turns out to be a battle of will and guts. Tanjiro has to protect everyone by terminating the lurking evil. 

1. Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Jujutsu Kaisen 0
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Huge applause goes to Japanese animation for making this one piece. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is effortlessly a 10 on 10, and Gojou Satoru is one of the reasons. He is one of the most handsome anime protagonist. His deep blue eyes lying behind the blindfold, his white hair and his strong demeanor are marvelous. I can surely say none will disagree

The plot revolves around a high school boy, Yuuta. Brimming with raw power, he is unable to find the right path to take to move forward. Just then, enters our handsome Gojou and takes Yuuta under his wings. Under his training, the lad learns to control his power and use it to protect his loved ones. 

Final Notes: 

With this, we bring an end to our list of best anime movies with handsome characters. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the attractive, hot, and dazzling characters. Some of them might not fit your choices, so I would be more than happy to know about your preferences. Do you want to share some?

If you enjoy reading the anime movies and recommendations above, then visit us often for more. Until next time!

Who are the most handsome anime characters in movies?

There is a huge list of anime characters in movies who are popular. Then again, it depends on your preferences. Stll, Kakashi Hatake, Levi Ackerman, Gojou Satoru, Gray Fullbuster, Genos, Zoro and Sebastian top the list along with many others. 

Are there any anime movies with good-looking male protagonists?

Obviously yes, there are a bunch of anime movies with good-looking male protagonists. You can watch some from the list above and still if you want more then try A Silent Voice, Princess Mononoke and some other short anime will also do the deed.

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