15 Anime Movies With Life Lessons

Anime transcends cultural boundaries, and it is a known truth. They teach you a lot about everything there is to life. So this time, I have brought 15 Anime movies with life lessons for you. You will enjoy them and learn from them some bitter realities of life and some hard-earned lessons. 

Rest assured they are some life changing animated movies with a bundle of everything in it. They have fantasy, powerful action, adventure, a hint of romance, and everything else you need for a Saturday Night. You will learn from the tales of resilience and friendship and will also have insight into self-discovery.  So, let’s get down to our list of anime movies with life lessons. 

15 Anime Movies With Life Lessons That Are Life Changing.


  •  The lessons are not only limited to what I have mentioned but it depends on how you perceive the movie. 
  • Some of the movies are feature films of some anime with life lessons. 

15. Slam Dunk

15 Anime Movies with Life lessons; Slam Dunk 1993-min
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, both in life and in basketball. All you have to do is own your mistakes.

The next on our list of 15 anime movies with life lessons also happens to be one of the best sports anime movies. It is an old one, so you can’t expect much from the animation. Still, the adrenaline rush will cover up for all the missing elements.

This movie is an example to teach you that it doesn’t matter if you are good at something or not. All you have to do is own your mistakes and learn from them. The story focuses on a high school kid, Ryota and Sakuragi. 

The duo, along with their team, faces many opponents and reaches the stage where they have to fight against the reigning champions. Winning or losing matters to them, but what hinders them is the past they have. To overcome it or not is something they need to figure out while trying to win. 

14. Kiki’s Delivery Services 

15 anime movies with life lessons; 04-Kiki’s Delivery Service
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Appreciate the ones you love. You never know when they might no longer be with you. Also, Failure is imminent if you are creative; just keep trying.

It is a coming-of-age from Hayao Miyazaki and a must-watch if you are looking for anime with life lessons. It is an award winning movie and teaches you not to be afraid of Failure and cherish the one you love. You never know when you will get to see them again. It is all the more reason for this short movie to be on our list of 15 anime movies with life lessons.

The story blends in some fantasy and adventure perfectly. It centers on a 13-year-old witch, Kiki, who has to live alone for about 100 years to become a proper witch. The plot develops as she manages her delivery service and trains herself. Additionally, it focuses on her self-discovery and the challenges she faces. So try it for an actual meaningful one. 

13. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

15 anime movies with life lessons; 18-THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The only way to live is to live in the present.

If you are looking for the best adventure anime movies, then try this one. After its popularity, this anime movie was adapted into a TV drama and manga as well. Often, it is considered to be one of the romance anime movies with life lessons. All the reason for it to be on our list of 15 anime movies with life lessons. 

It is human nature that they regret their past and wish to change it rather than be thankful for what they have. In their desperate efforts, they end up ruining what they have as well. This life changing anime movie is based on the same principle

The story starts with Makoto, a high school girl who has the power to leap through time. Having this power, she tries her best to change her present by changing her past mistakes. Unfortunately, she fails. The story takes a twist when she finds someone else with the same power and the duo cross paths eventually

12. Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

15 anime movies with life lessons; black clover sword of the wixaed
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Your dreams have power. Believe in them and work for them. You will see miracles happening.

Are you looking for action-packed fantasy anime with a lot of magic in it? You are in the right place. The next on our list of 15 anime movies with life lessons is Black Clover. The anime itself has a bundle of life lessons as you go through each episode and character. Still, the movie leaves no chance to motivate you. 

The story brings in Asta, a wizard with no magic but instead carries anti-magic. His dream is to become a Wizard King, but soon, he faces four banished wizard kings from the past. They aim to rule the world in their way. i.e., Evil way. Asta is the one who has to stop them and he does because he believes in his dreams and strives to make them true. 

11. Jujutsu Kaisen 0

15 anime movies with life lessons; 06-jujutsu kaisen
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

No one holds the ultimate truth. You can always change your destiny if you believe in yourself.

Not that you need an introduction to this one, but for the sake of manners, I’ll say this. It is undoubtedly one of the best anime in every way possible and has a huge hype. The anime is famous for its hot and charming characters, including both the good and bad guys. 

Also, since it teaches you a lot about the realities of life, it is here with us among the 15 best anime movies with life lessons. The plot focuses on a 16-year-old boy, Yuuta, with an enormous power that even he can’t control.

He uses that power to exact revenge on his bullies, but that is all. Yuuta does not have a goal or a life purpose. Enter Gojou Satoru, and he teaches him how to live for others and utilize his powers for a better cause

10. Bleach: Hell Verse 

15 anime movies with life lessons; bleach hell verse
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Just because it seems hopeless, it doesn’t mean it’s over. Miracles happen, and for the ones who Believe and have a will. 

I bet you don’t need introductions to Bleach. Like Naruto, DBZ, and many other action-fantasy anime, Bleach also has a reputation for being the best anime. It also has life changing lessons, and thus here with us among 15 anime movies with life lessons. 

The plot is quite simple. Ichigo, the lead, is facing an opponent from hell this time. His powers don’t seem to work on him aside from the darker ones that Ichigo refuses to use. Having his sisters abducted and taken to Hell, Ichigo now has no way to save them. Still, it is only in desperate times that man unlocks the doors to innumerable paths. 

9. The Boy and the Beast 

The Boy and the Beast
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

You can always be your own hero. 

If you are looking for anime movies with deep meaning, then cater to this one. It is also one of the highest grossing films and made its way safely among 15 anime movies with life lessons. It has action, adventure, and bonds following reality-based life lessons. 

A life changing movie in its true essence. This story from Studio Chizu centers on Ren, a 9-year-old boy. Trying his best to live the life he has been granted, he encounters the beast Kumatetsu

The duo enter the beast realm and live together in order to help each other find and attain their goals. Nevertheless, they develop a bond stronger than they ever thought and learn that they don’t need others to save them.  .  

8. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

04-dragon ball z battle of gods
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

In the face of power, don’t lose hope. Believe in yourself, and even the powerful will seem helpless.

Not that DBZ needs an introduction. It has always been considered one of the best anime with life lessons. Hence to have its name in our list of 15 anime movies with life lessons is only fair. One other reason for it to be on our list is that it was the first ever DBZ movie that got a theatrical release in about 17 years. 

It’s all about the God of Destruction, Beerus, looking for the last of Saiyans to relieve his boredom. In his search, he reached Earth, and Goku, along with the others, had a deadly battle with Beerus. Defeating someone who is destruction itself is a daunting task, still, Goku and the team did it by believing in themselves and their worth. So try it for an adrenaline rush and some kick. 

7. Grave of the Fireflies

05-grave-of the fireflies
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Optimism is often a luxury

Studio Ghibli has a history of bringing jewels to the screen, and this one is no different. So, it is obvious that you find it here among 15 anime movies with life lessons. This life changing animated film is based on real life events and hence has a deep meaning

The plot centers on two orphaned siblings, Seita and Setsuko. They are left all alone after World War II. Seita and Setsuko try their best to make a place in this harsh world. Nevertheless, life has its way. It happened for them in ways they never imagined

6. My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission

08-my hero academia world heroes
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Good deeds are their own reward.

This one is among my personal favorites because of the action, plot, and strong-willed characters. You can watch it as a stand-alone movie, still, it would be much better if you could gain a little preknowledge about the characters as well. 

For those who think that good deeds go rewardless, they should know that these deeds are their own reward. It sounds cool for a life lesson, No? So, all the more reason it should be with us among 15 anime movies with life lessons

The story focuses on Deku, as he is on the run because he is considered to be guilty of a crime he did not commit. While trying to prove his innocence, Deku and his team have to stop a mad group from killing people with Quirks. Whether they can stop them or not is for you to find while enjoying the adrenaline rush. 

5. Boruto: Naruto the Movie 

Boruto Naruto the movie
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The real power comes from within you, and to understand someone, you have to know about them. 

If you are looking for the best fantasy anime with life lessons and a lot of action, then try this one. The reason is that Masashi Kishimoto, the legend himself, wrote it. Frankly speaking, it is one of the life changing anime and has every check to be on the list of 15 anime movies with life lessons. 

The plot covers Boruto, as he uses illegal means to win a competition and is hell bent to prove his worth by any means. A villain strikes and brings destruction with him. In order to help save his father, he learns what it means to be a Shinobi and how his father became the strongest. The story ends well but teaches you a lot about self-discovery. 

4. A Silent Voice

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Bullying ruins a person’s life. Understanding someone can save their world.

You will find this one as a top rated anime movie of all time with beautiful animation. Yoshitoki Oima has done a marvelous job in creating this masterpiece. Hence, it deserves to be on our list of 15 anime movies with life lessons. All you need to understand is that bullying may seem like a pastime for some, but it can ruin a person’s life in ways you can never imagine. 

The story revolves around a high school boy, Shouya, and a high school girl, Shouko. They become acquaintances in high school after sharing a dark past. Shouya realizes that the deaf Shouko is cut off from life because of his bullying. So, he does his best to change her and amend her mistakes. Still, forgiveness never comes so easily.  

3. Spirited Away

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Never be motivated by your greed.

Hayao Miyazaki’s work is truly commendable in this one. It perfectly fits all categories. Forget about the animation; the characters and the plot simply drive you crazy for their authenticity and deep meaning. It may seem like a childish movie, but once you watch it, you will remember it for the rest of your life. So, it is a must in our list of 15 Anime movies with life lessons. 

The willful and unsophisticated 10-year-old Chihiro is in a pinch when she mistakenly enters the world of spirits. Her parents turn into huge pigs as they follow their greed. Now, it is all on Chihiro to put aside her artless nature to find a way out of this world. A little help from an unknown boy, Haku, seems more than enough for her. 

2. The Boy and the Heron

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Learn to live in the moment and see the beauty of the world around you.

Leave it to Hayao Miyazaki, and he will amaze you in every way possible. This award-winning and one of the best anime movies has all the right to be mentioned among 15 anime movies with life lessons. The story is a bit complex, but it is still famous as one of the best anime movies for kids. 

The plot follows Mahito, who is suffering from the loss of his mother and is desperate to bring her back. While adjusting in his hometown Mahito finds a Heron taking interest in him. Surprisingly, the heron can speak, and it tells him that he can still save his mother from death. Nevertheless, his adventures begin, but he still needs to learn the meaning of life and death to grow. 

1. Princess Mononoke 

10-Princess Mononoke
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Every decision you make affects the ones close to you. 

This anime movie is considered one of the best anime movies of all time and is ranked 69th on MAL. This one is like the cream of the crop among 15 anime movies with life lessons. You will surely be teary-eyed through this journey and still will have a heart of steel by the end of this one. 

The plot focuses on the young Princess Mononoke as she finds herself in a war. She tries her best to protect the spirit forest from the evil worshippers. Prince Ashitaka, a victim and survivor of the same war, extends his helping hand and the duo overcomes what seemed to be impossible. Unfortunately, they make sacrifices to protect what is dear to them. 

Final Notes:

It marks the end of our list of 15 Anime movies with life lessons that are entertaining, thrilling, and full of every element. If you have any other recommendations or life changing anime movies that have left a strong impact on you, then please share them with us. It will be a pleasure to add them to our list. 

If you enjoyed reading the anime movie recommendations above then visit us back for more. 

Which Anime has the most life lessons?

You can not name only one anime for this particular topic. Still, there are some mind-blowing anime series that stand out too much for life lessons and moral values. Below are a few of them;
One Piece
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Your Lie in April
One Punch Man 

Can Anime teach you life lessons?

Are you even kidding me on this? Well, yeah, absolutely; Anime teaches you ethics, moral values, the value of friendship, bonds, understanding others, and whatnot. The lessons you can learn from anime depend on how you perceive them, but they are worthwhile and relate to the real world. In fact, there are some life changing lessons that only anime can teach you. 

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