15 Best Nature Anime Movies-Ranked!

In today’s blog, I will list the best nature anime movies. For nature lovers, anime movies act as Genie because they offer everything they desire. Nothing can beat the feelings and vibes that one gets watching greenery, visually stunning scenery, and beautiful life portrayals

Nature heals everything bothering us and works as a remedy for our inside. These anime movies will also hit you with Nostalgia, especially for those who have grown up watching anime and cartoons on TV. Let’s cherish some nostalgic emotions and heart-winning visuals. 

Best Nature Anime Movies That Will Make You Fall In Love


  • All of these movies are full of visually stunning elements
  • They do not solely revolve around nature but will engage you with a fantastic story
  • I have ranked them based on my liking

15. Miyori’s Forest

Miyori's Forest
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is one of the must-try and best nature anime movies for anyone who enjoys watching forests, greenery, and nature. 11-year-old Miyori’s life is not even close to normal and is full of sorrow and grief. Her parents are separating and have decided to send her to her grandfather.  

Adding salt to injuries, her grandparents live in a village where adjusting to life will be challenging. Though lonely and sad, contrary to her expectations, she felt the village life was peaceful. It wasn’t her first time living with her grandparents, and she still remembers a vivid memory from the past. 

As a kid, she came across a forest full of spirits. This time, the mysteries of the forest and her family secrets also make her life intriguing. Indulging with the forest life, she forgets the sorrows piercing her heart.

14. Nausicaa Of The Valley of The Wind

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind-- best nature anime movies
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Even after many decades of the nuclear war, the world struggles to live peacefully. As a result, the jungle has become toxic, a deadly threat to the remaining humanity. To free themselves from the toxins of the jungle, people live in a farming valley that is protected because of its closeness to the sea. 

Also, it’s thanks to Princess Nausicaa’s struggles, who does everything she can to keep the valley safe. The challenges keep hitting her in different ways. One of the toughest ones enters in the form of an invasion from the Kingdom of Tolmekia. They have evil motives and want to dig into the deadly war and its remaining weapons. 

Their research and actions can put humanity in danger once again, so Nausicaa must stop them. Don’t you consider the Princess an ordinary human? She is a skilled swordswoman with impressive abilities. If you are into action, fantasy, and adventure, watch this one of the best nature anime movies.

13. Kiki’s Delivery Service

best nature anime movies -Kiki's Delivery Service
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Trust me, dude, watching Kiki flying on her magic broom will make you wish for the same. The whole movie is a visually stunning masterpiece. The art, the details, the design, the city and town life, and the skies, everything will win your heart. 

There are many reasons why it’s on the list of best nature anime movies. Kiki is a 13-year-old ambitious girl who decides to start her witch training as soon as possible. A tradition runs in their family: to become a witch, one must leave their house to start a new life in a different town as soon as they turn 13. 

Her mother did the same, but she is worried about sending Kiki. However, the ambitious little girl makes up everyone’s mind. She starts her adventurous journey in search of a town near the sea. Her talking cat, Jiji, accompanied her everywhere.

Contrary to her expectations, many things became hurdles in her way. People were not very welcoming in the new town, leaving her disappointed. Her helping nature finally made her meet kind people, and one of them was Osono, a pregnant lady running the bakery shop. 

She allows her to stay at her place while Kiki starts helping her with the bakery. Just like that, she started a delivery service where she used to deliver goods ordered by people. Eventually, she starts liking the town after overcoming the challenges one by one. 

12. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

best nature anime movies -Children Who Chase Lost Voices
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Asuna Watase was happy living a life full of responsibilities and work. She never once found balancing school life with house management challenging. Well, the brave girl was an only child and loved supporting her working mother. 

After doing all the house chores, she would like to treat herself by going to a mountainous spot and listening to the radio. Enjoying nature and relaxing in the wind was her hobby. Her simple life took a mysterious turn when she met a boy named Shun. The two became friends after he saved her from a monster attack. 

With time, they started visiting each other frequently, developing a strong bond. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that a terrible fate awaited them. Shun passed away in a tragic accident, leaving Asuna heartbroken. Shun was a mysterious person from a different world called Agartha. After some time, the girl sees a doppelganger of Shun and decides to follow him to Agrtha in hopes of finding Shun. There is mystery, suspense, thrill, and adventure, all of which make it one of the best nature anime movies. 

11. Tales From Earthsea

best nature anime movies - Tales From Earth Sea
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The land of Earthsea was under the pressure of calamities. Many big changes were happening to nature, leaving people curious. It was a world where it was believed that there is a solid connection between humans and dragons.  

Some chose humanity, while others decided to be dragons. Prince Arren is the male lead who stabs his father and escapes from the house. It turns out that there are some evil forces inside him that, when taken control, wreak havoc

Him attacking his father was one example. To learn more about this dark disease, he starts his journey searching for the answers. On his way, he comes across an archmage who helps him. They face multiple challenges on their way, and he meets Therru, a brave girl. 

Together, Therru and he face the odds and find answers, leading them to the evil Lord Cob. he was the sinister mind controlling the dark energies inside Arren. Defeating him would not be a possible task; how come, mere humans, defeat someone with extraordinary powers? Trust me or not, when it comes to adventure, it’s one of the best nature anime movies to watch. 

Spoiler: Therru is not an ordinary girl; she hides something surprising.

10. The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words-best nature anime movies
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Having a crush on teachers is not something uncommon, and it’s easy to like them. Garden of Words highlights the age gap in friendship, specifically in a student-teacher relationship. Takao Akizuki is our handsome male lead who dreams of becoming a shoemaker

Therefore, whenever he finds time, he runs to the forest, allowing his creativity to make beautiful shoe designs. Just like that, a girl named Yukari finds him talented, and they become friends. She asks him to make her shoes, strengthening their bond. 

Their simple life becomes challenging when, after summer vacations, he learns that Yukari is a literature teacher at his school. Her life also became troublesome due to constant bullying, leading her to resign from school. Takao develops feelings for her in a matter of time, but as a teacher, she tries her best to keep things in place. Ultimately, we see Takao becoming extremely serious about his goal to be a shoemaker. Will they cope with the odds of their relationship or not? It’s definitely a magnum opus when it comes to the best nature anime movies. 

9. Suzume

best nature anime movies - suzume
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Apart from being one of the best nature anime movies, this one is a complete package. It’s also one of the best anime movies that with powers and adventure. There won’t be a second you would like to fast forward or pause; it’s just that good. It’s the story of Suzume, a high school student who,, comes across a handsome young man named Souta on her way to school. 

He asks her about a particular door, and she refers him to the nearby abandoned area. Not feeling satisfied about sending him to the abandoned place; she goes there to find the boy but fails. There, something caught her attention: a door leading to a beautiful place she saw in her dream. 

She couldn’t enter the place but could see it. While figuring out the mystery behind the door, she mistakenly steps on a cat statue that soon transforms into a living cat. Scared by the sight, she runs. After some time, she sees some long worms coming from somewhere in the sky. 

Only she could see them, and she followed the source of these worms, leading her to the same door. Souta was there, trying to close the door with his key. Due to her meddling with the keystone (the cat statue), it made it easy for worms to break out the door. These worms are a source of earthquakes and destruction. Feeling guilty for her actions, she decides to do everything to protect the world. 

Spoiler: Souta is a Closer responsible for closing such doors; however, something shocking happens that turns him into a chair. 

How will Suzume overcome the challenges of Souta being a chair? If you like this movie, watch anime movies like Suzume

8. Weathering With You

best nature anime movies -Weathering With You
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Imagine yourself with a fantastic weather controlling power! Before you say that you will always set the weather to moderate, watch this beautiful and one of the best nature anime movies. This will teach you that every power comes with a responsibility, and meddling with nature comes with a cost. 

Life in Tokyo is suffering because of continuous rain showers. The constant heavy rains adds insult to injury to people already dealing with their personal challenges. One of those strugglers is our male lead, Hodaka Morishima.

On the other hand, we have Hina Amano, whose life is also not easy. She also tries to look after her brother and finds a way to manage the finances. However, she holds a very unique power, a power to call the Sun. 

When she meets Hodaka one day, and the two become close enough to be called friends, he learns about her secret power. Therefore, he suggests that she uses her power to ease people’s suffering. Little did they know, they were meddling with nature. 

7. From Up On Poppy Hill

best nature anime movies - From Up On poppy Hill
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It’s a beautiful film focusing on a sweet love story and visually stunning elements. Umi Matsuzaki is our gorgeous female lead who is very loving and kind. She is usually busy helping people and providing comfort to them. 

When she learns that a clubhouse is facing a crisis and will soon be demolished, she and her friends do their best to prevent that. Amidst all this, she comes across a handsome and sweet guy named Shun Kazama. The two become friends and later catch feelings

Their love story wasn’t as simple, but it was a beautiful story full of odds that brought them both closer. The twists begin when we learn that Shun is an orphan. The lovebirds decide to find answers regarding his background and history, leading them to unexpected events. Please add this to your watch list for anyone looking for the best nature anime movies. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

6. Ponyo

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

I am sure we have seen people curious about aquatic life. Some nature lovers are very adventurous and daring enough to not fear exploring the depths of water. Have you ever imagined there might be some aquatic life wishing to explore life on land? 

Ponyo highlights this possibility beautifully and magically. Ponyo is our adorable goldfish whose father is a sorcerer. Surprisingly, he once was a human but sacrificed his humanity to live underwater. For some reason, he doesn’t want his children to come in contact with humans, but Ponyo doesn’t like that. Her father’s overprotective behavior makes her run away, and she comes across Sousuke, a boy who helps her escape a jar she was stuck in. 

Finding the fish cute, the boy takes her home, and the two eventually develop a strong bond. Spending time in the human world, Ponyo desires to be a human. Fate plays its part, and she starts growing limbs. However, whenever she transforms, she unleashes magical energy that leads to an imbalance in the world. 

Her love for humanity threatened the world, and calamities began to occur. She never imagined that her wish would put everyone on land in great trouble. Therefore, the two friends must do something to prevent more destruction. But will Ponyo be able to stay friends with Shun being a human? To find out, watch this one of the best nature anime movies. 

5. My Neighbour Totoro

my neighbor totoro
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It’s one of those masterpieces from Studio Ghibli that one never gets bored watching even a thousand times. Apart from the visually stunning elements of nature, you will get to see adorable creatures as a bonus. So are you ready, my fellas? 

My Neighbour Totoro follows the story of two cute sisters, Satsuki and Mei, who shift to their hometown for the sake of their bedridden mother. After moving to the new place, the girls soon see some spirits. It turns out that only they can see them and not anyone else. 

While exploring the mystery behind them, they become good friends with a giant Spirit Totoro. Spending time with Totoro opens the gate to adventure, fantasy, and the supernatural. Totoro makes their life beautiful and teaches them the true meaning of FUN. Trust me, give this one a shot no matter what age you are or how many movies you have watched. If you haven’t watched this, you have watched nothing. This is not only one of the best nature anime movies but also one of the best Ghibli anime movies. 

4. Princess Mononoke

princess mononoke
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is all about nature and the life of forest spirits. It teaches us how to solve issues arising from differences in opinion. Prince Ashitaka is our hero, and he is famous for being selfless to the people of his village. Unfortunately, he is cursed, and it’s so deadly that if it’s not cured, it will lead him to his end. 

His search for the cure leads him to Iron Town, where he learns about the ongoing conflict between Princess Mononoke and Lady Eboshi. The latter wants deforestation, while the Princess is against it to protect the forest spirits. 

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a mutual way to agree. When Ashitaka enters the place, he can’t stop himself from involving himself in finding a way to attain peace between both parties. But will he find a solution? Above all, he must find a cure for his curse before anything else without being too late.

3. Into The Forest Of Fireflies’ Light

Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Spending a vacation in the grandparent’s house is an unmatchable feeling. If you grew up spending time with your grandparents, this one might hit you with nostalgia. It’s the story of six-year-old Hotaru, who went to her grandparents’ place during her vacations. 

Something happened, and she found herself in the forest, which was haunted. Spirits were residing in the forest. Unable to look for a way out and panicking alone, she was finally helped by a masked man named Gin. He seemed mysterious and avoided touch, appearing to be very cold. 

Well, he had his reasons; he suffered from a curse that he should never come in contact with someone, or he would disappear forever. Fate plays its part, and Hotaru and Gin become friends. With time, Hotaru grew up, and she still was best friends with him. 

Unwillingly, the two catch feelings and fall in love with each other, snatching the peace of their lives. After all, how would they continue their relationship knowing that Gin is cursed? This movie is a complete package that offers a beautiful story and introduces us to some visually good supernatural elements. The list of best nature anime movies would have been incomplete without its addition.

2. Howl’s Moving Castle

howl's moving castle
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Studio Ghibli movies come to our mind when discussing the best nature anime movies. This is because they have opened our minds to the beautiful portrayal of nature. These movies have taught us how to find beauty in the simplest things and enjoy life. Trust me or not, you will lose your heart to this fantastic movie. It’s a must-watch for anyone who is a nature lover. 

It’s the story of an ordinary girl, Sophie, and a handsome wizard, Howl. The attractive man is the heart and soul of every girl in the town. Every girl wishes to grab his attention, unlike Sophie, who doesn’t even care about who is Howl until one beautiful encounter. While on her way, some creeps started flirting with her, putting her in a tight spot. That time, Howl helped her escape the situation by shooing the creeps away. 

Their first meeting held something very special that could easily be seen. A movie without twists and frustrating turns of events is not that much fun, right? So, it becomes interesting when a horrible and evil witch curses Sophie and transforms her into an old woman. 

Unable to believe it, she panics and escapes in search of a cure. Not having any place to live, she finds Howl’s Moving Castle and starts working there as a Cleaner. Of course, she was self-appointed

Spending time with Howl and learning about his pain and suffering opens a special place in her heart for him. The same goes for Howl, who discovers the lady is under a strong curse. The surprising part? He didn’t know that the old woman next to him was Sophie. Please watch it to discover how love will blossom between the two and how she will break her curse!

1. Spirited Away

Spirited Away
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Adventure, fantasy, horror, thrill, supernatural, magical, and nature make it a perfect watch. Almost everything about it makes it one of the best nature anime movies. It’s the story of a 10-year-old girl, Chihiro, whose life becomes a huge mess when she visits a haunted park

In the park, she lost her parents, who turned into pigs, leaving her alone among the spirits. The spirits start roaming around when the sun sets, and she gets stuck. In that time of need, a boy named Haku comes to her help and shows her a way. 

He reveals that there is only one way to survive: to start working in Yubaba’s, the witch’s bathhouse. The girl who never worked before had to do even the weirdest things. However, all of this shaped her into a brave, strong, and skilled girl. She was mature before her age and learned to survive on her own. The story is not just about that; she must find a way to return her parents to normal and escape with them. But how? 

You know what you need to do, right? All the best!

Final Notes

Heyyy! How was it? Did you enjoy reading the recommendations for the best nature anime movies? You see, I tried my best to enlist the best possible film for my otaku friends. Please let me know about your opinion on the list. Also, if you would like to read more anime movie recommendations, please let me know in the comments.

Bye, friends!


Are there any Studio Ghibli movies about nature?

Yes, most Ghibli movies are about nature; some of the most famous are Howl’s Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke.

What are some of the best nature-themed anime movies?

If you enjoy nature-themed anime movies, you must watch Weathering With You, Princess Mononoke, and Ponyo.

Which anime movies feature stunning natural landscapes?

When we talk about one of the most beautiful nature anime movies, you must watch Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Arrietty. Also, almost all Ghibli movies are top nature anime films featuring stunning natural landscapes. 

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