30 Best Comedy Anime To Watch

best comedy anime

Well, it’s easily one of the funniest anime. Comedy is a genre that entertains viewers throughout the show. No matter the type of genre it is combined with, it always adds to the fun. The demand for comedy and humor is always up; therefore, we see the majority of anime filled with humor. 

On your popular demands, I have come up with a list of the best comedy anime that will make you laugh a little louder. I will recommend many romantic and fantasy comedies, so rest assured you will have a variety of anime to watch!  So stay with me till the end to find a suitable anime for yourself. Here we start! 

30. School Rumble

best comedy anime School Rumble
Credit: IMDb

This is another high school-themed romance comedy that highlights high schoolers’ problems in their love life. Tenma is a beautiful girl whose life revolves around the troubles of confessing her feelings to her crush. On the other hand, we have Kenji, a popular delinquent who faces a similar problem. 

The story progresses, and they learn that school romance sounds sweet, but it’s a hard take. Kenji and Tenma learn so much from their experiences. Each time Kenji tries to confess his love to Tenma, something happens, and he gets in trouble. The story starts getting complex when Kenji encounters different people. 

29. Golden Time

best comedy anime Golden Time
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the best drama anime filled with comedy. In this anime, we follow an amnesiac boy named Banri Tada. He doesn’t remember much about his past, so he decides to move on. He befriends new people and joins a new school. Banri soon realizes that his life is not as simple as it seems. 

He realizes that he is free to make mistakes and learn from them. His encounter with different people makes the story more interesting. He meets his best friends and a girl whom he promised to marry. Each incident is hilarious, and fans can do nothing but laugh. 

28. Ouran High School Host Club

best comedy anime Ouran High School Host Club
Credit: IMDb

Haruhi is a cute nerd who intrigues everyone with her boy-like appearance. It’s impossible to tell in the first meeting that she is a girl therefore, getting mistaken for a boy is somewhat normal for her. One day, her monotonous life changes when she mistakenly breaks a valuable. 

To pay the cost, a group of handsome boys from the host club offers her to work for the club. Having no other option, she accepts the offer and joins the host club famous among girls. There is a twist! Tamaki, the host club’s leader, doesn’t realize that Haruhi is a girl! The anime follows their hilarious love chemistry which is absolutely worth watching. 

27. Teasing Master Takagi

best comedy anime Teasing Master Takagi
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of two friends, Nishikita and Takagi. We all dream of having a friend who understands us without feeling the need to express anything, right? My friends, sometimes having such friends is nothing less than a curse. 

Takagi knows Nishikita so well that she never leaves a chance to embarrass him. She loves teasing with him because she knows how he will react to things. The anime follows their daily life banter and hilarious moments. Last but not the least, don’t you guys underestimate Nishikita; he is looking for a perfect moment to take revenge on Takagi and make her embarrassed the same way she does. 

26. Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions

best comedy anime Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions
Credit: IMDb

I bet many of us dream of being someone different, blessed with powers or special than others in different aspects, right? Living in a world of such imaginations is termed Chunibyo, and it’s considered no less than a disease. 

Often these situations make the people targets of embarrassing situations. The same used to be the case with our main character Yuuta. He used to suffer from Chunibyo, which often made him embarrassed. He joins a new school to forget the past and take a fresh start. However, life doesn’t want him to forget his past experiences as he encounters a girl named Rika, who suffers from the same disease. His high school journey begins with a series of embarrassing and hilarious events that entertains the viewers through and through. 

25. No Game, No Life

best comedy anime No Game, No Life
Credit: IMDb

The ones who enjoy watching fantasy comedy should not miss this one. It follows the journey of two siblings who were obsessed with games. They were so good that almost every gamer knew the duo. However, one day they get isekaid to a different world when they respond to a text. 

The God (Tet ) of a world named Disboard sent the message, and the duo was summoned. Disboard was no less than a game world where decisions were made based on games. Tet tells the siblings the rules to survive in this new world. 

Each day proved adventurous for leads as they continued to explore the new world and its secrets. The first thing they do is vow to help a girl named Stephanie in regaining her father’s stone. The story improves with each passing episode, so I hope you’ll be entertained effortlessly. Thanks, me later, for suggesting this masterpiece! 

24. Kaguya Sama Love Is War

best comedy anime Kaguya Sama Love Is War
Credit: IMDb

Everything is fair in love and war, right? Kaguya and Miyuki are the main leads, and we follow their hilarious love story. The duo is popular in their school; everyone ships them as a couple. However, they are so filled with the ego that they can’t withstand bowing to purpose first. 

There is no doubt that they love each other, but the problem is their self love. The anime follows their tantrums and plans to make each other confess first. Watching them both dying to confess yet preferring their ego is fun. Each episode has something that makes the audience wait for the next one. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed watching the anime. 

23. Konosuba

best comedy anime Konosuba
Credit: IMDb

Beware! This anime will make you roll on the floor laughing, so you must put your seat belts on! (XD) Kazuma Satou is the main lead who dies an untimely death and finds himself in a limbo where a goddess offers him two choices. Instead of entering heaven, Satou chooses to start his life in a fantasy world. 

The goddess tasks him to stop the demon king to protect humanity. Since Satou was an ordinary human being, he was given a choice to ask for anything helpful to him. Instead of demanding weapons or superpowers, The boy wishes to bring the goddess herself (XD). Isn’t he an absolute genius? 

Unfortunately, he is unlucky. The goddess was compelling but useless, and everything Satou had to do was on his own. The anime won me right from the first episode, and I expect the same from you. 

22. The Devil Is A Part Timer

best comedy anime The Devil Is A Part Timer
Credit: IMDb

The title sounds impressive, isn’t it? The anime is more impressive than it sounds. The anime follows a world where people fear the Demon Lord. Like any cliche evil entity, he wished to rule the world. Therefore, he started wreaking havoc with the help of his demon army. A war broke down between him and the hero of the world, and he was forced to leave the world. He opened his eyes on Earth, where everything about him was changed from appearance to powers; he had nothing the same. 

Earth was believed to be an anti-magic world, and now the demon Lord was nothing without his powers. He was no more than an ordinary person who required money to survive. Therefore a series of hilarious events began when the demon Lord realized his worth. 

He started looking for a job, and after a lot of struggles, he finally got a job as a part-timer. The story gets better when he encounters the hero from his world who was following him only to kill him. Oh’oh! 

P. S you can not afford to miss watching anime! 

21. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (TenSura)

best comedy anime That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime
Credit: IMDb

Isekai anime had never been that popular before the entry of TenSura in the anime world. It simply doubled the demand for the isekai genre in the Otaku fandom. The anime revolves around a middle-aged man Satoru who was pretty content with his monotonous life. 

After an unnatural death, he finds himself as a slime in a completely different world. The story follows his journey of exploring his new self and the new world. He soon learned what he was capable of and what he was not. 

After helping a dragon named Veldora, things changed for him. Veldora returned the favor by blessing him with Divine protection. From that moment onwards, Satoru started his journey with a completely new identity as he named Rimuru! People adore this anime because it provides them fun and entertainment. Each episode is filled with something exciting, so don’t worry any further and start watching it! 

20. Kotaro Lives Alone

best comedy anime Kotaro Lives Alone
Credit: IMDb

It’s a short beautiful anime that highlights the tough life of a four-year-old. The anime presented a unique concept, and the viewers could do nothing except praise it. Kotaro is the main character who does everything on his own. Despite being a kid, he manages to live alone, doing all the duties an average man does. 

He rents his own apartment, does the house chores, and manages school as well. The first episode shows him shifting to a new apartment where he gifts his neighbors tissue boxes as a token of friendship. There are no such twists and turns in the story, as it only follows the daily life activities of the boy. 

Trust me or not, Kotaro will melt your heart, and you’ll want to bring him out of the screen. There is suspense, though, which is why he lives alone! So make sure to watch it! It’s undoubtedly the best comedy anime on this list. 

19. Maid Sama

best comedy anime Maid Sama
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Let me introduce another best comedy anime! It’s everyone’s favorite Maid Sama. Those who love watching romantic comedies will rewatch this anime repeatedly. Misaki is a hard-working, responsible girl who works hard to make ends meet. She is studying on a scholarship in a once-all-boys school. 

The girl is responsible for keeping the discipline of the school and is extremely strict with the boys. Misaki is hiding that she works as a part-time maid to avoid getting in trouble since scholarship students aren’t allowed to work. The twists begin when a handsome boy Usui from the school finds her secret. 

Usui starts coming to the restaurant to tease her as he enjoys teasing her. On the other hand, Misaki can’t let him reveal her secret. Not knowing what to do, Misaki agrees to whatever Usui demands. Their cute banter and chemistry will make your heart pound. It’s one of the sweetest romantic comedies out there! 

18. Kamisama Kiss

best comedy anime Kamisama Kiss
Credit: IMDb

It’s another great rom-com following the life of a girl named Nanami. Her life was filled with troubles, all thanks to her indebted father, who abandoned her. Having no place to live, she was mourning her life sitting on the streets when she saw a dog chasing the man. 

After helping the man, she tells him about her troublesome life. The man decided to return the favor by giving her shelter. Little did the girl know that the man was a God. When Nanami reaches the place, she learns that the place is a shrine filled with supernatural spirits. 

To top it off, she is now the substitute God who must look after the shrine and listen to the prayers of people. There she meets a fox familiar, Tomoe, who refuses to serve her. Nanami needs the support of a familiar; therefore, the first thing she does is find a way to make Tomoe her familiar. The anime follows a series of comedic incidents where one finds it hard to control laughter, so have fun! 

17. Little Witch Academia

best comedy anime Little Witch Academia
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of a girl named Akko who aspires to be a witch following the footprints of her idol witch. She is so obsessed with being a witch that the lack of a magical background couldn’t stop her. She joins a magical academy to fulfill her dreams, where many challenges await her. 

The anime is all about her journey and the odds she faces on her way. The way Akko overcomes the problems and fights the odds is worth praising. The anime is all about Akko’s adventure filled with fantasy and comedy! 

16. Haven’t You Heard, I Am Sakamoto

best comedy anime Haven't You Heard, I Am Sakamoto
Credit: IMDb

The anime revolves around a handsome cool boy named Sakamoto. The story is about his daily life and how he manages to deal with challenges and maintain his reputation as a genius. Due to his demeanor, everyone likes him. 

Watching girls fangirling over him makes the other boys jealous, and they constantly plan to bring him down. No matter the situation, this guy always finds a way to overcome that. The anime is a pure comedy filmed with gag humor. It’s for everyone who is looking to find a solid comedy anime! 

15. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

best comedy anime The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the best comedy anime that follows the life of a man blessed with supernatural abilities. Not every time a person with supernatural powers considers himself lucky; Saiki is one such man. Thanks to his psychic powers, he wanted a simple and hassle-free life. 

Thanks to his powers that made living peacefully impossible. The anime highlights his troublesome life and how certain characters leave no chance to make his life a little tougher. The episode duration is very short, as it is just 5 minutes long. So make sure to watch it to lift your mood!

14. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord
Credit: IMDb

This is a story of Sakamoto, a gamer who has only one thing to do: play games. For him, nothing matters more than the virtual world. In the world of MMORPG, gamers are very well aware of the powers of a character named Diablo. 

He is the most overpowered one. Diabolo is Sakamoto’s virtual identity. A summoning spell flips his life upside down, and he gets summoned into the virtual game world as Diabolo. The two girls were behind the summoning ritual.

They wanted something that only Diabolo could do for them; therefore, they cast an enslavement spell on him. Unfortunately, the spell doesn’t work correctly; instead, they become Diabolo’s slaves. Now they are like stickers to him and follow him everywhere he goes. Diabolo starts his journey in the new world, where he looks for different ways to undo their enslavement spell. 

13. Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Himouto! Umaru-Chan
Credit: IMDb

The anime follows the daily life adventures of a girl named Umaru and her brother Taihei. Umaru is apparently a perfect high schooler who has good looks, the best grades, and much more. However, she is not what she seems to be, as she is a completely different person at home. 

As soon as she enters home, she transforms into a chubby cute girl who loves eating and playing video games. She doesn’t care about anything else, which is why all the household responsibilities fall on Taihei! It’s the best comedy anime recommendation for all those who want to watch a refreshing, unique, and simple story. 

12. Isekai Quartet

Isekai Quartet
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the best comedy anime that entertains the Otaku with their favorite characters. I bet you must have imagined seeing your favorite anime characters in the same anime, right? Well, thanks to Isekai Quartet, that entertains the Otaku with their favorite character. We follow Tanya Deurechaff, Kazuma Satou, Rem and Ram, and much more in this anime. The story begins when they all get transported into a different world where they study in the same school. Now they must be friends with others to live a normal life. Isn’t it amazing? 

11. One Punch Man

One Punch Man
Credit: IMDb

Some characters are designed in a way specifically to make the audience laugh. Saitama is just one such character. People judge Saitama on his looks and then get surprised when he rocks. The fact that Saitama’s single punch makes him rock is very hilarious. 

Saitama worked harder to be the strongest, which was not easy. Unlike typical heroes, Saitama achieved the title of a hero by giving his all. The story is very much similar to other shounen anime where the MC protects the world from different evil characters. 

So the same goes for this guy. Saitama waits for a stronger opponent that can give him a tough time. Because defeating everyone easily has become something boring for him. All thanks to One Sensei for introducing this caped baldy to the fans!

10. Mob Psycho 

Mob Psycho
Credit: IMDb

Mob Psycho is another great masterpiece created by One Sensei and Yusuke Sensei. After receiving much praise from OPM, they created Mob Psycho. This is also why we find Mob relatable to Saitama in some ways. The story follows Mob, whose life has been tougher than ever because of his overpowered psychic abilities. 

He is always trying to keep his powers in check, but it gets difficult for him each time.Though he doesn’t like using his powers much, he uses them to impress his crush. He joins a fake psychic named Arataka in his mission to exorcize spirits. 

Each episode brings something new, and with time we see Mob growing. However, day by day, it’s getting even harder for the boy to suppress his powers. The anime has a decent balance of action comedy and supernatural. 

9. Beelzebub

Credit: IMDb

This is the story of a handsome high schooler named Oga. Oga enjoys the reputation of a fighter, and everyone fears getting on his bad list. One day, he saves a drowning man that changes his ordinary life completely. Apparently, he saved a man, but it turned out to be a baby. 

To top it off, the baby wasn’t an ordinary one but the son of a demon lord. Soon he meets Hildegard, the baby’s maid and his adventures begin. Now they must look after the boy while overcoming the challenges that come their way. The anime makes sure to entertain the audience. Besides, Studio Pierrot has done a great job in animation, so rest assured and start watching! 

8. I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level

I've Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level
Credit: IMDb

It’s a comedy fantasy anime that highlights the life of Azusa Aizawa. She lives in a world where killing monsters earned them points, and the easiest monsters to kill are the slimes. Though killing slimes doesn’t earn many points, Azusa has been killing them for over 300 years. 

The girl continues to live a peaceful life killing slimes until she realizes that she has reached a maximum level. Despite trying to hide her position, people started finding out about her. After learning about her level, people began reaching out to her. Some wanted a duel, while others wanted her help. This is how she made multiple friends and rivals!

7. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
Credit: IMDb

The anime follows a boy named Hachiman with a very different worldview. He doesn’t care about others at all and hates getting involved with them. The more he hated it, the more life made him get involved. As a punishment, he was forced to be a part of the Volunteer Service Club, where he must solve the student’s problems.

In the club, he meets a girl named Yukino. Now the duo must set aside everything else and prioritize their task to help anyone who demands a helping hand. The anime is filled with humor, romance a lot more! 

6. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom
Credit: IMDb

All such anime that introduce characters that connect well with the audience get popular effortlessly. The same goes for this beautiful anime that has made the viewers experience a ride full of emotions. This anime will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

The anime revolves around the students of class 3-E who don’t enjoy a good reputation. They were living quite a hopeless life until they were tasked to assassinate a monster who vowed to destroy the world. To top it off, the monster is their class teacher, Koro Sensei. 

Koro Sensei proves himself as a perfect teacher who teaches his students to excel in their academic life and assassination skills. Now would the students be able to stop Koro-sensei from destroying their world? Besides, why is Koro-sensei doing all this? To find out, start watching Assassination Classroom. Not gonna lie, you must watch it as it’s a popular anime series

5. Uncle From Another World

Uncle From Another World
Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the most hilarious anime I have recently binge-watched. Each episode is full of comedic moments. The anime is 13 episodes long, but it’s worth watching. This is the story of Takafumi’s uncle Ojisan who spent 17 years in a coma. After the long wait of 17 years, he opens his eyes and starts speaking in a different language. 

Ojisan surprised everyone by claiming that he lived 17 years of his life in a magical world. Of course, no one believes him till he shows them his magical abilities.

Meanwhile, Takafumi shares everything on the YouTube channel and continues to increase their followers by sharing their unordinary life. The part that makes it hilarious is that the uncle is far behind the technological advancements. Now Takafumi must make his uncle well acquainted with the new advancements made in his absence. Trust me, this nephew-uncle duo will make you roll on the floor laughing. 

4. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Naoto and a first-year student, Nagatoro. Naoto was living a peaceful life before meeting Nagatoro in the library. He was working on his manga when the girl read the story and decided to tease him. It’s all about Nagatoro teasing Naoto, calling him a senpai. 

Watching her tease senpai will only make you laugh. The story progresses, and we see Naoto developing feelings for Nagatoro. Their chemistry is worth adoring as it is unlike a cliche romance. The story doesn’t involve major twists and turns, so watch it if you want something refreshing! 

3. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka
Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the most fun to watch anime on the list that entertains the viewers with drama and comedy. It follows the life of a perverted and delinquent man named Onizuka, who has only one dream: to be the best teacher. The fun part is he only wants to be a teacher to have a beautiful teenage wife.

Finally, he gets near his goal after getting a job at a school. He gets to teach the 3-4 class. The class is infamous for its activities as they don’t let anyone teach them. However, Onizuka knows how to make his place in the school and teach the students valuable lessons. 

No matter what, it’s not easy to make Onizuka quit school, and the kids realize it soon. Watching a war between Onizuka and the students will push you to the edge of your seats. It is indeed the best comedy anime! 

2. Gintama 

Credit: IMDb

Gintama is famous for its comedy, and it’s a fan-favorite show! The anime follows the life of an eccentric man named Gintoki. He is carefree and loves spending his money on useless things even though he needs to pay the rent. 

Wielding a sword is forbidden, yet this man wanders carrying swords from place to place. Despite being careless, he cares deeply for the people and their protection. Therefore one usually finds him on a mission to help them solve their troubles. Each episode brings something new for the viewers, and the anime story is mostly episodic.

1. Spy X Family

Spy X Family
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the most likable and funny anime. It broke all the previous records for anime series and many popular shows on Netflix. It follows the journey of a spy named Twilight, aka Loid, who can do anything to complete his missions. This time he was necessary to create a fake family. 

Loid would have never married if it was not for the demands of his mission. The story begins when he adopts a girl named Anya and marries a woman named Yor. Despite being a spy, he was completely unaware of them, which made the show interesting. 

His fake wife was an assassin, and his daughter had supernatural abilities. Yes, Anya was the only one who knew everything, all thanks to her mind-reading abilities. It’s impossible not to laugh watching them live as a family. The way they face the odds and deal with things is Oscar-winning! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What anime has the most comedy?

Well, it really depends upon the type of person one is and what his taste is. Generally, Otaku considers Gintama and Konosuba one of the best comedy anime.

Which anime is king of comedy?

By the majority of anime fans, Gintama is famous as the king of anime.


So finally! This was all about the best comedy anime! I hope you liked the recommendations. They are all filled with humor that brings waves of laughter effortlessly. Pick one of your favorites from the list and start binge-watching it with your favorite snacks! 

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