Solo Leveling Anime Announced for 2023

Solo leveling anime will be a power fantasy series that will release sometime in the year 2023. Production studio A-1 Pictures will be animating it along with Hiroyuki Sawano as the music lead.

The official announcement of the anime adaptation came on July 4, 2022, on the official Twitter account, along with a key visual and a promotional video featuring a few scenes from the original manhwa and character designs.

The list of staff members was out on the official website, but there is no official release date yet.

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You can see the key visual below:

Solo Leveling: Anime Announced for 2023
Credit: @sololeveling_en

The key visual featured the main character Sung JinWoo gripping the knight killer blade in his hand, it is one of the early weapons that he used to fight against the blood-red commander Igris.

The voice actor details are yet to be out for almost every character. We expect those to be out when the official trailer is up.

However, the staff member details were out for the series including Shunsuke Nakashige as the series director. Hiroyuki Sawano is the music lead, Tomoko Sudou is for character designs, and Noboru Kimura for the series composition.

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer/ Promotional Video

There isn’t much to say or talk about this promotional video. For those who have read the manhwa, you might see a lot of familiar manhwa panels slightly animated and a few details about the character designs.

Overall the promotional video was nothing to talk about, all we can do now is wait for an official trailer.

The plot of Solo Leveling

For most of the series, the show has a basic plot with stronger enemies coming one after another and the protagonist grows stronger after every battle.

However, what makes this show unique and exciting is the incredible world-building, the different levels of gates appear with monsters of varying difficulty levels for hunters (humans with innate special abilities) to clear and earn money.

Sung Jin-Woo is the series’ protagonist. He is famous as the weakest hunter (E-rank Hunter) in all of Korea because he constantly comes close to dying after each encounter with high-level monsters. Yet he still goes because he has bills to pay and care for his sick mother.

However, things take a drastic turn when a mysterious S-Rank door appears inside a D-Rank dungeon, and his party decides to take a go at it. After the event, he wakes up to find a strange quest log indicating that he must work hard to win rewards and avoid punishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sung Jin Woo’s real power?

It’s not easy to categorize his power. He was selected as the Monarch of Death as his new vessel. He initially had the opportunity to quickly level up his physical appearance so he could attain the power of a Necromancer.

Why was Sung Jin Woo chosen to be the vessel for the Monarch of Death?

Sung Jin Woo was the weakest hunter. He was always nearly avoiding to die. So he deemed worthy that he should be chosen to receive the powers of the Monarch of Death and control undead creatures.

Source:, Official Twitter via @sololeveling_en


Anime Fans are over the top after the announcement of Solo Leveling. The Korean manhwa has brought a strong thunderstorm in the world of entertainment. People are crazy over the JinWoo and his adventures. If the Solo Leveling steps in the anime community, then it’s gonna give a tough competition to all others.

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