10 Most Popular Anime Boys Of 2022

The year 2022 was filled with some amazing anime series and along came the most popular anime boys of 2022. We did see some familiar faces and some new ones as well, all with unique personalities and character traits.

And while there are way too many characters to choose from, I’ve decided to pick the most popular anime character based on the data from popular anime websites and social popularity.

So, let’s go over the list of the most popular anime boys of 2022 that will steal your heart. Undoubtedly, all of them are fan favorites!

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1. Gojo Wakana

Gojo Top 10 anime Boys Of 2022

There are many characters from popular manga but characters in anime just hit different. There is no denying that Gojo is an amazing character, and one of the beloved characters. He’s the only one on this list everyone genuinely loved and adored.

He’s a social outcast but that’s because he would much rather spend his time creating Hina dolls instead of going out.

Gojo was fascinated by the Hina dolls since he was a kid, he grew up loving those dolls and later decided to help his grandpa run the shop.

Gojo isn’t an exceptionally smart or efficient kid, he’s a normal guy who breaks down under pressure but doesn’t give up if someone relies on him.

It was satisfying to see him pursue his passion for creating clothes and find someone who loves him for who he is.

2. Eren Yeager Anime Boy

Eren Top 10 anime Boys Of 2022

Eren Yeager is the single most influential protagonist of the year 2022. AOT is the favorite anime of millions thanks to him. His character development far exceeds any other character in this list.

After learning the truth about the world outside, he took it upon himself to find a solution that would ensure the safety of his friends.

His actions throughout this year have been unpredictable, to say the least, he’s gone from being someone who followed orders to someone who commands the entire continent.

He understands there will always be people who oppose the Eldians and will try to harm them no matter what, so the only way to protect those who are important to him is to decimate the opposing world. Eren Yeager is one from few unforgettable characters in anime history.

3. Loid Forger

Loid spy x family

Loid is the iconic male lead from the most loved comedy anime series of all time, we did know about his spy work and how he does everything for Anya only to make her happy.

But this season was a little different, his focus this time was on maintaining the image of his family and it was nice of him to reward Anya with a pet dog for her Stella star.

It was also fun to see him communicate with the handler about Anya, it was as if he was boasting about the achievements of his little girl.

The most important thing to him is obviously maintaining the peace of the world but it is nice to see him take time away from his work and spend it with his family.

4. Miyuki Shirogane

Miyuki Top 10 anime Boys Of 2022

Shirogane and Kaguya will always be trying to make each other confess their feeling, but this season was different.

Miyuki Shirogane finally takes the lead and decides to confess his feeling to her on the night of the dance before he leaves to study abroad.

We also learn about his decision to finally join the student council. He was initially skeptical of the student council and didn’t think they were good for anything. That is until he saw Kaguya jumping in dirty water to protect a student.

It was Kaguya that changed his mind about the student council, and perhaps that was the reason he decided to join the student council.

5. Yu Ishigami

Yu Ishigami Top 10 anime Boys Of 2022

Yu Ishigami is probably the most liked character on this list. The latest sequel of Love is War explored his past and we finally get to see why is such a social outcast.

He was initially a good student and that is why he excels at keeping track of the school’s money. Not much different from others but the incident changed his look on life.

When he found out the girl he liked was in love with someone else, he was fine with it. But when he found out the guy was only toying with her.

Ishigami snapped and caused a scene. Ultimately getting himself suspended for a couple of days but he decided not to go back until Miyuki talked to him and invite him to join the student council.

6. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

Kiyotaka classroom of the elite

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is the mastermind that can outsmart every character in this list. Thus, he is a very fun character who intrigues us effortlessly. He doesn’t show his true self unless he needs to. He prefers to watch things as they unfold and not interfere.

His initial goal was to help everyone in class D to reach class A. But he soon stopped trying and only played his role as a quiet observer.

So far we haven’t seen the full extent of Ayakoji’s ability. But seeing his fight with Ryuen and his goons, it’s easy to assume he doesn’t only excel in his studies but he’s also good at hand-to-hand combat.

He understands human psychology way too well and knows how to convince others to do his work.

7. Kou Yamori

Kou Top 10 anime Boys Of 2022

I am all ready to die for this handsome anime boy. His favorite thing is to stay up late in the night and go outside. And I can heavily relate to that. The night is beautiful and somewhat magical.

He was initially a grade-A student in his school. But he after he rejected a girl who confessed her love, he never felt like he belonged there. Why? because he couldn’t understand the feeling of liking someone.

He soon begins skipping school and spending most of his time outside, in either a park or just wandering the streets.

He comes across an enthusiastic girl named Nanakusa Nazuna and that’s where his seemingly boring life takes a turn.

8. David Martinez Anime Boy

David Top 10 anime Boys Of 2022

People will always remember David Martinez as the single protagonist who took the internet by storm. His progress in becoming a true Edgerunner was amazing to watch.

The most inspiring thing about his character is that he never gave up despite whatever happened. His most amazing quality is his stubbornness.

After continually losing the people he cared about. He stepped up and carried on their legacy because he wanted to prove to himself that he was better.

But most of all, David is someone who cared about his friends. He would do anything to protect them, and it broke him every time he lost someone.

9. Ainz Ooal Gown

Aniz Gown anime character

Watching Ainz progress from being a confused gamer is impressive. There was a time when he found the game challenging and then he became a ruthless king who doesn’t care for anyone but his kingdom. All of this is satisfying to witness.

Although he was initially quite arrogant with his powers and considered him to be the strongest being in the entire game world.

This was changed after Shalltear was mind-controlled. He began strategizing before making any moves so he doesn’t lose any of his guardians.

And say what you will, I very much prefer the calm, collected, and reserved Ainz who considers every outcome before making any concrete moves.

However, despite his ruthless exterior, he’s still a human at heart. He believes in giving people chances and respects those who don’t back down from a fight.

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10. Denji Anime Boy

Denji  Chainsaw man

When it comes to anime boys, we can’t forget Denji! He is the anime protagonist that we can all relate to, he isn’t someone with big ideals. He’s a simpleton and his goals are something we can all understand.

He lived his early life in the worst way possible. His father died and left behind a huge debt for him to pay and he had to do whatever it took to survive.

And during all that, all he ever wanted was a piece of bread with some jam on it. He also didn’t want to die a virgin which isn’t a big deal.

Not to mention, calling him underhanded won’t be wrong. He doesn’t care for honor, and he does whatever it takes to win, and always aims for the balls.

I hope you liked my list of the most popular anime boys of the year. If you feel like I missed your favorite character. Let me know in the comments and I might redo the list.

FAQs about Anime Boys

Who is the cutest anime guy?

There are many and the answer to the question is subjective. However, Killua, Gon, Tanjiro, and Gojo are famous as cutest anime guys.

Who is the kindest anime boy?

There are many but Tanjiro is famous as the kindest anime boy.

Who is the most attractive in anime?

Gojo, Eren, and Levi are famous as the most attractive anime characters.


Anime fans love to discuss anime stories, and their favorite characters from famous manga and anime. Anime boys have a separate fanbase. Thanks to Japanese creators for raising our standards high and opening our mind enough to accept differences.  For similar anime updates, stay connected.

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