30 Best Slice Of Life Anime

Greetings, my otaku friends; your wait is over as I am back again to entertain my friends. Today, I’ll discuss the best slice-of-life anime on your popular demands. The world of anime is diverse, and people admire its diversity. 

Usually, the genres of shounen, shoujo, and adventures rule the hearts of billions of otaku. However, a slice of life also rules a huge fandom and among them are the ones reading this blog, right?

Don’t fret; just sit back, chillax, grab your favorite meal and start reading the list of the best slice-of-life anime series. Here we go!!!

30. Gakuen Babysitters

Gakuen Babysitters best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

All jobs are challenging, but nothing can replace the level of jobs that one hates to do. Ryuuichi’s life is challenging after the death of his parents. He now must do babysitting in order to be independent. Life bombarded him with multiple responsibilities, and the most important was to look after his toddler brother. 

To support himself financially, he offered a job babysitting. Having no other way around it, Ryuuichi accepts the job. Only his brother was enough to handle, but now he has to deal with multiple children together, all of whom are experts in making his duty hard.

29. K On Keikaku

K On Keikaku best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

Do you remember the feeling when the school holidays were about to end? I bet we all had wished for the vacations to be extended for at least a week. K On Keikaku highlights similar experiences in the lives of school girls. 

This anime will easily make you nostalgic by making you remember your sweet and sour childhood memories. Can anyone say no to cherishing their good memories? No, right? That’s why this anime rules million hearts! The MCs find the school holidays ending and plan an adventure. 

However, life had plans for them that turned into unwanted adventures. I hope you’ll enjoy the school theme of this anime with a decent plot line. 

28. Nekopara

Nekopara best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

Anime cat girls have a different fanbase, and if you have an eye for them, you’ll love watching Nekopara. The anime follows the daily lives of two siblings (Shigure and Kashou) and six cat girls. The siblings keep themselves busy. 

Three cat girls accompany Kashou in his baking job while the others help Shigure with house chores. The anime highlights their day-to-day work and how they deal with multiple things with unity. Meanwhile, they all have a big heart that they will quickly adopt a new kitten found stranded on the streets. 

Things like looking after each other and helping others keep them entangled. This doesn’t have a complex plot; therefore, the ones who are okay with watching anime to pass the time can consider this one. 

27. Manaria Friends 

Manaria Friends best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

Manaria Friends is a complete package for all those who enjoy watching fantasy, magic, and slice of life. The anime is set in a world where humans, demons, and gods are at constant war. They can’t tolerate each other even for a second.

However, one place where all three of them are found together is the Mysteria Academy. The academy teaches magic to all of them without any sort of discrimination. The anime’s main characters are two girls named Anne and Grea, both princesses. 

They are not ordinary princesses and are different from each other in every aspect. Watching their uniqueness will definitely entertain you! The girls are so good to each other that one wishes for similar people. They fill each other’s emptiness by helping each other in need. Though the anime lacks a good plot, it teaches multiple lessons to its viewers. 

26. Super Club

Super Club best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

This is all about a high school girl and her journeys full of adventures where she befriends many like her. Koguma is our main character, living a lonely life due to a lack of friends. Koguma is an adventurous girl who wants to buy a bike to start her adventures. 

Unfortunately, her heart breaks after seeing the high prices. Whenever we are on the verge of losing hope, that’s when we are blessed with the best. That’s what happened with Koguma! The universe created a way for her to have a bike. 

She starts her adventures on the bike, where she makes many friends and fulfills the wishes she once thought were impossible. Those who like adventure and slice-of-life anime should try watching this beautiful anime. 

25. Flying Witch

Flying Witch best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

The anime follows the journey of Makoto, who wishes to become a successful witch. However, being a witch demands many struggles and ambition. According to the traditions, after turning 15, Makoto left her loved ones to learn witchcraft. 

She is accompanied by her familiar cat and a friend, Chito. The group travels from one place to another, hoping for knowledge and learning. Each day brings something new for them to experience, and it’s very amusing to see her journey of mastering witchcraft. 

The anime’s supernatural element combines exceptionally well with its slice-of-life genre. I am sure you’ll remember this as the best slice-of-life anime.

24. Love Live School Idol Project

Love Live School Idol Project best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

Second-year student Honoka is on a mission to save her school from shutting down. The school is in crisis, and the number of students enrolling is decreasing daily. She makes the school popular by creating an idol group along with her friends.

Problems arise when the student council president wishes to stop Honoka from creating an idol group. However, where there is a will, there’s a way, so Honoko doesn’t let anyone bother her. She finds another way of saving her school. If you want to know if she’ll be successful, then start watching right now!

23. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

This anime is all about a kawaii cat and her daily life! The family adores Chi more than anything, and it’s proved by the fact that they are keeping it against their apartment rules. 

The anime has 104 episodes but don’t fret; each is merely 3 minutes long. Each episode beautifully follows Chi’s adventures in her sweet home. The story is a simple and straightforward cut that follows the mini adventures of Chi. 

Besides, it’s best for the ones who keep pets. You will learn many things about pets and how to keep them. Cat lovers should not miss watching this masterpiece full of lessons!

22. Minami Ke

Minami Ke best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

The anime revolves around the daily lives of three sisters who are exactly opposite to each other. The eldest is airheaded, the middle is lively, and the third is sharp. All of them have some troubles that keep them busy all day. 

One has issues regarding her love life, and the other has issues regarding her professional life. The story is simple yet refreshing. Their characters and personalities add charm to the story, which is the primary reason the anime is entertaining. 

It is all about three sisters’ ordinary day-to-day life adventures and how they handle them with their knowledge. Besides, if you want a slice-of-life anime with comedy, don’t miss watching this one. You’ll roll on the floor laughing at this beautiful anime. 

21. Hanamaru Youchien

Hanamaru Youchien best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

The anime follows the lives of three kindergarten students, Anzu, Hiragi, and Koume. Anzu has feelings for her teacher, and she struggles hard to win his heart. However, the teacher had feelings for his colleague. 

Anzu and her friends constantly plan to make the teacher fall in love with Anzu. She asks the teacher to wait for her to grow up, making her cute and adorable. This is about the daily struggles of the three cute munchkins who will do anything but not give up without completing their goals. 

A comedy and childcare theme makes the anime full of fun and entertainment. I am sure you’ll enjoy watching Hanamaru Youchien for its adorable characters. 

20. Bartender

Bartender best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

This is a sweet and simple story of a bartender named Ryuu that wins hearts by making delicious combinations of cocktails. People are fans of his cocktails and love to go there. The bartender is the house for the customers who come here to escape their troubled lives. 

Ryuu knows how to console visitors with a perfect cocktail. Who refuses a refreshing and soothing therapy that helps them relieve their stress? Therefore, everyone liked the bar, especially its great bartender! Each episode highlights different customers and their different stories. 

It’s amusing to see the bartender eradicating all the unhappiness people are feeling, and he makes sure to satisfy his customers. Another good thing about this anime is that all its characters make the story realistic, which makes their stories relatable to many. This is one of the best slice-of-life anime for everyone who loves listening to stories. 

19. Shounen Maid

Shounen Maid best slice of life anime
Credit: Amazon

This is a heart-touching story of an elementary school student named Komiya. His life flips upside down after the death of his mother, leaving him all alone in the dark world. He had no place or family to stay with, and that’s when the universe blessed him. 

He found his long-lost uncle, who took Komiya to his house. Komiya’s life changed dramatically because his uncle’s house was not an ordinary house but a mansion. The story progresses following Komiya’s experiences in the new place. 

Komiya couldn’t withstand dirt and dust; therefore, he cleaned the mansion thoroughly! He starts working there as a maid and gets a handsome salary. In the new place, he meets many characters who significantly make his life beautiful. 

18. Nyanko Days

Nyanko Days best slice of life anime
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the most famous slice-of-life anime full of cute and sweet characters. Yuuko Konagai is our main character, a timid girl and an introvert. Her social awkwardness is the reason she is lonely and lacks friends.

However, she is blessed with some fantastic cat girls that have filled her gaps of friends. Nyanko Days highlights how the cats have played an essential role in making Yuuko’s life pleasant and worth living.

It’s the best recommendation for all those who wish to feel relaxed after a tiresome day at work. The cuteness and sweetness of Neko girls will fade away all your worries and stress. It’s highly recommended to the admirers of kawaii content. Many people watch it not for the plot but for relaxation, as it works faster than any medication! 

17. Daily Lives Of High School Boys 

Daily Lives Of High School Boys
Credit: IMDb

Many moments are special in one’s life, but nothing can replace the period of school life! This anime highlights the lives of three high schoolers, Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni. The characters of this anime are its soul and life. I can bet you’ll lose if you challenge yourself not to laugh while watching them together.

The anime is filled with gag humor that will give you waves of laughter. Their lives are filled with love experiences, games and whatnot. The anime is about boys and their stuff, making it commendable. 

We all want something that can refresh our memories and make us nostalgic, and this anime does the same. The way the author has made ordinary lives appear charming and fun is mind-blowing. This is extremely hilarious, and that’s why people can’t wait to rewatch this. 

16. Gatsu No Lion

Gatsu No Lion
Credit: IMDb

Rei Kiriyama is a 17-year-old boy who moves to an apartment after getting fed up with his adoptive family. He is different than other high schoolers and is more responsible. After moving to his apartment, he meets the three sisters.  

Akari is the oldest among all the siblings and has a soft heart. After seeing Rei living alone, she tries to make him feel less lonely by taking care of his appetite and stuff. Not just Akari but all the sisters make him feel like family. 

Rei lacked a place in the family, which he found after meeting the three sisters. It’s a great anime that teaches the lesson of hospitality and love, and I hope you will be entertained. 

15. Nichijou

Credit: IMDb

This anime follows the daily lives of three high school friends, Yuko, Mio, and Mai, along with their robot and cat. Nichijou has beautifully shown the simplest things in life and how they play a part in making life entertaining. 

In this one, we see the girls going to school, spending time with friends, getting troubled by a crow and whatnot. The way the girls live their lives and interact with others is worth watching! 

In a world full of modernity, Nichijou brings a lighthearted and old-school approach to anime. 

There is no complex plot, so don’t look for a plot; enjoy the simplest things. The humor and slice of life are portrayed in the best way possible. 

14. Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe
Credit: IMDb

Shirokuma Cafe is owned by a Polar Bear named Shirokuma. You’ll find humans and animals all together chilling in his cafe after a tough day. Our cute polar bear loves serving its visitors with love and friendliness. It is very refreshing to watch the simplest of things charmingly. 

His chemistry with a panda and a penguin just lights up everything. It’s incredibly hilarious to see the penguin being sarcastic. How anime follows their daily tasks, including karaoke, outdoor camping and love lives, will steal your hearts. 

It’s a perfect slice-of-life anime filled with laughter and entertainment. The one who admires cute animals will definitely wish to rewatch the anime. There is a lot to learn from it, and the number one thing we learn is to treat animals with care and love! 

13. Usagi Drop 

Usagi Drop
Credit: IMDb

It revolves around two characters, Rin and Daikichi. Daikichi is a 30-year-old man whose life takes a 180-degree turn after his grandpa’s death. He is surprised to see a little girl named Rin, who is no other than grandpa’s illegitimate daughter. 

The society refused to accept her, and due to society’s fear, no relative agreed to look after the girl. All thanks to Daikichi, who agrees to be the Guardian of Rin. The anime beautifully highlights the bond between the two, which takes time to reach the best level of understanding and friendship. Their relationship is unique and worth adoring. I hope you’ll love watching Usagi Drop! 

12. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Credit: IMDb

The anime follows the adventure of Haruhi Suzumiya, a girl who is bored of ordinary people and wishes to find supernatural beings. Contrary to her is Kyon, who doesn’t believe in aliens. However, a series of events leads Kyon to join Haruhi’s club.

The club has three more members that are special in their own way. On the order of Haruhi, the group sets out on adventures to find unusual activities and people. Don’t be quick to judge anything, as it is full of twists and turns. Haruhi herself is a girl full of mysteries!

11. Tamako Market

Tamako Market
Credit: IMDb

Is there anything better than an anime that offers much more than expectations within just 12 episodes? The ones looking for the best anime to binge-watch can consider watching Tamako Market to enjoy a slice of life. 

Tamako is our main character whose family runs a business baking mochis. Not only people but even birds are fans of their delicious mochi, including a talking bird. The bird traveled from place to place in search of a perfect bride for his country’s prince. 

After meeting Tamako, he developed a liking for her. The delicious mochi played a massive part in winning his heart. This is a beautiful story that highlights the simple things in  day to day life of people affiliated with Tamako Market

Meanwhile, the plot focuses on building suspense about whether Tamako will be the princess or marry her friend. It’s for everyone who likes watching simple, refreshing, sweet stories.

10. Clannad Series

Clannad Series
Credit: IMDb

This is considered a perfect love story and a slice of life. The anime revolves around an easy-going and carefree guy Tomoya. He has a different perspective to see things; nothing is important to him. Well, everything changes when he meets the female protagonist, Nagisa.

The plot progresses with a series of events that bring the two close to each other and become friends. Tomoya finds a purpose in his life by spending time with Nagisa. He helps her fulfill her dreams and wishes, which makes him change his perspective of seeing things. 

However, if you don’t like watching heartbreaking and sad stories, then this one might not be a good choice for you to watch. Clannad is full of emotions and will instantly grab your attention! 

9. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden
Credit: IMDb

This is the heart-touching story of Violet, a girl who is so simple, innocent and naive that she fails to understand human emotions. It’s not her fault because she has been treated as a tool. Her encounter with Gilbert changed her life. 

He fell in love with her but unfortunately, Violet couldn’t understand the meaning behind the three words “I Love You.” Post-war, she starts working at a post office where she helps people write their emotions. 

This job helps bring her closer to understanding the meaning behind those three magical words. It’s the best anime if you want to get emotional while watching a slice of life. If you like love stories, then this is a must-watch anime! 

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8. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket
Credit: IMDb

Fruits Basket revolves around a 16-year-old girl named Tooru, who is shelterless. To avoid troubling her friends, she secretly stays in the jungle. However, her secret is disclosed to the Sohma Family, who bring her to their house to stay. 

There she finds herself entangled between Kyo Sohma and Shigure Sohma, the two cousins. Besides, the Sohma family is full of secrets, and Tooru happens to find them. The Sohma family can’t allow the opposite gender to touch them as the touch can transform them into the animals of the Chinese zodiac. 

It’s a curse that has made their lives no less than hell. However, Tooru decides to help the Sohma family in every way possible. Things become even great when Kyo and Tooru start developing feelings for each other. 

7. Wolf Children

Wolf Children

This is the story of Hana, who falls in love with her classmate. Her classmate wasn’t an ordinary guy but a werewolf. Despite knowing his true identity, she married him and gave birth to two kids. Everything was going safe and sound before the sudden death of her husband. 

Now Hana is left alone to look after her werewolf kids, all alone in the dark world. She constantly worried about society and what would happen if they found the true identities of her kids. For the safety of her kids, she decided to move to the countryside. 

Wolf Children highlights the struggles of a single mother and how she finds ways to survive for the sake of her children. 

6. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K
Credit: IMDb

The story’s center is Saiki, a man blessed with psychic powers. However, for Saiki, his powers are nothing less than a curse because they have disturbed his peace of mind. No matter how much he tries, he can’t live a hassle-free life. 

To top it off, several characters try their best to make his life difficult. All of them are crazy in their own way, and Saiki fails to find a way to deal with them. It’s all about Saiki and how he deals with daily life problems. 

The anime is full of comedy, and it’s so good that one fails to resist laughter. This is one of the best anime for the ones who want to watch comedy, supernatural and a slice of life. 

5. Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Natsume's Book Of Friends
Credit: IMDb

It sounds great to be different, but it is far tougher to experience. Natsume’s life has always been a little hard from the rest because of his power to see unique creatures. Eventually, he was living all alone, isolated from the people.

Well, we all know that things don’t remain the same throughout. Therefore, Natsume’s life changes after encountering a spirit named Madara. Apparently, Madara was just an ordinary and adorable cat. 

With time, their bond strengthens, which is a great thing to witness. Madara finds that Natsume beholds a unique book called Natsume’s book of friends that has the ability to call Youkai, whom Natsume’s grandmother had once defeated. 

This book attracts Youkai, and to protect the book from the greedy and scheming Youkai, the duo makes deals with each other. Madara will play his part as a bodyguard to Natsume and, in return, he will hand over the book to him.

This is a must-watch anime; the good thing is it’s a short anime! So plan to binge-watch it this weekend!

4. Hyouka

Credit: IMDb

The combination of a slice of life with mystery is another best thing to watch when it comes to anime. The anime revolves around the life of Houtarou Oreki, known for being a sluggard who will do anything but not waste energy on talking or doing something. 

This guy believes in conserving energy which makes him hilarious yet annoying. One day, things turn a little disturbing for him when his sister gives him a task to save a memberless classic club from disbandment. 

One thing leads to the other, and the anime becomes entertaining with the entry of Chitanda, a cheerful girl. The anime comes up with multiple day-to-day mysteries that will force you to watch it till the end. This is undoubtedly one of the best slice-of-life anime.

3. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Credit: IMDb

Kobayashi’s life dramatically turns when she finds a dragon transforming into a cute little maid. The dragon introduces herself as Tooru. Tooru had no place to survive. Therefore, Miss Kobayashi offered her to stay at her home, and in return, Tooru will help her as a maid. 

You’ll be excited about the dragon’s way of helping Kobayashi, which creates more problems. However, this is what makes the anime worth watching and full of fun. To top it off, because of Tooru, many other creatures also follow her steps and enter Kobayashi’s place making things more troublesome for her. 

The chemistry between Miss and the dragon maid will bring you tearful laughter, so don’t hesitate to thank me later for recommending this excellent slice-of-life anime. XD

2. Spy x Family

Spy x Family
Credit: IMDb

This anime is one of the most popular anime of this decade and is loved for its fantastic plot. The anime is full of comedy and action with a touch of a slice of life. The story revolves around Loid Forger, who is a top-tier spy.  

He is not interested in making his family, but his mission forces him to have a family. To fulfill the demands of the mission, he creates a fake family and adopts a six-year-old girl named Anya and marries a woman named Yor Briar. Unbeknownst to him, his wife and daughter aren’t ordinary. 

Anya has the power to read minds, while Yor is an assassin. All the members hide their secrets, but Anya is the only one who knows. The anime brings waves of laughter with commendable action sequences that spellbind the viewers effortlessly. 

1. Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro Lives Alone
credit: IMDb

This anime should win an Oscar, and I am not lying. You’ll realize the worth of this anime after watching its last episode. Though it’s a simple anime without complexities, it engages the viewers. 

It’s nearly impossible to watch it without experiencing mixed feelings. Watching this 4-year-old munchkin managing his day-to-day task alone is heartwarming and overwhelming at the same time. 

Despite being young, Kotaro is mature and knows how to manage things independently. The way he befriends his neighbors, does house chores, goes to school, and cooks food has my heart and you guys get ready to lose your hearts as well! 

Kotaro Lives Alone highlights a kid’s daily life hiding from his cruel father. This is a worth-watching masterpiece that one should watch at least once. Guess what? It only has 10 episodes, and it’s readily available on Netflix, making it one of the best anime on Netflix. So it’s time to BINGE WATCH!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best anime genre?

It varies from person to person as everyone has different preferences and likings. However, Shounen and Shoujo are considered the best anime genres.

What is slice of life called in Japan?

The Slice of life genre in Japan is called Iyashikei.


Okay, my great friend, this was all for the best slice-of-life anime. I have tried to recommend the best anime in the slice-of-life category. Well, I have high hopes that you will love watching, if not all, then at least one among them. I will wait for your response! Have a good day! Bye!

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