15 Best Anime Movies Like Kiki’s Delivery Service- Ranked!

The search for watching anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service is never-ending. You will search for similar ones if you have watched this movie once. Kiki’s journey offers a complete package. It will touch your heart, entertain you, and give you the courage to do your things on your shoulders alone.

There is so much that catches the eye, from magic, to fantasy and from Kiki’s strong will to adorable characters. For you, my otaku friends, I have come up with a list of similar magical anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service. Please, stick to the end to find a film that suits your tastes.

Fantastic Anime Movies Like Kiki’s Delivery Service That Will Win Your Heart


  • The list includes family-friendly anime like Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • The list is specifically made for the searchers of heartwarming anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • The list is ranked based on my personal opinion

15. The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns- anime movies like Kiki's Delivery Service
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Haru Yoshika is your gorgeous high school student living a pretty average life that lacks fun. One day, she helps a cat from a car runover, and her kindness changes her life. The cat she helped wasn’t your typical stray cat, but a Prince. His name was Lune and he was from the Cat Kingdom. 

As a token of thanks, he invites her to his kingdom. Guess what? The Prince wanted Haru to accept his proposal and be his wife. Of course, the girl didn’t want to marry a cat and tried her best to say No. However, miscommunications happened, and she found herself stuck in the kingdom. 

In this chaos, she meets Baron, who helps her look into herself and learn about her true self. She must know herself better if she wants to return to her normal human self and find a way out of this. All the answers she is looking for exist in her! It’s a beautiful movie that one must watch if they are in search of anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service. It has many similarities in aesthetics, art, details, and fantastical elements. Even the lessons it offers kinda relate to each other.

14. A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away-anime movies like Kiki's Delivery Service
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

What limits can you go to impress your crush? Trust me, don’t make things difficult for your crush or yourself. Be you, and not force anything. This is one of the learnings from Whisker Away that we get as a gift. Miyo Sasaki is your female lead who lives a life that lacks happiness and shine. 

The only thing that moves her heart is her crush and the love of her life, Kento. Unfortunately, the boy doesn’t give her the importance she desires. So, to win his heart, she finds a way to be close to him. Can you guess the way? Surprisingly enough, she transforms into a cat, and Kento, who doesn’t know what’s happening, starts sharing his heart with the cat. 

Eventually, she realizes that staying with him in the form of a cat is never a good option. Now, she needs a way out of this, but she can’t tell the truth because it might end their friendship forever. The suspense, mystery, and intricate plot keep you glued to the end. So, give this one a shot if you are in search of the best anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service.

13. Welcome To The Space Show

Welcome to the space show
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

The story revolves around five elementary school students and their entertaining adventures. The students go to a remote village to spend their summer vacations well. Things become exciting when they lose their rabbit. In search of it, they come across an injured Dog. 

The kind hearts decide to treat the dog and look after him the best they can. To their surprise, the dog wasn’t an ordinary animal but an alien who came to Earth for a research project. Also, he could talk! 

The dog invites the kids to visit the Moon with him as a thank-you gift. Of course, no one could decline the amazing offer! So, the students agreed, and when they visited, they learned that a huge alien community was residing there. 

Unfortunately, the government there banned them from returning to earth after they got to know that the dog was injured badly. In short, the kids were stuck there, but that was just the beginning of their bewildering adventures.

12. Magical Sisters Yoyo And Nene

Magical Sisters Yoyo and Nene
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

As you might have guessed from the title, the movie follows the  sisters Yoyo and Nene and their magical adventures. In a fantasy world, they perform their duties. However, challenges start to appear with the sudden entry of a big tree into their world. 

Eerie things start to happen, and the sisters investigate its root cause. All of their search leads them to some more captivating adventures. I bet that throughout this movie, you will find yourself entertained. The vibes, the theme, and the overall aesthetics are very similar to what you are searching for. It’s undoubtedly one of the best anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service. 

11. Mary And The Witch’s Flower

anime movies like Kiki's Delivery Service-- mary and the witch's flower
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Unlike many of her age, Mary fails to do a task without creating chaos. A touch of clumsiness is quite prominent in her personality. Her red hair makes her stand out in the crowd and makes her unique. Her boring life becomes a little colorful when she moves to her aunt’s place. While exploring the place leading to a jungle, she sees a cat and starts following it, reaching the middle of the jungle

There, she comes across magical flowers that give her temporary magical powers. Soon after she attains the powers, a broomstick takes her to the college for witches. There, she impresses everyone with her magical prowess because no one is that expert in using magic. 

For Mary, her appreciation was a dream come true because she had never been appreciated once. However, when the headmistress, who turns out to be an evil witch, learns about her secret, she wishes to use the flowers for her evil motives. There are so many reasons for this movie being on this list of anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service. 

10. The Boy And The Beast

the boy and the beast-anime movies like Kiki's Delivery Service
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

It’s not something related to witchcraft, but it sure is one of the best anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service. It offers the same entertainment, thrill, heart-touching moments, and, of course, life lessons. Life is difficult for 9-year-old Ren as he is alone in the dark world. He has no one to rely on, so he stays on the streets, roaming here and there. 

His chaotic life gets a direction after he meets Kumatetsu from the Beast Kingdom. Kumatetsu was looking for a suitable candidate who could be his disciple. After meeting with Ren, he saw potential in Ren and took him to his kingdom to train him for the position. 

A series of engaging events begins when the two start their respective journey together. The movie offers a lot in just a few minutes, from action to adventure and fantasy to suspense.

9. Junkers Come Here

Junkers Come Here
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

The movie highlights the challenging life of a sixth-grade student, Hiromi Nozawa. Apparently, the girl tries her best to not let anyone get a glimpse into her heart. However, only her Dog Junkers is aware of her condition and knows the reasons for her depression and heartbreak. Her parent’s decision to get separated stands above all of her worries. 

After watching Hiromi in such a worry, he reveals that he has the powers to make miracles happen. She can only wish for three things to happen, so the girl should think before acting. It’s a beautiful movie, and I am sure you will enjoy her and Junker’s friendship the most. The fantastical elements and the girl’s challenging life make this movie one of the best movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service. 

8. Little Witch Academia (Movie)

Little Witch Academia (Movie)
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

If you were in search of witchcraft anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service, then here you go! This movie has so many similarities, and it’s so amazing that you will rewatch it. Atsuko is our ambitious female lead who dreams of being the best witch, following in the footsteps of her idol, Shiny Chariot. 

She is such a big fan that her motivational words have been a constant source of inspiration. But do you know the problem? The problem is that Atsuko comes from a family with no magic link. So, it stands as a big hurdle in her way. 

Where every other witch in training can use magic easily, she struggles with every task. However, the best part is her courage and will to never give up. The story becomes interesting when she joins the popular college for witches. She comes across countless hassles, but her strength to find a way out of them all will definitely move your heart. 

7. Suzume

AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Though Suzume’s story and genre are different from Kiki’s Delivery Service, if you are in search of themes similar to it, it’s a perfect watch. The nature of the challenges the FL faces are very different from Kiki but their courage and determination resembles each other. Moreover, the fantastical elements and magical setting are also another common aspect, though in a different light. 

Suzume is the story revolving around Iwato Suzume, a high school student. Her monotonous life takes a turn when she crosses paths with the handsome Souta Munakata. He was looking for a specific area with a door nearby. The girl sends him to the nearby abandoned area. 

After some time, her curiosity sparks, leading her to the same place where she comes across a unique door. Out of curiosity, she opens the door and sees beautiful scenery. Can you guess the surprising part? Well, it was not something she was seeing for the first time.

In fact, she had seen something similar in her dreams. Sounds miraculous, and I know it. Not just that, when she mistakenly steps on a cat statue, the statue comes to life, scaring her to some extent. She meets Souta again, who explains the phenomenon and why he is looking for the door. 

The duo helps each other close the door, but the world’s peace gets threatened. Above all, the troubles keep coming, which puts Suzume in a tight spot. The girl should do everything to return things back to their original state.

6. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Children Who Chase Lost Voices
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Just like you took inspiration from Kiki, trust me, Asuna Watase has so much to inspire you. She is a perfect girl who studies well and does house chores greatly. Yes, you heard me right. Even though she is school-going, she looks after her house and also gets good grades. 

Her mother is usually out of town, so Asuna has to look after her place. After a busy routine, she moves to her favorite mountainous spot, where she loves listening to the radio. One day, while returning home, she came across a giant monster. The monster tried to attack her, but a handsome and mysterious boy named Shun entered the scene, saving the girl. 

After the incident, the two kept seeing each other, and the frequent encounters strengthened their bond. However, one day, Asuna learns about the sudden and tragic death of Shun, sending chills to her body. Apparently, she couldn’t believe it, so her eyes searched for her beloved friend. 

Amidst all this, she meets a lookalike of Shun, and curiosity sparks in her, leading her to follow him. It turns out both the boys come from a mysterious world called Agartha. A series of events leads them both to the depths of the world, where Asuna learns about hidden secrets and mysteries. Trust me, this movie offers constant thrill and entertainment, making it one of the best anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service.

5. Ponyo

AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Did some say magic and power anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service?  Trust me, the character design of each character is so unique and adorable that the film will win your heart. Ponyo not only offers the best story but also the best themes, characters, and entertainment. 

Ponyo is a goldfish whose love for adventure leads her to escape her home. On her way, she gets helped by a boy named Sousuke, who frees her from a jar and takes her home. The two become quite good friends within no time. Their increasing closeness develops a desire in Ponyo to become a human like him. Guess what? 

She does grow limbs after coming in contact with Sousuke’s blood in an attempt to tend to his injuries. Also, there is a twist! Ponyo’s father is a sorcerer who never wanted her to run from the house and come in contact with the humans. 

In fact, he once used to be a human but sacrificed his humanity later. Ponyo’s desire to be a human puts the world in trouble because magical powers are unleashed whenever she transforms, disturbing the world’s balance. Now, Ponyo and Sousuke must find a way to bring the peace back without compromising their friendship. 

4. Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper of the Heart-
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Shizuku Tsukishima is a teenager whose life revolves around books and only books. Her Love for reading and writing is evident in everything she does. One day, when she learns that someone is checking her books, it sparks curiosity in her to meet the person. 

Her search for the person leads her to Seiji, and the two develop a bond after they share common interests. Seiji turns out to be an ambitious boy with goals that he can do anything to achieve. Though Seiji’s ambitions inspire Shizuku, she also feels bad for not having a direction in her life. 

So, she tries to search to find her aspirations, leading to some beautiful destinations. If you were in search of anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service, specifically where the FL is ambitious and starts a journey, then this is it. You must watch this movie before it’s too late.

3. My Neighbour Totoro

my neighbor totoro
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Satsuki and Mei are the cutest and sweetest sisters who move to their hometown because of their mother’s deteriorating health. When the young girls explore the new environment, they come across a bubbly, chubby, and adorable spirit named Totoro. 

He turns out to be their neighbor, and the two girls become his friends. Totoro adds light to their world by introducing the magical world of adventures to the two girls. My Neighbour Totoro is Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece that will forever remain an Otaku’s best friend. If you watch it once, there is no way that you won’t watch it again. That’s the beauty of this gem!

2. Spirited Away

-spirited away
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

10-year-old Chihiro is the story’s main character. Things take an unbelievable turn for her when she visits a park with her parents. As soon as they reach there, Chihiro sniffs something off about it, leading to her doubt that the park is haunted and full of creepy creatures. 

Her doubts turn to reality when she finds her parents transformed into pigs, and the sight sends chills to her body. All alone in the park with her parents turned into pigs, she was frightened and started running. As the night befalls, her spirits and ghosts become visible and start following her. 

Not knowing how to save her life, she was about to lose it when suddenly a boy named Haku came to her help. He told her that to survive here, working for Yubaba at the bathhouse was necessary. From that moment onwards, Chihiro’s life changed. 

She had to wake up early to perform all the duties that she would have never done if it were not for survival. However, all the challenges groomed her and made her mature. She kept looking for a way to return her parents to normal and return home ASAP. I want you to watch this one of the best anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service because it has a lot to offer.

1. Howl’s Moving Castle

howl's moving castle
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

This one is at the top of the list because it’s a complete package. There is everything you can wish to watch in a movie. You just have to think about it and find it here. It’s the story of Sophie, a simple girl who wishes for nothing extraordinary and enjoys the beauty of her simple life. 

On the other hand, we have Howl, a handsome wizard who is the heart and soul of every girl. Every girl wants to be in his good books, but Sophie is different. When Sophie came across Howl, who saved her from trouble, things took a beautiful turn. Their meeting was magical, holding some special feelings. 

Unfortunately, when the witch of waste hears about their meeting, she turns red because of jealousy and anger. So, as a result, she turns our FL into an old woman. It was a curse that felt impossible to break. Our beautiful lady panicked and ran to find the cure for the curse. 

Her search led her to Howl’s Moving Castle, where a series of events made them stick to each other. While spending time with each other, the two learn about their darkest fears, strengthening their bond. The movie offers drama, suspense, romance, action, magic, and more. It’s one of the best lesson-giving anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Final Notes

Woohoo! We are finally done with the list of best anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service. If you enjoyed watching Kiki’s adventures, then I am sure you will find these movies up to your taste. Make sure to come back later to update me about your watching experience

If you are in search of some other anime movie recommendations, don’t hesitate to check Anime Fleek. 


What are some anime movies similar to Kiki’s Delivery Service?

If you are in search of Studio Ghibli anime movies like Kiki’s Delivery Service, then go for My Neighbour Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle. However, to watch another studio’s films, consider watching Little Witch Academia and Mary And The Witch’s Flower.

Which Studio Ghibli Films are similar to Kiki’s Delivery Service?

Almost all the Studio Ghibli anime movies are similar to Kiki’s Delivery Service but start from Howl’s Moving Castle. 

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