Over 1 Billion Yen Earned By 2nd Free! The Final Stroke Film

Free! the final stroke returned again after a half year in Japan. The two-part films were re-released for joint screening on January 27.

Over 1 Billion Yen Earned By 2nd Free! The Final Stroke Film
Source: @iwatobi_sc

The second part of Free! the final stroke film has successfully earned over a billion yen (about US$7.67 million) and sold about 650,000 tickets.

Do note that the second part of Free! The Final Strike premiered back in April 2022. Through 11 weeks of screening, the film earned over 910 million yen (about US$6.98 million) and sold about 125,000 tickets.

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Meanwhile, the first part of the film was released way back in September 2021 in Japan. It successfully sat at #3 at the Japanese box office after the premiere. In total, the first film earned about 5.4 million yen (about US$4.7 million) as of October 2021.

The last screening in January may be the last time Free! Hit the theater altogether. But, there is a shred of good news about this series. The franchise decided to hold a 10th-anniversary event on August 12-13 at Saitama Super Arena.

What might it entail? God knows. Considering the success, is it too much to ask for the continuation of the series?

Free! The Final Stroke Story

Free! Free! the final stroke is set in Iwatobi, Japan, that based on Iwami, Tottori. The story is revolved around high school student Haruka Nanase, a gifted swimmer. After meeting with his childhood rival, Rin Matsuoka from Samezuka Academy, he and his friends are planning to revitalize Iwatobi High School’s swim team.

After so many events passed, the final movie is set when Haruka attends Hidaka University. Haruka and his friends make the Japan National Swim Team and compete at the global level in qualifying events.

The second film follows Haruka, who is lost against the champion Albert. He seems to lose his way and asks questions about the meaning of swimming to himself.

The entire plot explains his journey of discovering where his passion really lies. Will he enjoy swimming again? It’s time to watch the movie!

Does the re-release movie in January 2023 alone earn One Billion Yen?

No, it is the accumulation of the second part of the movie in the 2022 release and 2023 re-release. It means that Free! the second movie in January earn 90 million yen.

Will it be the last project of Free! franchise?

Though this is supposed to be the final movie, Free! will hold on the 10th-anniversary event on August 23. Let’s wait for the news!

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