Unnamed Memory Episode 1 Review

Before we dive into Unnamed Memory Episode 1 Review, first get a grasp of the story. It’s a romance fantasy anime that will give you butterflies in the stomach. Prince Oscar and Witch Tinasha are the main highlights of the show. 

The handsome prince suffers from a strong curse that prohibits him from having an heir. To lift the curse, he visits the famous and beautiful witch of the Azure Moon, Tinasha. She reveals that he will need someone stronger to bear his child. But where is romance? It begins the instant when the daring man asks the witch to help him have an heir. 

Unnamed Memory Episode 1 Review And Highlight

unnamed Memory Episode 1 review

Usually, romance tropes have a somewhat typical plotline, and it’s sometimes hard to find something spellbinding. That was not the case with this one, as one could feel the seriousness of the plot right from the instant. 

The fact that it includes a bit of everything, from action and magic to romance and comedy, makes it a complete package. From the very first second of the episode, you will find yourself completely glued. The voice selection for Oscar couldn’t get any better; Nakajima Yoshiki has done a wonderful job!

unnamed Memory Episode 1 review

Oscar swiftly and effortlessly cleared all the challenges to reach the top of the tower, which was an exciting watch. The soundtrack and music perfectly enhanced the mysteriousness of the characters, specifically Tinasha. 


unnamed Memory Episode 1 review

The colors, lighting elements, music, and, above all, the pacing were simply worth appreciating. The first half of the episode perfectly builds suspense and curiosity with the mysterious music, dark aesthetics, and challenges the ML faces. 

oscar and Tinasha

Later, it turns out that Tinasha is not an evil witch but has a kind heart and loves helping people even if they fail to reach the top. No one has ever died in the tower. The main character’s first meeting was actually how it had to be. In the perfect moonlight, they had tea, with the ML sharing his reason for meeting her. 


Tinasha figures out that the Witch of Silence’s curse on him is actually a blessing. It only protects the baby, but the protection is so powerful that an average woman can’t bear it. To do her best, she starts finding a perfect match for him, but it is near impossible. So, here comes the best part! Oscar asks her to be his wife.

It was not easy to convince the witch of the Azure Moon, so they made a deal. She would live with him for one year in the Palace, and the episode ends with her leaving with him.


Is Unnamed Memory light novel worth reading?

It solely depends on one’s taste, but if you enjoy romance fantasy, then you’ll love it!

Who is the protagonist in the unnamed memory anime?

Prince Oscar is the male lead.


Overall, the episode was great, and the chemistry between the main leads was beautiful. If you enjoy fantasy romance, then there is a high chance you will continue the anime. It’s 8/10 for me. Let’s see what the next episodes bring to the table. 

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