Top 5 Oshi no ko Characters

top Oshi no ko Characters

Oshi No Ko is undoubtedly one of the top anime series of 2023, which fans appreciate the most, especially for its appealing yet innocent characters. As a result, many of the major Oshi No Ko characters have garnered much attention from fans due to their popular idol-like looks and captivating personalities.

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In today’s list, we will bring you the top 5 Oshi No Ko characters who have succeeded in becoming the series’ all-time favorite characters. So let’s get started!

Top 5 Oshi No Ko Characters (Ranked)

5. Ruby Hoshino

Ruby Hoshino

Let’s start with Ruby Hoshino, one of the most attractive and central characters in Oshi No Ko. Similar to her mother, Ai Hoshino, she is very beautiful and has everything it takes to become a famous idol whom everyone admires.

From the very first Oshi No Ko episode, she grabs everyone’s attention with her tragic backstory and immense determination in her idol career. In her past life as Sarina Tendoji, she had many regrets for not fulfilling her dream due to dying at a young age. As a result, she decides to live her new life without any regrets and is quite serious about her dreams.

4. Akane Kurogawa

Akane Kurogawa

Akane Kurokawa is the only character who seems so real and authentic. She never hesitates to show her raw emotions and flaws. Despite being a shy person in real life, she perfectly plays different bold characters in dating and reality shows.

These skills excellently showcase her great acting style and the effort she puts into her roles. Akane started her acting career as an ordinary actress, but gradually she gained the popularity of a well-known actress. Seeing her immense hard work and authenticity, viewers found her so relatable, making her one of the most popular characters.

3. Aqua Hoshino: Hottest Male Character in Oshi No Ko

Aqua Hoshino

Aqua Hoshino is one of the main characters and the only male character who gains popularity in the series. Even though the series is filled with a bunch of attractive female characters, he succeeded in making his own place in fans’ hearts.

This is because he also has an interesting backstory and an appealing look. Unlike Ruby, he does not enter the Japanese entertainment industry for fame or dreams. He just wants to get revenge on the person who killed him (Gorou Amamiya) and Ai. He did not have any acting skills but is still ruling the acting industry with his analytical mind and witty sense.

2. Ai Hoshino: The Titular Character of Oshi No Ko

oshi no ko: Ai Hoshino

You can estimate her value in the series by the fact that Hoshino Ai is one of the key reasons behind the series’ success. She comes from an abusive family background with no professionalism. But still, she makes her place as the most famous yet favorite idol in the series.

Her character is specially designed as a perfect idol figure to attract idol lovers in our real world to the series. Whether comparing her charming personality, top-notch performance, or any idol activities, she is way ahead of our real-world idol industry.

No matter how much screen time she gets in an Oshi No Ko episode, she is still one of the top Oshi No Ko characters whom fans never forget.

1. Kana Arima

Kana Arima

It’s quite surprising to see how a supporting character like Arima Kana can be in the first position, especially when the series has three main characters. Even though she is not the main character, she has strong connections with them. She had a crush on Aqua, sharing a close friendship with Ruby, and a rivalry with Akane.

Her transition from a popular child actor to a faded star is truly phenomenal and showcases why she is the best-written Oshi No Ko character. She beautifully accepts her failure and is always realistic about her place in the industry. Her complex personality and growth mindset are the biggest reasons behind her immense popularity.

That concludes our list of the top 5 Oshi No Ko characters, and we hope you found it useful and engaging. Stay tuned with us for the latest anime news and upcoming anime adaptations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many episodes are in season 1 of Oshi No Ko?

The first season had a total of 11 episodes that were aired between April and June of 2023. You can watch this best anime on HiDive.

2. When will the 2nd season of Oshi No Ko be coming?

The second anime season of Oshi No Ko is all set to be released in July 2024.

3. Does Oshi No Ko have incest?

The series explores the complex relationships between characters, especially the sibling bond between Aqua and Ruby. Some viewers interpret their relationship as having incestuous themes, but the series does not explicitly endorse or promote incest.

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