Makoto Shinkai Film Suzume Earns 13 Billion Yen

Makoto Shinkai Suzume Is Scheduled For April 14 In Canada, UK, and US

As of Sunday, more than 9.9 million people had purchased tickets for the anime Makoto Shinkai Film Suzume (Suzume no Tojimari), resulting in a gross of over 13.16 billion yen (about US$101 million).

Although the movie earned 1.88 billion yen (about US$13.49 million) in its first three days of release after debuting at No. 1 on November 11 and selling 1.33 million tickets. The movie spent its eleventh weekend at #4. In Japan, the movie is currently the 23rd highest-grossing movie of all time.

Makoto Shinkai Film Suzume Plot

The story of 17-year-old girl Suzume begins in a small hamlet in Kyushu known as quiet town when she meets a young man who says, “I’m looking for a door.” On the other side of the door was a time in its fullness.

Suzume finds a solitary worn door standing upright amid the wreckage, seemingly protected from whatever disaster occurred in the middle of the scene. Suzume goes for the knob, seemingly fascinated by its might.

All around Japan, doors start to open one after another, letting disaster fall on everybody nearby. Suzume must shut down these gateways to avert a greater catastrophe.

The sky, The twilight, Early-morning sky.

It seemed as if all time had dissolved into the sky within that realm, drawing Suzume in, and she is set to embark on a trip after this enigmatic door.

What’s the Success behind the Makoto Shinkai Film Suzume?

Accordingly, the movie’s writing and direction were both done by Shinkai (some previous films are Your name, Weathering With You). He credits the original narrative. Additionally, Masayoshi Tanaka (Your Name, Weathering With You) created the characters.

The animation director was Kenichi Tsuchiya (Your name, Garden of Words). The art director was Takumi Tanji (Children Who Chase Lost Voices). Story Inc. and CoMix Wave Films made the film, and TOHO is releasing it.

Suzume Blu ray Release Date
Credit: © 2022 ‘Suzume’ Film Partners

Although the movie’s music is by RADWIMPS. The movie’s soundtrack was created by RADWIMPS and Seattle-based Hollywood composer Kazuma Jinnouchi (Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045, RWBY: Ice Queendom). Toaka, a TikTok performer, sang “Suzume,” one of the movie’s theme songs.

Also, Suzume Iwato, the movie’s heroine, is voiced by actress Nanoka Hara. Hokuto Matsumura, a member of the SixTONES idol group, made his voice acting debut in the movie as Sota Munakata, a young guy who travels with Suzume as the “Door-Closing Master,” just as he did in the live-action Liar Liar and xxxHOLiC films.

Compared to Shinkai’s critically praised your name, which made 1,277,960,000 yen (about $12.51 million at the time) in its first three days, the movie sold 38.7% more tickets and made 47.4% more money.

It also had the strongest opening three days of all of Shinkai’s movies, with ticket sales and revenue up 14.8% and 14.4%, respectively, above Weathering With You. In Japan, the movie has earned the tenth-highest anime box office total of all time.

International Screening and Distribution

Beginning on April 12, Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wild Bunch International, and Eurozoom will screen the movie everywhere save Asia. While Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment will handle distribution in Latin America, South Korea, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, and some parts of Europe, Crunchyroll will handle distribution in North America. Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wild Bunch International, and Eurozoom will release the movie in French- and German-speaking Europe.

Berlin International Film Festival

The international debut of Suzume will take place at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale, on February 16–26. The movie, which will be the first anime feature film in the competition since Spirited Away in 2002, will play in the festival’s Competition section. Shinkai, Nanoka Hara, and Genki Kawamura, the producer, plan to attend the event.


Finally, “Suzume” is not just a movie; it’s a cinematic triumph for both anime and manga fans that has left an indelible mark on anime history. From its compelling plot to the breathtaking visuals, every element contributes to its success. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary journey. So have you watched this movie? If not then watch it right now the movie is filled with suspense, beauty, and great animation you’ll absolutely love it. And If you have already watched it then Kindly Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Question

u003cstrongu003eQ1. Is u0022Suzumeu0022 suitable for all ages?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, the movie is suitable for a wide audience.

u003cstrongu003eQ2. How does u0022Suzumeu0022 compare to other Shinkai films?u003c/strongu003e

u0022Suzumeu0022 surpasses its predecessors in both ticket sales and revenue.

u003cstrongu003eQ3. Who composed the soundtrack for the film?u003c/strongu003e

RADWIMPS and Kazuma Jinnouchi collaborated on the captivating soundtrack.

u003cstrongu003eQ4. What makes the character Suzume Iwato unique?u003c/strongu003e

Suzume’s journey and her role in closing mysterious doors add a unique twist to the narrative.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web

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