30 Best Anime Villains Of All Time

Hola weebs, your friend is back again to entertain you, and this time, the topic is very interesting. As per your guesses and demands, this is about the best anime villains of all time. We agree that heroes have charm, but when it comes to anime villains, nothing can replace that, right? 

Anime villains make sure to instill thrills inside the bones of the viewers by just their presence. Yes, I’ll mention those villains that will push you toward the edge of your seats. So, my friends, grab your favorite drink, and prepare yourself to enter the world of Anime Villains! Woohoo! Here we goooo! 

30. Isabella (The Promised Neverland)

Isabella best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

The worst kind of villain is the one who disguises himself as one of the kindest and purest. Isabella is just the same. Being the orphanage’s caretaker, she was like a mother to all the children. Unfortunately, she is no less than a monster disguised as a human. 

She was helping the monsters in their heinous plan of capturing and eating the orphans. The worst part was that she was extremely selfish and didn’t place others before herself, no matter how much they loved her. 

However, she was not the same person right from the beginning. There was a time when she was kind, optimistic, and cheerful. Isabella can do anything to achieve her motives. She knows how to manipulate others and remove them from her ways. All thanks to her smartness, she survived under the rule of monsters.

29. Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon)

Queen Beryl best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

Anyone who wishes to rule the world can’t be a good person until or unless he is a hero. Queen Beryl has some evil motives to rule and revive another queen named Metalia (ruler of the dark kingdom). 

Like some cliche evil ladies, she gets jealous easily, which later turns into hatred and much more. Sometimes a person just needs a spark to turn into evil. Queen Beryl is one such lady whose evil side became clearer when she failed in her love life.

She is a perfect villain in the sailor Moon anime and has played a significant role in entangling the audience. 

28. Zagred (Black Clover)

Zagred best anime villains of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

What do you expect from a devil? Zagred is exactly per your expectations when you think of the word devil. He is a typical devil full of evil, hatred, cruelty, ego, and pride. For him, humans are lowly ranked beings and nothing much. 

He finds pleasure in seeing them hurt or injured. He is selfish, mean, arrogant, and full of himself. Think of anything you can expect from a villain, and there you go! Zagred has all of them. 

27. Undertaker (Black Butler)

Undertaker best anime villains of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

If weird or eccentric were a person, then he would have been Undertaker. It would not be wrong to call him the strangest grim reaper of the anime world. He simply amuses to scare others and likes laughing. 

There are hardly any activities that one doesn’t find strange about him. He spends most of his time around corpses and loves researching their body parts. Many are entertained by him, and he sure makes the screen time worthwhile. 

He is a unique character in almost all aspects, from appearance to actions. One can’t expect anything from him.

26. Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Greed best anime vllains of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

You heard that right! GREED, like the name suggests, is very much greedy. He is super greedy for almost everything that the world has to offer. Greed doesn’t like to hear a “No” because he wants what he wants. 

As he is greedy, you can expect him to be possessive of his belongings. Throughout the anime, he is shown to be an evil negative character; however, he later realizes that he is greedy for friendship. He is not an ordinary human but a Homunculus full of strength and immense powers. 

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25. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

Yuno Gasai best anime villains of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

High Alert! Don’t fall for the cuteness of this girl. She gives the best lesson of not being judgemental. Apparently, you’ll find her one of the sweetest and most timid girls, but in reality, she is a psycho.

To top it off, she is a yandere, doubling her character’s negatives. For Yuno, killing someone is no big deal. Imagine a possessive psychopath!! Dang, that would be crazy, right? Like many characters on this list, she has a terrible past that makes her the way she is. Her mother’s behavior towards her played a major role in turning her to a psychopath. 

24. Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

Esdeath best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

She lives by the philosophy that the world is for the strong. Esdeath has both good traits and bad traits. She is brutal and merciless with her foes and enjoys watching them in pain. However, she is kind to her allies, which helps her gain their respect and loyalty. 

Esdeath is very strong and expects the same from others, especially her foes. Strong and powerful opponents excite her, while weak ones don’t. Unlike other negative characters, she is a little kind. She cares and values her allies and doesn’t want to burden them. 

But then again, as she is a villain, you can not expect any good from her. She is kind only when it doesn’t affect her in any way. Once her allies are a hurdle, then she won’t hesitate to remove them from her way.

23. Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

Meruem best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

This guy is full of ego, mercilessness, and cruelty. No wonder because that’s what we expect from villains! Meruem is a man who doesn’t like repeating his words; he will say them once and for all. 

He is no less than a monster who feeds on people. However, what makes his character interesting is the change in his personality after meeting a girl. The girl makes him question his worldview! Thanks to the girl, a guy like Meruem starts respecting humans. 

Watching an evil character having a change of heart and adopting good traits is always overwhelming. Undoubtedly, his character is beautifully written, and his fandom is justified. 

22. Momoshiki Otsutsuki (Boruto)

Momoshiki best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

There is nothing uncommon in him, and he is a very cliche villain full of pride and ego. He considers himself a superior being. Momoshiki has almost all the traits to frustrate people on or off screens. 

It would not be wrong to call him lazy because instead of using his powers, he absorbs others. This is one of the most annoying parts of his abilities. Like one guess from his looks, he is rude. The way he schemes is worth admiring. 

No matter what, he gave a hard time to Naruto, which is an achievement and which is also why he is the best anime villain of all time. Keep in mind that he has the chakra-absorbing ability; otherwise, standing against Naruto is challenging. 

21. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

How many of you remember the joker of the anime world? Yes, guys, he is Hisoka. Please don’t be fooled by his looks!!! This man seeks pleasure in other’s pain. He loves to see the opponents in pain screaming.

The words sociopath and psychopath define him the best. The opponents are like a toy to him; he will use them till he finds pleasure. Hisoka will create situations for the opponents to reach their full potential only to enjoy the battle and then finish them mercilessly.

The best villain is the one who can easily make the viewers frustrated and angry, and Hisoka is an expert in doing that. 

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20. Garou (One Punch Man)

Garou best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

Many things turn one into an antagonist, and so is the case with Garou. He might not have been a villain if he had a good past and childhood. People treated him brutally when he was a child, which played a significant role in making him a villain.

He hates heroes and popular guys because he is always treated like a villain. Many people consider him an evil character, but he is not pure evil. He has softness left in him, which can be seen in some of his fights. Garou is a guy who doesn’t mind losing because he considers it fuel for his growth.

19. Lelouch (Code Geass)

Lelouch best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

He is an anti-hero full of good and bad traits. Lelouch deviates from the standards of a hero because of his bad traits, which makes him a villain. This guy is smart, manipulative, and can be cruel. He will easily sacrifice his allies if he needs to. In his battles,he proves to be very cruel and emotionless.

Another annoying thing about this character is he is very selfish. He prioritizes himself over others. For him killing and murdering people is common. Lelouch is famous for many reasons, including looks, intelligence, and unique traits that make him stand out from cliche protagonists.

18. Gilgamesh (Fate Series)

Gilgamesh best anime villains of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

This man has a next-level aura. Despite being a negative character, he never fails to attract viewers with his charm, presence, and personality. He knows how to manipulate people in his favor. For him, the world revolves around him only. 

Expecting him to think about others would be foolish. Yes, for Gilgamesh, the only person that matters is himself. Well, what can one expect from a guy who doesn’t even believe in the superiority of Gods? 

The main reason why people find this character entertaining is because of the changes in his personality. After drinking a potion, he changes completely as a person. In fact, become the exact opposite of the egoistic Gilgamesh. 

There are two shades of Gilgamesh, all of whom fans admire. One is a good Gilgamesh, and the other is an evil full of ego version of him. 

17. Zeldris (Seven Deadly Sins)

Zeldris best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

Mere words won’t be enough to describe the aura of this man. Just like his brother Meliodas, he is worthy of praise. Even though he is a negative character, he always entertains the audience. Fans admire him for his confidence, powers, and strength. 

He is not pure evil and has a good side as well. This is also why the Otaku fandom adores him. His fights are worth watching, and he gives a tough time to the seven deadly sins. Zeldris is skilled in almost everything; he knows how to lead and command. 

The SDS author has done a great job introducing him to anime. A few characters play a huge role in making the show popular. We can say Zeldris is one of them. 

16. Johan Liebert (Monster)

Johan Liebert best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

This guy is a genius because he knows how to plan things in his favor. Apparently, he is pure, good, and ideal, but it’s just a disguise. He does this to manipulate others to use them as pawns. 

At first glance, one fails to judge him as a negative character, which makes him intriguing. Johan is a perfect psycho killer and has made countless kills. He is one of the most iconic anime villains of all time. His perspectives are dangerous and threatening. For him, people’s lives are valueless. 

15. All for one (My Hero Academia)

All for one best anime villains of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

All For One is one of the most popular characters from MHA. He is extremely selfish and thinks highly of himself, He can’t tolerate anyone not obeying his orders, and it hurts his ego. He is more like a god and believes that humans should follow him the way he wants them to. 

Like I said earlier, everyone is influenced by his surroundings and life experiences, so is he. All For One has been highly influenced by the demon Lord comic he used to read in his childhood. If only he had read some good books, he wouldn’t be on the list of many bad books! 

Being the top-tier villain, you can expect him to be overpowered. For him killing his opponents is no big deal. For multiple reasons, he is considered one of the best anime villains of all time. His character is very intriguing, and fans effortlessly get curious about him.

14. Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Sukuna best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

The most handsome villain from the popular anime of this decade! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sukuna! Not only people but even monsters fear him. The title of the king of curses suits him the best. Yuji Itadori is his vessel.

He mistakenly ate Sukuna’s cursed fingers and turned out to be his vessel that only one in a billion could be. And He is cool, calm, immoral, and cold in nature. He is the kind of character who would not care about his host, which could affect him later. 

Sukuna is strong-willed; once he decides something, it’s impossible to stop him. It doesn’t seem like it, but he beautifully praises the opponents if they are worthy of his time. Sukuna is overpowered, and he has proven it many times. He has reserves of cursed energies inside him, proving that he is the most OP-cursed spirit of all time! 

13. Tomura Shigaraki (My Hero Academia)

Tomura Shigaraki Best Anime Villains Of All time
Credit: IMDb

Okay, fellas, this guy is the major antagonist and the best anime villain of all time. Unlike typical antagonists, he is not a simple character. He is a twisted guy with many bad traits that make him an evil character. 

As one can easily guess from his looks, he is cruel, brutal, and doesn’t care about others. He wants things to be done the way he wants them to. Murdering people, manipulating them, and going beyond the limits to achieve the goal is his thing. 

It doesn’t seem like it, but he respects those he wants to. For example, he has immense respect for All For One. This is because he was the only one who found him lost and guided him (on the wrong path). To talk about his powers, he is extremely overpowered and gives quite a tough time to everyone.

12. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

Muzan Kibutsuji best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

Demon Slayer has been one of the most popular anime of this decade. Almost all of its characters are famous. Muzan Kibutsuji is the main villain who makes sure to entertain the viewers with his personality and attitude. 

He is cold, smart, manipulative, brutal, and selfish. Muzan is feared by demons, and one can’t dare to anger him. This guy won’t think twice about sending people to hell. He is full of ego and wants the world to work on his orders. 

We all are familiar with the tragic loss of Tanjiro Kamado and how he lost his loved ones. Well, this is all because of this man! Like cliche villains, he is cruel to his subordinates and never hesitates to kill them, irrespective of their loyalty. 

11. Doflamingo (One Piece)

Doflamingo best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

One Piece characters are famous for their powers, strength, and personalities. The same goes for Doflamingo. Think of anything you would like to see in a negative character, and you’ll find it in Doflamingo. 

He is full of ego, pride, arrogance, and whatnot! Doflamingo can be considered dangerous, and one can’t dare to mingle with him. There is absolutely nothing he fears; in fact, everyone fears him.

This is because he knows what he can do and is fully confident in himself. Doflamingo knows how to get things on his side. He lacks one thing, though! Having confidence is great, but underestimating others is a mistake. This is his weakness! 

10. Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Dio Brando best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

He needs no Introduction as he is one of the most popular characters of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Calling him a psychopath won’t be wrong; therefore, you can expect unpredictability from him.

For him, only one thing matters the most: POWER! Since he craves power, you can expect him to be overpowered, which HE IS! Dio is so greedy for power that he can do anything for it, doesn’t matter about crossing the limits.

This also makes him a selfish character who has no concern for anyone except for himself. All of his traits justify his being added to this list of best anime villains of all time. 

9. Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

Anime villains who are geniuses have a next-level charm. It’s nearly impossible for the Death Note fans to not debate about his character. This is because many consider him righteous and many a villain.

Anti-heroes have always been confusing, so is the character of Light. He believes in his own perceptions and has a different view of seeing things. He is absolutely talented, skilled, and hardworking and knows how to make things in his favor.

Though he is just and wants to create a world free of evil, his acts are not right, which makes him a villain. Watching him plan against opponents smartly is always worth watching.

Killing, manipulating, and molding the situations by hook or crook has never been difficult for Light. He rules a huge fandom for multiple reasons, mainly because of his mix of good and bad traits. 

8. Cell (Dragon Ball)

Cell best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

I am sure we are all familiar with this name. Cell is one of the most popular villains from the Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball fans know how problematic he was to deal with and the hard time he gave to the team of heroes.

Cell’s character has been unpredictable because each transformation brings a new version of him. There are multiple shades of his character, and one can’t say he is kind or rash; they vary according to his transformations.

Since his composition contains the DNA of Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo, one can expect something insanely out of him. That’s also why the heroes found it hard to beat him. Cell was completely aware of their weaknesses and strengths, which he perfectly used against them.

He is a complete package because he is calm yet rash, impulsive yet patient, and polite yet arrogant. Think of any trait, and you’ll find it in him. Though he will show the traits depending upon his transformations. 

7. Pain (Naruto)

Pain best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

No words can do justice to his character. He is one of the most popular characters from Naruto. Like his name suggests, he has suffered a lot of pain and suffering. The social thing about him is that, unlike other villains, he always wanted peace.

He didn’t want people to go through what he had been through. Therefore, for him destruction and ending the world was the only solution to avoid conflicts and suffering. He was one of the most sensitive and loyal guys who could do anything for his loved ones.

Pain, aka the sage of six paths, was so powerful that he gave eight-tailed Naruto a hard time. He almost destroyed Konoha and killed prominent characters with a single snap. Luckily, Naruto’s talk-no-jutsu proved handy, and he returned everything to normal (XD). Calling his powers GOD-LEVEL is justified! 

6. Frieza (Dragon Ball)

Frieza best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

He leaves behind the cruelest of characters. Hell yeah! Frieza is cold, brutal, and extremely cruel. This guy is famous for being the evilest character of all time. Nothing matters to him; he doesn’t consider anything or anyone worthy apart from himself.

Even the loyalist allies are at a disadvantage for being in his team because Frieza doesn’t value them. His powers are massive, and only Dragon Ball fans know how hard it was for the team of heroes to fight him.

Like typical villains, he is overconfident, which is his biggest flaw. You and I know that one can underestimate anyone but not Goku because he will level up no matter what! XD

5. Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

Eren Yeager best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

Eren Yeager is a name that even non-anime fans know. Anti-hero characters have always been ambiguous, so is the case with him. He was once very simple, kind, and caring. Unfortunately, life bombarded him with brutal scenarios which made him diverge from his path.

As a hero, he was the strongest, and as a villain, he was the most overpowered character. Like other anti-heroes, he has good and bad traits. Eren’s character intrigues the audience for countless reasons, including character development, change in personality, power system, etc. Calling him evil would not be right because all he is doing is right if one looks from his point of view. 

4. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto)

Kaguya Otsutsuki best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

This lady has scared people on screens and off-screen with only her presence. They say that every evil person has reasons, and the same goes for Kaguya. She was once very kind, but BOOM, she turned into the most dangerous lady.

Her personality and aura will give you goosebumps. She wanted everyone to submit to her will. Her motive was to rule everything and everyone as she wanted. Kaguya is extremely powerful, and it took the ultimate best forms of Naruto and Sasuke to seal her.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right; killing her wasn’t possible; therefore, they had to seal her. She is unpredictable, manipulative, and proud! 

3. Aizen Sosuke (Bleach)

Aizen Sosuke Best anime villains of all time
Credit: IMDb

Another villain from one of the big threes. Bleach is popular for many reasons, including handsome and potent characters, music, story, and power system. All of its characters are loved globally.

Aizen Sousuke’s character has been suspicious right from his entry. Well, only a few fans knew that! That’s because he has always been so patient, cool, calm, and casual that no one can doubt his character.

He was disguising himself perfectly to avoid any suspicions. In reality, Aizen is a dangerous man who will do whatever he wants no matter what it takes.  For him, killing is just a thing, and he never hesitates to eradicate a person his way.

Well, that’s how villains are, right? He is extremely powerful, and defeating him was not easy for Ichigo. Bleach fans are very well aware of what he is capable of and how he gave a tough time to the heroes. 

Characters like him, who appear very kind and calm but are dangerously opposite to their appearance, are scary! He very smoothly gives a lesson to not judge anyone by their looks! 

2. Yhwach (Bleach)

Yhwach best anime villains of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Oh, fellas! This guy is a threat!!! Overpowered is a word that can’t justify him; he is far more supreme. For Yhwach, destruction is a matter of a snap. Mercilessness defines him, and he doesn’t hesitate to slay his opponents even once.

Trust me bro, just his presence will give you chills. He dreams of killing the fear of death and trust me this man can do that. Ain’t it enough to describe his aura of him? Unlike other villains, he hates conflicts, which is why he is ready to do anything to stop them.

He absolutely doesn’t care about his allies. If he’s done with them, he’s DONE! For him, anyone is only important when he is benefiting him, and once he doesn’t need the person, BOOM, he will end things! 

1. Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

Madara Uchiha best anime villains of al time
Credit: IMDb

What to say about this legend? Not only Madara but Naruto’s each and every villain rules millions of hearts. The villains of this anime can’t be called pure evil because almost all of them entered to promote peace. 

Though their perspective of bringing peace was different! Madara is undoubtedly the best anime villain of all time. No matter how often you have read the manga or watched the anime, you’ll always feel chills during his screen time. 

There are very few characters that have the potential to influence the audiences, and he is the master in this. 

Madara is strong willed, super powerful, intelligent, and manipulative. One can’t stop him from achieving his motives; it’s not that easy! Madara has been a great mastermind behind all the conflicts and stories. 

He is a guy who loves fighting, and his fights are Oscar-winning. Madara’s character is beautifully written, and there won’t be any character capable of replacing him ever. He was, is, and always will be the best anime villain. You can mark my words! 


u003cstrongu003eWho is the bad anime villain?u003c/strongu003e

Dio and All For One are considered the worst anime villains.

u003cstrongu003eWho is the most brutal villain?u003c/strongu003e

Yhwach is considered the most brutal anime villain.


Finally! We are done with the list of best anime villains of all time. Trust me or not, I enjoyed listing them. Almost all of them are my favorite in terms of negative characters. I would love to know your favorite anime villain so we can discuss them! 

Waiting for your views in the comments below! 🙂

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