Frieren: 10 Strongest Mages

The anime series Sousou no Frieren portrays a world where mages and warriors stand above average humans. The first-class mage exam shows mages as skilled magic users who can defy nature’s laws with powerful spells, as long as they can visualize the desired result.

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While many mages appear in Frieren, they are not equal. Some vastly outshine others in capability.

This article ranks the 10 strongest mages in Frieren from least to most powerful. We’ll discuss each mage’s powers, abilities, and also reasons for their ranking. Note that the series provides no official ranking, so this list reflects our understanding of what the series has shown so far.

10.        Übel

The well known troublemaker Übel is a human mage with strength to back her infamous reputation. Her magic specialties are cleaving spells that slice through objects and opponents, as well as the ability to copy the magic used by others. This combination proves well-suited for killing and destruction.

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Übel’s copying ability is particularly formidable. She needs no deep understanding of the underlying magical principles – she only requires empathy with the original spell’s caster. By tapping into their mindset, Übel can also recreate and wield their magic. This terrifying, yet simple spell allows her to easily and quickly expand her repertoire of spells. An opponent can never anticipate what powers she may mimic next.

Even among powerful mages like Frieren, Übel stands out with her preference for mayhem and her awesome stolen abilities. Her capacity for violence merits her a place on this ranking.

9.        Methode

Rather than specializing, this first-class mage wields a versatile arsenal. Methode skillfully commands various types of magic, allowing her to tackle diverse situations with an array of approaches. Unlike most other mages, her capabilities extend even further with goddess magic that enables healing powers.

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This versatility is Methode’s greatest strength. With no glaring weaknesses, she can adapt to almost any opponent’s tactics. Her upbringing in the Northern Lands, battling devious demons, also created valuable experience. Combining her healing prowess with her hard-earned savvy, few foes can withstand Methode’s multifaceted might.

8.        Denken

Despite his unassuming old appearance, Denken is exceptionally intelligent and undoubtedly one of the series’ most skilled and dangerous mages. His vast experience combines with extreme intellect, making him really strong. This cunning enabled Denken’s highly efficient approach to the First-Class Mage Exam.

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His signature Mystil’zla ability deflects any sensed curse back at the caster. This potent countermeasure renders Denken extraordinarily powerful against curses and also hexes. However, it demands immense mana expenditure, draining his reserves quickly.

Balancing offense and defense, Denken’s brilliance shines through the careful judgment of when to unleash Mystil’zla’s might. His mental prowess raises him above mages relying solely on magical might. Outwitting foes proves just as vital as overpowering them for this cagey master.

7.        Lernen

Throughout her long life, Serie took on many students. One outstanding student was Lernen, the very first mage to attain the first-class rank. As Frieren stated, magical governing bodies evolve, instituting new systems with each era’s change.

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When the class mage system was newly implemented, Lernen became the first, first-class mage. His prowess earned him the right of conducting all subsequent first-class exams from Serie herself to usher in modern mages. Further showcasing his might, Lernen used mana detection to instantly see the instability in Frieren’s mana – a feat unmatched since the Demon King’s reign.

Now old and reserved, Lernen remains really powerful. While golems are his specialty, he has vast versatile expertise across numerous magical disciplines. His decades of experience and mastery over the fundamentals allow him to apply magic creatively and decisively.

6.        Fern

Most potential among the strongest mages

Unassuming in appearance like her mentor Frieren, Fern has immense skill as repeatedly proven throughout the series. As Frieren’s dedicated pupil, she has also absorbed vast knowledge spanning magic’s myriad aspects and has really fast offensive magic.

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Fern showed her magical ability when she single-handedly defeated the demons occupying Graf Granat’s domain. During the First-Class Mage Exam, her abilities far outclassed her official rank, revealing her true potential. Though underestimated, Fern undoubtedly stands among the strongest mages.

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Moreover, her thirst for knowledge drive combined with Frieren’s teachings suggests she has merely begun to tap into her full magical might. Fern’s growth remains an upward path, ensuring her future endangers even the realm’s most dangerous threats.

5.        Schlacht

As the Demon King’s second-in-command, Schlacht commands fear and respect. In demon society, power and also magical might alone determine one’s standing – making his position indisputably formidable. Schlacht’s innate precognition ability allows him to perceive the future and countless potential outcomes.

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This future sight spans up to a millennium, enabling meticulous preparation and strategic maneuvering. Schlacht analyzes every possibility and then acts with chilling precision. According to legend, he and the Hero of the South struck fatal blows upon each other. However, for one who foresees infinite contingencies, the omniscient Schlacht may have anticipated his survival.

Precognitive powers provide an overwhelming advantage over foes who can only react to the present moment. Combined with his elite demon status, Schlacht’s future knowledge also elevates him to the highest echelons of magical threats. Underestimating his transcendent vision could prove disastrous.

4.        Macht

Strongest Demon Mage

Among the Seven Sages of Destruction – the elite demon mages serving under Schlacht – Macht reigns supreme in power. His signature Diagoldze ability transforms any material object into pure gold at will.

Like all demons, Macht is fiercely individualistic. However, he disdains combat not from pacifism, but because battles prove too fleeting and mundane for his immense might. Macht’s overwhelming power could transmute the entire Northern Plateau into gold on a whim, according to Serie herself.

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Such potency demanded Serie personally subdue and seal Macht away. He remained imprisoned until Frieren’s era when his containment inevitably failed against his supreme magical force. Defeating this lone Sage of Destruction required all of Serie’s formidable strength and guile.

3.        Flamme

Legendary even amongst the strongest mages

Even after her death, Flamme commands immense influence and respect – a testament to her strength and also impact. One of Serie’s most exceptional pupils, Flamme, stood among her generation’s strongest and most influential mages.

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Her keen instincts perceived Frieren’s vast potential early on. Though their relationship proved tumultuous at times, Frieren owes her incredible power largely to Flamme’s strict teachings. The elder mage’s fire-focused teachings great magical foundations within her star pupil.

Flamme specialized in all manner of pyrokinetic abilities, aptly earning her incendiary moniker. Her mastery over scorching arcane forces also ranked her indisputably among the three mightiest mages in the entire series. Flamme’s legacy as an immensely powerful fire archon persists long after her passing.

2.        Frieren

Were it not for her master Serie, another elven mage, Frieren would undoubtedly claim the mantle of the strongest mage. The reclusive elf protagonist of the anime spent millennia rigorously honing her skills all in preparation to defeat the Demon King.

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After being discovered and trained by Flamme, Frieren joined the legendary hero’s party that embarked on a decade-long campaign against the demonic scourge where she accomplished numerous heroic deeds. Flamme also instilled in her the crucial tactic of suppressing her immense mana to appear weaker, only unleashing her unrestrained mana output to defeat foes in one strike.

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Over the centuries, Frieren has amassed a collection of spells from different disciplines. This has consequently made her stand among her generation’s strongest and most influential mages. Her versatile, and also tricky magical repertoire elevates her into a league of profound arcane lethality. Only Serie’s tutelage restricted Frieren from realizing her apocalyptic potential as the realm’s most powerful mage.

 1.        Serie

The Strongest Mage in this whole universe

The Great Mage Serie is a living compilation of magical knowledge, likened to a grimoire given flesh. As many attests, scarcely any can hope to challenge her might, let alone defeat it. An elven mage, at least a millennium Frieren’s senior, Serie has spent epochs gathering huge power.

As a warmonger, her fascination lies in mastering destructive spells of apocalyptic scale. This singular obsession, an inability to envision an era of peace, prevented her from ever truly wanting to defeat the Demon King despite assuredly possessing the ability.

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Serie’s skill and arcane mastery are so immense, that her power is thought comparable to a goddess’s. It was she who mentored Flamme, imbuing the fire archon with the foundations to tutor Frieren eventually. An ageless wizard of unrivaled magical supremacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Fern currently in the Frieren series? 

Fern is 18 years old in the events shown in the anime seriesa comprehensive. Despite her young age, she has already showcased incredible magical prowess and potential under Frieren’s teachings.

How was the ranking of mages determined? 

This ranking is not official but is based on what has been shown of each mage’s abilities, experience, accomplishments, and lore within the Frieren story. It aims to document their might through detailed analysis.

Why is Frieren ranked below Serie if she trained for millennia to defeat the Demon King?

While Frieren is incredibly powerful after eons of dedicated training. However, Serie is shown as being on another transcendent level altogether.

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