Ishura Is Getting An Anime Adaptation

Ishura is the latest action, fantasy series announced an anime adaptation. The series is an adaptation of a light novel. Any information regarding the studio in charge of animation and an official release date will be out sometime soon.

The official announcement of the anime adaptation was made on February 12th, 2023, via the newly created Twitter account of the Ishura franchise, @Ishura_anime.

The announcement came with a second key visual, a promotional video, and the revelation of the main cast.

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You can see the key visual below:

Ishura Is Getting An Anime Adaptation
Credit: Twitter via @Ishura_anime

The key visual featured a massive mechanoid demi-god, obliterating what seems like a city. And our two main characters, Soujiro Yanagi no Tsurugi, and Yuno Tooi Kagizume no facing towards it holding their weapons in hand.

The voice actors for the main characters revealed as Yuuki Kaiji voicing the male lead, Soujirou Yanagi no Tsurugi, and Reina Ueda voicing the female lead, Yuno Tooi Kagizume no.

The official list of staff members along with the animation studio is yet to be out. Mr. Keiso, the original author of the light novel series thanked his fans for supporting his work. He expressed his happiness toward the production staff.

Ishura Anime Promotiona Video

Now, this is how you drop a teaser trailer, perfectly encapturing the aesthetic of different environments and character designs. Fluent animation with a lot of action-packed fight scenes along with proper music.

The series definitely seems amazing, the animation is simply gorgeous beyond a shadow of a doubt. And the physics of the 3D models feel unusually smooth, this seems to be the work of MAPPA studio.

The plot of Ishura Anime

You have a love the plot of a series when it’s not the usual cliche of saving the planet or fighting to protect others, that just gets old way too quickly.

The series follows a few interesting and powerful characters with unique talents capable of going against the opponents who managed to defeat the Demon King and now roam the earth annihilating anything they see.

Our characters fight against these massive mechanoids to attain the title of the True Hero as that would make them considered the mightiest warrior.

These characters include a master fencer who destroys the mechanoids with a single slash. A master lancer so swift, they can break the sound barrier. A rogue wyvern who uses three legendary weapons at the same time, and a wizard who can speak thoughts into reality.

The characters of Ishura Anime

Willow, Sword Soujiro is an incredibly powerful swordsman who calls himself the last Yanagi. He’s a maniac who enjoys lashing and hacking his enemies with a straight face. He keeps his pace and loves to take on the strongest opponents.

Distant Claw Yuno is a student in the Labyrinth city of magic. The mechanoids attacked their city and killed her friend, and Soujiro Saved her. Now she is following him to Huangdu, wanting to take revenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ishura anime: How strong is Soujirou?

Soujiro’s sword skills far surpass any normal human. His unique abilities allow him to instantly spot the vital points of his enemies and take them down with a single swoop.u003cbr /u003eHis sword talents are out of this world, capable of going against the laws of physics. He can defy gravity and slash anything.u003cbr /u003eHis killing instinct is another special talent, that lets him assemble the path in his of how to slaughter his enemy.u003cbr /u003eAnd lastly, his physical abilities are beyond the reach of any normal human. No human can reach his level regardless of how much they train.

Who are demigods and why do warriors fight them?

The demigods are mechanoid demon machines that defeated the Demon King and now inhabit the world, crushing every living thing.u003cbr /u003eThe warriors fight for the glory and the title of u003cemu003eTrue Herou003c/emu003e to determine who is the mightiest warrior.

Source:, Twitter via @Ishura_anime


Anime Fans are super excited about the anime. the teaser visuals, and teasers have just made the wait for fun. The official trailer has won the hearts already so we all have high expectation from the anime. Judging from the captivating teasers, it’s obvious that the character designers, chief director, assistant director, and the staff has done a fantastic job. It will be one of the most epic dark fantasy anime series. It’s not going to be an average anime and we are 100% sure of it.

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