Unnamed Memory Episode 2 Review

Today’s blog will be all about Unnamed Memory Episode 2 Review. The anime has been keeping its momentum in entertaining anime fans. No doubt, each episode brings something better. For lovers of fantasy romance who also enjoy thrills and action, this is the best anime to binge on.

Unnamed Memory Episode 2 Review & Highlights

Unnamed Memory Episode 2 Review

I like the fact that anime offers a lot more than romance or fantasy. There is action, magic, and a lot more that keep us entertained throughout. The second episode has a number of moments that will impress one. It begins with the Witch of Azure Moon moving around the palace and unintentionally impressing everyone around. Eventually, some doubted her to be Tinasha.

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Tinasha’s Sword-wielding


She enters the training ground and tests her sword abilities with one of the experts. Of course, her being the best was given, but the scene was too good. Unlike cliche FLs, I like how the creators have portrayed her to be feminine YET strong! We don’t get to see the feminine, strong female ladies often, isn’t that right?

She didn’t try to be the center of attention, but she eventually became.

Litola’s Message


The initial minutes of the episode highlighted Tinasha’s strengths. From the middle, the episode became interesting, with Litola warning her about a threat. It was about the Magical Lake of Druza, where a Beast was sealed. One of Druza’s mages was trying to unseal the beast. 

Oscar and Tinasha

The witch decides to leave alone, but I loved how the ML didn’t let her. He orders his team and the group to land at the place to face the threats.


Tinasha could see Oscar’s efforts, which melted her heart, and she realized how lonely she was. For all those years, people who used to be with her eventually left her, but she stayed. This is why she is also afraid to lose precious bonds and to even form them , to begin with. 

Oscar’s Love For Tinasha

Highlights ML and FL

Once again, the brave lady decides to leave alone to fight off the threatening beast once and for all. We found the romance element in Oscar’s immense care for her. He tried his best to stop her, but as Oscar’s protector, she didn’t want to bother him. The hero asked her again to be his wife in front of everyone. 

I absolutely love the perfect balance between fantasy, action, and romance in anime. There are many things to look for in this one.. 

Tinasha vs. Beast


It was a fantastic fight between the two, and she remarkably handled the beast all by herself. We learned a great deal about her powers. After defeating the beast, she returns home injured, worrying Oscar. The chemistry between the two is intriguing, and the episode was full of little moments that added charm to it. 


Unnamed Memory Episode 2 Review

The pacing, the story, the character development, and the animation aesthetics are all worth praising. The episode kept me glued from start to end, and it was a 10/10 for me!

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