20 Best Manga / Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

Today is the day for manhwa/manga lovers. Those who like to immerse themselves in the world of comics should be glad. Yes, guys, I will list the best manga / manhwa like solo leveling. 

Solo leveling has been extremely popular in the overall Otaku and specifically in the manhwa community for multiple reasons. Fans eagerly await their favorite Manhwa on screens, and there’s little time left for their wishes to be fulfilled. 

Solo leveling, the fantastic manhwa is famous for its main character, which starts weak and becomes OP. His journey is inspiring; no matter what, he knows how to face the odds. Plus, fans absolutely loved its action sequences, appealing art, and a captivating plot. Fret not! I’ll list similar manga and Manhwa with my fellas so they can enjoy their time.

P. S the list is completely subjective! 

20. Chainsaw Man (manga) 

Chainsaw Man best manga / manhwa like Solo Leveling
Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

This anime was one of the most awaited ones in the Otaku community. This is because its manga gained exceptional popularity worldwide, and fans eagerly awaited it on the screens. If you like action, adventure, and thrill, this is a great piece.

Denji was having a hard time after his father’s death. He was indebted to the Yakuza, and they were demanding their money. A devil dog named Pochita helped him killing devils for them. The story takes a 180-degree turn with the death of Denji.

The Yakuza killed him. However, the cute little dog sacrificed himself to bring Denji back to life as a hybrid. The plot progresses, and we see Denji hunting devils and getting busy with his new life. There is a lot more to the story, which I can’t spoil. If you liked Sung Jinwoo’s journey, where he started as weak and became OP, you’ll love this manga.

19. Hajime No Ippo (manga)

Hajime No Ippo best manga / manhwa like solo leveling
Credit: IMDb

This manga is a complete action manga without any supernatural elements. Unlike Solo Leveling, the story is realistic. However, the life of Ippo and Sung Jin Woo is relatable. They both started as weak and became OP; their lives were a mess, and both have a strong will to never give up.

So, the plot revolves around Ippo, a bullying victim, and people use it to humiliate him. His life started turning good after meeting a boxer named Mamoru. He saw potential in him and decided to train him in boxing.

Ippo started his journey as a boxer which changed his life completely. Ippo started to change, and those who used to bully him were surprised to see him evolve. It’s a great action Manhwa Like Solo Leveling, with a good plot and powerful characters. 

18. Murim Login (Manhwa)

Murim Login best manga / manhwa like solo leveling
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Like Solo Leveling, Murim Login is introduces to a world of monsters and hunters. Jin Tae-Kyung is a low-ranked hunter similar to Sung Jin Woo. One day things changed when he logged into a VR world.

The world was an ordinary game world. In the game world, he learned considerable survival skills. The good thing was when he returned to his world, he was skilled, all thanks to his time in the game.

Jin improved as a hunter and was finally evolving; however, he couldn’t find peace here. He decided to return to the game world, where he made several friends. 

17. Kill The Dragon (Manhwa)

Kill The Dragon best manga / manhwa like solo leveling
Credit: Webtoon

The story takes place in a world where dragons disturb the peace and humanity is suffering. To fight against the dragons, heroes with supernatural powers stood against them. With these heroes’ help, they could defeat the dragons.

Before they could live peacefully, one of the heroes saw the future. It is revealed that this is not the permanent end of dragons, and they will return within a few years. Therefore, the world begins to train in order to win the final war with the dragons. The training arc begins, and we see people training to win and survive. 

16. Omniscient Reader (Manhwa)

Omniscient Reader best manga / manhwa like solo leveling
Credit: Webtoon

Kim Dogja is the main character who used to spend his time reading web novels. He was highly entangled with the novel based on survival skills in the apocalypse. Things go absolutely shocking when the novel he was reading becomes a reality.

The world becomes apocalyptic, and the novel events start happening. Luckily, he knew what events would happen next and how to survive them. There is action, thrill, and suspense, and it’s a survival story similar to solo leveling. The art and characters are bewitching, so don’t worry; you’ll be entertained. 

15. Limit Breaker (Manhwa)

Limit Breaker best manga / manhwa like solo leveling
Credit: Webtoon

The story is set in a world of dungeons and monsters. Gibong Kim is the main lead whose life flips upside down after he goes to a different dimension. There, he trained for nearly 3000 years and became powerful.

After tough training, he has become a limit breaker. Now, after returning to his world, he has only one wish. The wish was very predictable; he wanted to meet his loved ones. Don’t fret; only 10 years have passed in his dimension. Don’t you think a lot must have changed in a decade?

14. The Max-Level Hero Has Returned (Manhwa)

The Max-Level Hero Has Returned
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This is the story of Prince Davey O Rowane and his adventures. His life changes completely after he falls into a coma. Like they say, when you sleep, your soul travels. The same is the case with Prince Davey.

His soul travels to a place of heroes where he trains for nearly 1000 years. Other heroes train him, and he becomes strong. After spending a thousand years, he returns to his world.

After opening his eyes, he vows to teach everyone a lesson that never believed in him. It is a great power fantasy manhwa with fine art, character development, and plot. If you love Manhwa Like solo leveling, then you’ll like the fantasy element in this one. Overall, it’s a great action-packed manhwa.

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13. Return Survival (Manhwa)

Return Survival
Credit: Tappytoon

It’s one of the best action Manhwa Like Solo Leveling to binge-read. Yohan is the main lead and has returned to the past. He knows that the world will be filled with flesh-eating zombies in a few months, and survival will be difficult.

He knows how things will turn out; therefore, he vows not to repeat history. The action is thrilling, and it’s absolutely entertaining to see the journey of Yohan. The art, character design, and plot are engaging. If you like reading suspenseful and thrilling stories, this is the one! 

12.  Skeleton Soldier (Manhwa)

Skeleton Soldier
Credit: Wiki Fandom

The characters are unlike cliche characters which make this Manhwa like Solo Leveling intriguing. He was extremely loyal to his master, lady Succubus. His dream was to spend life with her lady, but the universe had planned something different.

The duo died and found themselves back in the past. Skeleton Soldier had all the memories; therefore, he decided to save his lady from the coming hardships. However, there is a problem: he has no skills, powers, or stuff to fight against the odds.

It has similar adventures and struggles to Solo Leveling. Though the plot is different, the characters’ struggles and action sequences will give you the same feeling. 

11. Black Haze (Manhwa)

Black Haze
Credit: Wiki Fandom

The story revolves around a character named Rood. His life goes by completing different missions and all. His next mission is to help a school student in his messed up life. Rood is not an ordinary guy but a mysterious and popular black magician.

The start of the Manhwa will highlight the special abilities of Rood and how overpowered he is. Later, when he starts his mission, the story becomes effortlessly intriguing. The good thing is the story could be more predictable and has a good amount of suspense.

Last but not least, you’ll laugh at many points because it has good humor. Once you start reading this one, there is no going back! You’ll be forced to read more and more of it. 

10. Tomb Raider King (Manhwa)

Tomb Raider King
Credit: Wiki Fandom

The story may be different from Manhwa Like Solo Leveling. Still, you’ll find it similar in context to art, character design, and MC’s struggles. The plot is set in a world where people get powers when they find relics from God’s tombs.

Not everyone could get a hold of these; therefore, those who failed had to follow the power users. Amidst all this, we follow the journey of a tomb Raider who vows to raid all the relics. He believes all the relics should be possessed by him and only by him.

The story is not bland, and it gets intriguing with each passing chapter. It has quite a good number of chapters, so you can expect lots of fun and entertainment.

9. The Player That Can’t Level Up (Manhwa)

The Player That Can't Level Up
Credit: Anime Planet

Isn’t it frustrating to stay in the same place? Even while playing games, sometimes leveling up becomes frustrating and hard. Such is the case with our MC, Kim Kigyu. He is fed up with trying hard to level up, but no matter what he does, he will stay at the first rank.

After spending 5 long years in the same rank, he found a way to raise his position. Therefore, he finally got a chance to explore the world. It’s overwhelming to see him growing as the story brings entertainment, suspense, and adventure. 

8. Return To Player (Manhwa)

Return To Player
Credit: Webtoon

This one has a different story. Have you ever heard of Gods playing with their creation? No, right? This one shows it! Gods have turned the world into a game world where people are forced to kill or to get killed.

Monsters are lurking here and there. People are getting killed, and there comes a time when only our MC, Sehan Kim, survives. Turns out that the boy already knew it. Sehan was sent back to the past, where he vowed to change everything to save the world and defeat the gods in their own game. The story is full of ups and downs; the good thing is it doesn’t get you bored. So ENJOY!!! 

7. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time/ Second Life Ranker (Manhwa)

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time/ Second Life Ranker
Credit:Wiki Fandom

Cha Yeon Woo is the main lead whose life is full of ups and downs. His life changes after entering a tower called Obelisk. The tower is not an ordinary building, but each floor is dangerous. It takes work to level up.

However, it’s believed that whoever successfully reaches the last floor of the tower will become a God. Cha Yeon Woo is skilled because he has served in the army and was an athlete.

Seeing him fighting against the odds with his skills is absolutely thrilling. The action is fantastic. As the story progresses, Chan gets powers of the dragon bloodline that ultimately helps him survive. 

6. The Rising Of The Shield Hero (Manga)

 The Rising Of The Shield Hero
Credit: Wiki Fandom

It’s one of the best isekai anime and manga. Naofumi is the main lead who found himself to a different game-like world along with the other 3 characters. The world needed some heroes to protect their world from chaos and destruction.

All the heroes got great powers except Naofumi. He only has a shield, and people mistake him as weak. They thought he couldn’t save them and started despising him for being weak. Naofumi tolerated everything with patience, but he was forced to lose hope.

He was humiliated, detested, accused of rape, and betrayed. The manga is extremely frustrating from the beginning, where the MC keeps struggling but all in vain. After a series of events, when Naofumi almost lost hope, his slave Raphtalia proved herself as a light in the darkness for our Hero.

The duo helped each other through thick and thin and started rising together. Naofumi surprised everyone with his strength and powers. Those who believed he was weak regretted their behaviors. You’ll enjoy reading the manga as it involves a decent pace, story, and characters. 

5. Seoul Station Druid  (Manhwa)

Seoul Station Druid
Credit: Webtoon

Suho Park is the main lead whose life has always been a roller coaster ride. His life is so adventurous that the reader can easily be glued to the story. One day, Suho’s life flipped when he found himself on a new planet after a certain incident.

Of course, he first needed to survive, and survival was challenging. After struggling and learning the ways to survive on the new planet, he was dragged back to Earth. Unfortunately, survival on Earth was more challenging than it used to be.

Earth is full of monsters, and humanity is struggling to fight against them. Luckily, Suho Park had learned a lot on a different planet, making him skilled enough to stand against monsters. So, guys, this has a lot of action, suspense, and intriguing events that will force you to binge-read it.

4. Kill The Hero (Manhwa)

Kill The Hero
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This Manhwa has a revenge story where the main character Woo-Jin vows to teach the betrayer an unforgettable lesson. Woo-Jin was a fighter who played a huge role in protecting humanity from monsters.

However, he was betrayed by the guild leader and died. He was lucky enough to get back to life again. Instead of saving the world, he plans to win and rise this time. The Manhwa has some commendable action sequences, and its art is attractive too.

To top it off, you’ll find it very similar to Solo Leveling in terms of story, action, and the main character’s journey.

3. God Of Black Field (Manhwa)

God Of Black Field
Credit: Tapas

This one will become your favorite Manhwa. It has everything that a reader wishes to see in a story. The characters are strong, powerful, and handsome. Kang Chan is the main lead, and the plot revolves around his adventures.

He is a mercenary who is never afraid of stepping into danger. One day, the antagonist trapped him during a mission, brutally killing him. Ah, don’t fret! He doesn’t die, as it’s just the start of the story. 

All thanks to the universe for bringing him back to life. He opens his eyes in a Korean Hospital, where he is shocked to learn that he has been reincarnated. The body is of an 18-year-old high schooler, Kang Chan. Yes, they both have the same name. 

The kid has a problem; his school life is completely a chaos. Therefore, our MC vows to settle the scores. Besides, he is not among the ones who forget; therefore, he will take revenge. 

2. Warble (Manhwa)

Credit: Wiki Fandom

The story introduces us to a world where the human and demon worlds are different. Only Warble can help them cross the borders. Warble is an app that holds power to fight against demons. This app has a user and can be passed from one user to another.

If, in any case, the user dies, the new user will have complete data about it. Like Solo Leveling, this one has a leveling system, but it’s not easy to level up. The protagonist Jude is very charming and daring. 

Apparently, he is cold and emotionless, but this is just a mask. Beneath the mask, he is a caring hero who wants to protect the world and bring out the best in people. 

1. The Beginning After The End (Manhwa)

The Beginning After The End
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This story is about King Grey, the well-known and most powerful one. We might consider the one with power and wealth lucky; sometimes, even power can’t make one happy. King Grey was living his life without any aim.

For him, nothing had value, whether wealth, power, or whatnot. However, he was so lucky that the universe gave him a second chance to live life. More precisely, a chance to adorn for his sins and correct his past mistakes.

This time, he opened his eyes to a not-so-familiar world full of monsters, magic, and stuff. Life makes him realize that correcting his mistakes is not the only he was born for. So, follow King Grey on his journey of exploring the new world and using his experience and knowledge from past life to fight against the odds. This is one of the best and similar Manhwa like Solo Leveling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of manhwa is Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling is an action-Fantasy manhwa with outstanding art, likable characters, and a captivating plot.

Can Solo Leveling get an anime?

The good news is Solo Leveling anime will soon be on our screen. This is all thanks to the huge demands of fans.


Phew! Done with the list of best manga / manhwa like Solo Leveling. Finding an exactly similar story is hard, but I have tried my best to recommend some great action fantasy manga/manhwa. All of them have a great plot and likable characters. I hope you’ll love to re-read them again and again.

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