20 Most Underrated Anime Characters

Hola friends! I hope you missed me ;). I am back to entertain my otaku friends worldwide. This time, the topic is the most underrated anime characters. 

There are many, and it’s totally opinionated and debatable. Some might find a certain character overrated, while others underrated. Let’s see if you and I think alike. Without wasting any more seconds, let’s dig into the world of underrated anime characters.

20. Kusuo Saiki (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K)

Kusuo Saiki most underrated anime characters
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Whenever we talk about comedy and humor, we list thousands of names. Unfortunately, Saiki K is not among the top names, even though it is worth watching. It’s simply because some other anime are more hyped up.

Or because this anime is under-watched! Because those who have watched the anime know its potential and why it should be the best. Saiki’s character develops and changes throughout the series.

He was different when he was a kid and a completely different one when he grew up. There were many changes observed in his personality, which made him entertaining. Saiki is selfless, kind and easygoing.Though people are always there to annoy him.

How he struggles to cope with people is the most fun part of the anime. Certain characters need more praise, and Kusuo Saiki is one of them. 

19. Kotaro (Kotaro Lives Alone)

Kotaro most underrated anime characters
Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, this cute little munchkin is definitely not as famous as he should be. The majority of the Otaku community loves watching shounen, shoujo and adventure. Unfortunately, no one wishes to watch some simple and refreshing stories like Kotaro Lives Alone.

Kotaro’s character is exemplary. Can you imagine a merely 4-year-old kid doing everything all alone? It’s impossible, right? But Kotaro has made it possible. The way he brings smiles to people’s faces on and off the screen is Oscar-winning.

His character is so beautifully written that it gives us the lesson to manage things on our own. He is mature yet childish, cheerful yet sad, and much more. Sadly, only a few know this is an all-ages anime. 

18. Satoru Fujinuma (Erased)

Satoru Fujinuma most underrated anime characters
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Satoru is the main character who goes to the past after her mother’s murder. As a 29-year-old artist, he found himself back in the past when he was a student. The way his character changes from careless to caring is great.

Erased is an overall fantastic anime with a captivating plot. This anime is very unfamous, and so is its character. The mystery, suspense, thrill and almost everything lacks the deserved love. Satoru’s character is simple, but he needs to get the right spotlight. 

17. Hyakkimaru (Dororo)

Hyakkimaru most underrated anime characters
Credit: IMDb

Not only are its characters, but this anime is overall lacks the deserved popularity. This anime deserves praise for its thrilling story, characters, and entertainment. Unfortunately, it is not that popular, and many of you might not have watched the show. 

Hyakkimaru is the anime’s main character, who was born with an amputation. Miraculously, he was able to survive even without essential organs. His cruel father, who was responsible for these conditions, abandoned him.

Hayakkimaru’s journey makes one emotional, and it’s heartwarming to see him getting the missing parts of his body back from the demons. Yes, guys, the kid fought with the demons without body parts.

This is what makes his character unique. However, he didn’t get that popular compared to the other characters. He might not be that good like some top-tier anime characters, but he is neither too low to not be recognized. 

16. Rudeus Greyrat (Mushoku Tensei)

Rudeus Greyrat most underrated anime characters
Credit: IMDb

When the anime doesn’t receive deserved love, you can expect its character to reach the right spotlight. The same is the case with Mushoku Tensei’s Rudeus Greyrat. This anime isn’t rightly rated, despite having a great story, animation, and characters.

Not many of the Otaku like this for its ecchi element. However, many other things make it watch-worthy. Rudeus’s character development is insane, and his sense of humor just multiplies the charm.

Among many new anime characters, very often, we hear about Rudeus, which makes him an underrated character. The way he went from a weak to an overpowered guy is amazing.There is much more to a character than its powers and strength. Character development matters the most, and this guy has it. 

15. Hak

Hak most underrated anime characters
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Many names come to mind whenever we think of romance anime, but this name is hard to hear. Not just Hak, but I believe Yona is underrated. Hak’s character is one of the best protagonists as comfort to other romance heroes.

How he fights, stands alone against the arm of foes, and looks after Yona is heart-winning. His self-sacrificing nature is the reason why he should gain the spotlight. Think of as many good traits you’d like to see in an MC, life partner and friend; trust me, Hak has them all. 

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14. Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight)

Kaname Kuran most underrated anime characters
Credit: MAL

Another underrated character from the romance category. Kaname Kuran is one of the anime’s nicest, kindest, and most loving characters. Unfortunately, Zero steals the spotlight almost all the time.

Despite being the best, he didn’t even get a girl!? Is this justice? Still, if you hear from the viewers, they’ll vote for Zero. Kaname’s character is very deep, and judging him at a glimpse is not easy.

Many mistakes his character and fail to see his inner soft corner. He is underrated because Zero is overrated!!! 

13. Orihime (Bleach)

Orihime most underrated anime characters
Credit: Wiki Fandom

There is always this thing: main female leads in the anime are shown as weak. Even though they are strong, the audience mistakes them as weak, distressed damsels. People think of her as a weak character by proudly ignoring her healing and defensive powers.

Her courage is phenomenal; she is always ready to face dangers alone. Without her healing powers, I bet the characters would have been through a lot. Many times in the manga, we see her standing against some OP villains. (I’m sorry I can’t reveal the name because that would be a spoiler).

Because of her polite personality, one mistakes her for a weak dependable girl, and that’s definitely wrong, my friend. 

12. Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Osamu Dazai most underrated anime characters
Credit: IMDb

He might not be the underrated character from Bungo Start Dogs. Still, he is when we compare it to the other anime characters. Osamu’s character is beautifully and very thoughtfully written.

His character is complex, which is why some people fail to judge him right. If a character has a mix of good and bad traits, they are destined to be the most interesting ones.

Osamu’s intelligence, planning, and ability to see through foes are commendable. He is not just intelligent, but he is a strong character overall. If you ask me, then he is underrated. 

11. Senku (.Dr Stone)

Senku most underrated anime characters
Credit: IMDb

I consider myself among all those who believe Dr Stone is the most underrated series. Guys, seriously, this anime beats every other anime in terms of science fiction and action. If the anime is underrated, it’s expected to see the character being underrated.

Senku is a genius with a logical mind. He has a great memory and craftsmanship. This guy has a lot of potential and believes that science has all the answers one wishes to look for. His character is undeniably the most interesting compared to other science fiction protagonists. 

10. Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)

Shinra Kusakabe
Credit: IMDb

If we compare Fire Force to other top anime from this decade, it’s definitely underrated. Shinra’s character has almost all the quantities that a cliche hero has. This guy is brave, courageous, smart, and a lot more.

He has a great backstory that connects him with the audience. His strength and powers are also admirable. Yet he lacks the popularity that other shounen leads enjoy. Nor just Shinra, but there are several characters in the anime that you’ll find underrated compared to other anime. 

9. Gajeel (Fairy Tail)

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Fairy Tail is one of the most popular anime out there. Gajeel is a fair, kind and interesting character. He is a little underrated, as he deserves more spotlight. His character is very beautifully written, which makes him stand out from the character.

For many, he is a cliche villain turned out to be a hero, but my Lord, Gajeel is much more than that! Just look at his character development, how he found purpose and everything. Unfortunately, other characters dulls his presence like Laxus and Jellal. Am I right, or am I R…? (XD) 

Give a high five if you agree with me! 

8. Asta

Credit: IMDb

Though the manga is one of the most popular shounen manga yet this anime is not as popular as it deserves to be. The same goes for Asta; we almost forget it when discussing the best action heroes.

He is optimistic, cheerful, brave, selfless, and passionate about being the best. Most of his battles are underrated, and I bet Black Clover fans would agree. Asta’s anti-magic and fighting skills are one of the best among the shonen heroes. In comparison to other anime, he lacks the right spotlight and popularity! 

7. Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji Itadori
Credit: IMDb

Well, don’t you guys think that Yuji is a little underrated? Yuji is the protagonist, yet Gojo and Sukuna have stolen the spotlight. Though Gojo and Sukuna deserve the praise, Yuji deserves more.

Had it not been Yuji, Hadn’t Sukuna got a chance to be reborn! In fact, Yuji’s character needs more development because whenever he is in a battle, fans expect Sukuna to take over. This is because Sukuna is more powerful.

Simply compare the popularity polls, and you’ll find Gojo and Sukuna defeating Yuji. It’s unjust for the protagonist to not enjoy his spotlight the way it deserves. 

6. Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit Of Demon King Academy)

Anos Voldigoad
Credit: IMDb

This anime and its characters are definitely underrated. Unfortunately, it lacks popularity as well. Anos is one of the most overpowered anime characters. His destructive powers are worth praising, and he can beat the strongest characters with a snap.

Anos is popular for his immense strength, power and intelligence. He has the potential to give tough competition to many other top shounen heroes. Sadly, this guy is still underrated. 

5. Shu

Credit: IMDb

This is the name that I can bet most of you are not familiar with, and that’s what hurt me the most. Shu is the main character of the anime Blue Dragon. Not only Shu, but the overall anime is very underrated.

If you didn’t watch this anime, this proves it is underrated. Shu has the best shadow powers as he can summon a blue dragon, the most powerful, evil, and legendary. His journey right from the beginning is overwhelming.

Watching him trying hard to tame his powers and going beyond the way for his friends will melt your heart. He is a perfect hero that one wishes to see in the anime, yet only a few of us are familiar with him.

Shu’s character is similar to Naruto’s as well. His relationship with Blue Dragon has been worth praising. The way the duo became friends and stood together through thick and thick was fantastic. There are many reasons to admire Shu, but unfortunately, we can’t list all of them.

4. Konan (Naruto)

Credit: IMDb

Konan is definitely underrated. She deserved more screen time because she had great potential. I mean, just remember her almost killing Tobi, aka Obito. Okay, she gave a pretty hard time to Obito, didn’t she? Still, many forget to mention her when talking about the strongest Naruto girls.

Her strength, vision, passion, and ability to improve are worth praising. Many fans wished to see her against the top kunoichis like Sakura, Tsunade etc. It’s unfair to hear many say Sakura is the strongest kunoichis and completely neglect Konan. She is not even a popular character from Naruto, and isn’t it unfair? 

3. Nel (Bleach)

Credit: Wiki Fandom

This character has my heart. Not mine only, but almost half of the bleach fandom find it hard to resist her charm. From her intro into the anime to the point of the twist unfolding, she has remained the most entertaining character.

She is the perfect example of the line: “One should not judge a book by its cover”. Nel appears to be a child but leaves everyone shocked when she transforms into her original Espada form.

She was one of the most powerful Espada and was a former 3. Had she not been attacked by Nnoitora Gilga, hadn’t she lost her position as an Espada. Her head was badly damaged, and she was turned into a child.

Despite waiting a long time, she returned to her full form with a bang. Nel is extremely powerful and can give tough times to many good powerful characters. However, she is absolutely underrated.

This girl is capable of much more than we can expect. She just needs time and practice, and why not? Almost every character train themselves to evolve. 

2. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

Credit: IMDb

We wish to see several characters in a new anime where they are the only main characters. I know many of you wish for the same. Though Vegeta is popular and people still know his potential, Goku always dulls him. 

Well, Goku deserves the praise, but look at Vegeta’s struggles and hardships to be the best. He has the potential to be a main character, and he is, but still, you and I know he can’t get the position Goku has.

His character development, powers, and how he went from a negative character to a hero are fantastic about him. 

1. Kaguya (Naruto)

Credit: Wiki Fandom

How can we forget this lady? Whenever we think of the top and strongest Naruto villains, Madara is the first name we have in our minds. Why? People completely forget the mastermind behind all the disasters.

Yes, we are talking about Kaguya Otsutsuki. We still haven’t seen the ultimate best of Kaguya, and she is hella overpowered. It took the ultimate best of Naruto and Sasuke to stop this lady.

Killing Kaguya was impossible, that’s why they had to seal her. Even in terms of popularity, many characters have defeated this lady.  Indeed, she is one of the most underrated anime characters.


Who is the most evil anime character?

Many consider Light Yagami, Johan Liebert, and Majin Buu the evilest anime characters.

What are the most popular anime?

The Big Three, i.e. Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, are the most popular anime.


Ta-da! We are done with the list of the most underrated anime characters. The list was completely opinionated, and you may have a contradictory opinion. It will be fun if you share your views about who is more underrated in your opinion. I’ll wait for your response!

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