20+ Best Fantasy Manga To Read

best fantasy manga

Fantasy manga are known for their creativity and variety of magics that come straight out of imagination. Watching fantasy gives viewers the freedom to dive into their world of imagination. What we can’t seem to experience in reality, the fantasy genre has made real for us.

Imagine anything, and you’ll get to see that in the anime world. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing overpowered characters showcasing their superpowers, magic skills, and supernatural abilities.

The anime world is filled with fantasy stories that have been proven breathtakingly entertaining for the Otaku. I’ll enlist only the 21 best fantasy manga for my friends so they can enjoy them to their fullest. So, let’s get started! 

21. Pet Shop Of Horrors

Pet Shop Of Horrors best fantasy manga
Credit: Wikipedia

This is the best fantasy manga with a touch of horror. The story revolves around a pet shop filled with mysterious creatures. Count D is the proprietor of the shop, and he loves to welcome all the heartbroken and sad people in the shop and vows to give them hope.

The simpler it sounds, the more complex it is! The ones who want hope or their dream to be fulfilled must create a contract with a specific creature. However, once the deal has been made, none will break it; otherwise, they will face the worst.

I can assure you that the mysteries will intrigue you, and you will be forced to binge-read the manga. Good Luck! 

20. Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss best fantasy manga
Credit: MAL

The story follows the adventures of a girl named Riko who aspires to be a top adventurer like her mother. Only a few dare to dive deep into the darkness of the abyss, as there is a way to go down but not a way to come back alive.

The deeper one dives, the harder it gets to return. Riko is an ambitious kid, and has the dream of meeting her mother ignites her passion the most. Each layer of the abyss brings something new, and the reader is forced to be intrigued by the story.

Riko’s journey becomes a little easy with the help of Reg, a robotic creature who accompanies her toward the depths of the abyss. If you like fantasy, adventures and mysteries, you’ll enjoy your time reading this manga. Trust me, this is the best fantasy manga. 

19. Akatsuki No Yona

Akatsuki No Yona best fantasy manga
Credit: MAL

Betrayal stories of MCs, where we see them transforming into completely different personalities, have always been fun to read. Therefore, I suggest you to read this best fantasy manga that intrigues readers.

Yona is a red-haired princess who fantasizes about living a perfect life with her lover and cousin Soo-Won. She gets to learn life lessons the hardest way when she finds that Soo-Won is the murderer of her beloved father.

To top it all off, he wishes to imprison her. Thanks to our hero and the princess’s childhood buddy Hak who vows to sacrifice himself but not let Yona get scratched. The duo escapes and hides in Hak’s village, where they learn about the legend of four dragon warriors.

Hak and Yona begin their journey to find those warriors who can help them with their problems. This is not just the best fantasy manga but also the best action and romance manga. 

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18. The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

The Ancient Magus' Bride best fantasy manga
Credit: MAL

How many of you like love stories that are no less than fairy tales? If you love them, there is no reason you’ll be bored reading this one. This is the story of Chise Hatori, a girl who lived her life being treated no less than as a slave.

Her life gets a turning point when a Magus buys her from the slave market. Instead of treating her as a slave, the Magus decides to make her bride. I know that you have already guessed that from the manga’s title.

Magus, aka Elias Ainsworth, takes Chise to his magical world, where fairy tale adventures await her. There is a lot of drama and ups and downs in Chise’s new life, but trust me reading their love chemistry is worth it! 

17. InuYasha

InuYasha best fantasy manga
Credit: MAL

Kagome Higurashi was pretty well enjoying her ordinary life till the moment she was pulled by someone inside the well. It wasn’t just a random someone, nor a common accident. Kagome was stunned to learn that she had traveled five hundred years in the past. This era was filled with demons lurking everywhere, and she was apparently in the worst-case scenario. Kagome had a jewel that attracted the demons toward her! The jewel was very special as it could make any demon attain immense powers if he had it. During one incident, the jewel breaks and its prices spread worldwide, which puts the lady in trouble. Therefore, she and the other main lead, the half-demon InuYasha, struggle to find the pieces of the jewel. If you like romance, comedy, and fantasy, then I’ll highly recommend you read this one ASAP! 

P. S think before going to the well next time! (XD) 

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16. Eminence In The Shadow

Eminence In The Shadow best fantasy manga
Credit: MAL

This is the story of a boy named Minoru who has always aspired to become the strongest. He has lived his life working to achieve his goal. No matter how much he tried, he failed to fulfill his dream and died.

Luckily, he gets a second chance to start his life in a magical world where he vows to make his dream true. Minoru, aka Cid, creates a fake imaginary story where he makes people believe that an evil organization is planning to destroy the world.

By telling their fake story, he makes his organization. Wait! There is a twist! Little did he know that the story he considered fake was real, and everyone knew it except him. (XD) Get ready to experience some waves of laughter alongside action and fantasy. 

15. So I’m A Spider, So What? 

So I'm A Spider, So What? best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This is another isekai fantasy that will leave you in awe with each passing chapter. The story begins when some school students die in an explosion. The incident makes the students reincarnate in a world completely different from theirs.

Among the students was our main character Kumoko. Everyone got something special in their new life; some were reincarnated as nobles, while others were princesses except her. She was reincarnated into something unpredictable, and that was A SPIDER!

Kumoko didn’t lose hope and decided to live the best life possible. The world was like a game world where one could level up by hunting monsters, and that’s what Kumoko did. I am sure you will enjoy yourself following the adventures of Kumoko. 

14. The Devil Is A Part Timer

The Devil Is A Part Timer best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Pedia

Trust me, the plot will intrigue you as much as this title intrigues you. This is the story of a demon Lord Satan! He once wished to rule the world with the help of his demon force. He failed in his plans, all thanks to the hero of that world.

During the incident, he traveled into the earth. After reaching the earth, everything about him was changed; from his appearance to his powers, he had nothing the same. He couldn’t use his powers because the world was believed to be anti-magic.

Therefore he learned his lessons the hard way as he was forced to earn money to survive. Each chapter brings something exciting and humorous for its readers. I am sure you’ll love reading the story while watching Lord Satan finding ways to survive. I bet this will be your favorite fantasy manga! 

13. Claymore

Claymore best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This great manga brings the best combination of action, adventure, fantasy, and horror. The plot highlights the world where people fear creatures called Yoma, who survive by feeding on humans.

Not just that, these Yoma can also shapeshift and transform into people they have targeted. To top it off, they also steal their memories. To save the world from the terror of these creatures, we have Claymore.

They are half-Yoma half-humans. Guess what? They are female warriors. So anyone who loves watching ladies in action can read this one! This manga follows the journey of one such Clamore named Clare, who fearlessly travels across the world slaying Yoma.

12. Tensura (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime) 

Tensura best fantasy manga
Credit: Reddit

If you like isekai-fantasy and action manga, this is it, guys; you can not miss reading their marvelous Piece of writing. Satoru Mikami, a middle-aged man, is the story’s main focus. He was living quite a comfortable life till he was stabbed to death.

He opened his eyes to a new world where he was turned into slime. The slime had the ability to engulf and take any shape. With each passing chapter, the readers get to see the adventures of Satoru Mikami.

Watching him explore the new world and exploring his abilities as a slime is nothing less than a visual treat. There are a lot of action and entertaining events that await you, so get down and start reading the manga. 

11. Rising Of The Shield Hero

Rising Of The Shield Hero best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Naofumi lived a pretty ordinary life until he got teleported to a game-like world with a few others like him. He receives a mission to save the new world and gets blessed with a shield.

Unfortunately, the world was full of stereotypical people who believed that a shield hero could do nothing. Therefore he was compared to the other heroes and was humiliated at each step.

To cut it short, he was treated extremely brutally, making the manga’s beginning frustrating to read. However, with time and after a few chapters, he buys a slave named Raphtalia. The entry of Raphtalia proved to be a turning point in his life, and there began his rise as a shield hero. It’s undoubtedly the best fantasy manga with the best isekai theme. 

10. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Humor, fantasy, isekai, adventure, action and then romance! What if you get all these genres packed into a single story? Won’t that be more than enough? Be glad as Mushoku Tensei is the one that is filled with almost everything entertaining.

The story revolves around a kid named Rudeus, inside whom resides the soul of a middle-aged man who died living a monotonous life in the past. God gave him a new chance, and he opened his eyes to Rudeus’s body in a completely different world.

The good thing was he had all his memories intact. Watching him grow up, learning different skills, and being a prodigy in them is no less than a visual treat. The start of the manga focuses on Rudeus’s upbringing and adventures.

In the middle, some OP villains enter, adding extra charm to the story. I believe this is one of the most underrated and best fantasy manga. 

9. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist best fantasy manga
Credit: Blue Exorcist

This is the story of Rin Okamura, who gets the biggest shock of his life learning that he is the son of Satan, who rules the demonic realm. The strip begins when Satan kills his foster father, which angers Rin and his twin brother Yukio.

Rin couldn’t forget his father’s death; therefore, he decided to take revenge. However, going against Satan without any skills wasn’t a matter of decision. He and his brother enroll in an academy there to hone their Exorcist skills.

Nothing seems easy for Rin as he has to face countless odds on his way. The story is full of action and fun. Besides, this is a revenge story which makes the manga super more fun to read. Don’t you think that it’s effortlessly the best fantasy manga? 

8. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Fairy Tail is known for its magical element and phenomenal characters. The author has made great efforts to showcase the best magical world possible. The story follows Natsu Dragneel, who aims to find his Dragon Father, Igneel.

He meets and befriends multiple optimistic and ambitious people like him on his journey. With each passing chapter, their adventure becomes more spellbinding with the entry of foes and friends.

It’s an overall great manga with unforgettable characters, story, and action. Being a fantasy lover, you’ll enjoy reading it through and through. 

7. Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This is one of the most entertaining manga filled with adventure, mystery, fantasy, and supernatural. The story is set in a world where people fear a mystical reality filled with monsters called chains.

A few people don’t believe it exists, yet many tell this tale to scare their mischievous kids. Oz Vessalius is our free-spirited protagonist and a little naughty kid. One day, his life changes unexpectedly when the Baskerville Clan takes him to the abyss for a sin he is unaware of.

In the abyss, he encounters and befriends a chain. Along with her, he struggles to escape, which doesn’t seem an easy task. During his stay, he learns about certain mysteries regarding his reason for being in the abyss. 

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

In this manga, we follow the life of Ken Kaneki, an ordinary student whose life turns upside down after encountering a ghoul. Ghouls are no less than monsters who feed on human flesh.

Ken never imagined his life this way as he was a simple-minded innocent guy who wanted to date a girl named Rize. Unfortunately, his choice of a partner went wrong when she revealed herself as a ghoul.

The incident proved life-changing for our boy as he turned into a half-ghoul, thanks to Rize. The new life was impossibly difficult for Ken as he was filled with a thirst for blood and hunger for flesh.

No matter what, the boy had to get control over himself and learn to survive in this new life as a ghoul. With time, he meets some good people who help him and some worst ones. As a human, Ken was a complete goodie, but with time, his character developed to be a badass guy. If you like daunting, badass characters who once used to be gentlemen, then trust me, you’ll love reading this manga. 

5. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Demon Slayer anime has made its name for its high-quality animation, action sequences, spellbinding story and worth-loving characters. The same is the case with its manga; it offers creativity, high-quality art and almost everything that can make a reader happy and satisfied.

The story revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, who was living a happy life and getting the love of his family. Everything was good until the night demon attacked his loved ones leaving no one alive except his sister Nezuko.

Though his sister was breathing, she was no more a human but a demon. The incident angered Tanjiro, and he vowed to take revenge. Luckily he encountered a demon slayer who helped him in the best way possible by sending him to his master, who trained Tanjiro to be the best demon slayer.

The beginning of the manga follows the training arc of Tanjiro, where he trains to pass the academy test. Each arc brings something exciting and thrilling, and the story gets better and better with each passing chapter. The action sequences and the power systems are worth reading; you can trust me on this. 

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist best fantasy manga
Credit: Wikipedia

FMA is one of the most popular manga and anime and are hugely admired in the Otaku community. The story revolves around the two alchemist brothers who wish to bring their late mother back to life.

Alchemy is the art of manipulating matter, and alchemists are not allowed to do human transmutations. However, the brothers break the rule and start performing the human transmutation.

The incident puts the two in the worst-case scenario where one loses his entire body and the other his limbs. To top it off, they couldn’t bring their mother back either. Now the duo looks for ways to get their body parts back with the help of a philosopher’s stone. Of course, finding the philosopher’s stone is a task! 

3. Black Clover

Black Clover best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Am I the only one who thinks that fantasy is incomplete without magic? Never mind… Black Clover is about a magical world filled with wizards and users. Magic is so common that those who are deprived of it are humiliated and are considered to be weak.

Unfortunately, Asta, the main character, lies in that category. Despite lacking magical powers, he dreams of being a wizard king. His friend Yuno is considered a magic prodigy who inspires Asta, and he considers him his rival at the same time.

It’s a tradition that when a child reaches a specific age, they get their grimoires, aka magic books. Where everyone got their books, Asta didn’t get any. But hey! It’s quite impossible for the main character to be powerless, right?

Yes, the story becomes interesting when Asta revives his unique and special five-leaf grimoire. The manga continues to get intriguing, unveiling certain mysteries and special abilities of Asta. 

2. One Piece

One Piece best fantasy manga
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Introducing One Piece would be a little unfair because this one has been record-breaking for over a decade. One Piece is known for its remarkable story and fantasy elements. Unlike other shounen manga, fans love to read how the plot progresses.

The mystery, the suspense, and the plot twists keep the readers entangled effortlessly. The story is about Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures to find treasure and One Piece. Luffy is the main character who wishes to become the best pirate King and find One Piece.

During his journey, he makes countless friends and foes, which simply makes the plot worth reading. One can expect a lot from the manga, including action, mystery, fantasy, suspense, and a lot more. However, the art of the manga from the beginning might not intrigue you, but I assure you that it gets better with time. So, have a good read, my friend! 

1. Berserk

Berserk best fantasy manga
Credit: Wikipedia

This is literally the best fantasy manga and is considered iconic in the otaku community. The story follows a warrior named Guts. Right from birth, he lived a miserable life, and guess what? Life doesn’t have any plans to bring ease to Guts.

Finally, he finds someone he thought he trusted, but unfortunately, the person betrays him. This angers Guts, and he decides to take revenge. The manga then follows the revenge of Guts, and readers are intrigued to watch his adventures.

People are fans of the main character’s strength and his sword skills. He is always accompanied by demonic beasts, which adds the best fantastical touch to the story. There is much more to the story, so stick to it until the very last chapter to experience the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dark fantasy manga?

Dark Fantasy manga, like it says, has dark themes, including gore, violence, and disturbing visuals. 

What is the longest manga ever?

Undoubtedly, it had to be One Piece! 


Okay, my dearest friends, let’s end our discussion regarding the best fantasy manga. All the manga brings something new to entertain their readers. Therefore you can select your favorite from the list and start reading it as soon as possible.

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