Senpai Is An Otokonoko Anime’s Release Date Confirmed—NEWS!

Fans of romantic comedy should assemble here! The popular anime series Senpai Is An Otokonoko Anime will be out on July 4, 2024. It’s just a matter of time and weebs waiting on their toes shall find peace. The anime creators recently confirmed the release date on their official website. 

The creators of the upcoming magnum opus have already been teasing otaku with continuous key visuals and teasers. Therefore, we have almost all the information regarding the theme songs, staff, cast, and overall production. 


  • 8th Volume of the Comic will be released on April 1, 2024
  • Popular Artist Kujira works on the Theme Songs of the anime
  • You can read it on WEBTOON’s official app

Senpai Is An Otokonoko—A Romance Comedy Combo That Will Light Up Your Face With Glee

Senpai Is An Otokonoko Anime

Every announcement from the creators always comes with some added spices. The key visuals have done a great job of fueling our existing curiosity. Animation production Studio Project No. 9 is currently busy working on the anime. Judging from the official trailer, the animation quality makes sure to lift our spirits. 

You can also check the trailer here!

The background music simply does its job of adding emotions and making it easier to connect. Kujira, famous as “Whale Don’t Sleep”, is on board as the Theme Song Artist responsible for both the opening and the ending songs. “Wagamama” and “Are Ga Koi Datta No Kana” are the titles of the Op-ed Songs, respectively, that will bless our ears. 

Senpai Is An Otokonoko Anime Staff!

Pom is the creator of the famous webtoon, which received love from different corners of the world. The comic is all set for its debut in the anime industry, so mark your calendars for July 4. I bet you all must be intrigued about the director of the series. Well, do not worry! Popular director Shinsuke Yanagi, famous for his work in “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, will direct the upcoming rom-com series.

Yoriko Tomita, who is known for his worth-appreciating work in “My Dress Up Darling”, works as a Series Composer.  The credit for the aesthetic and visually appealing Character Designs goes to Shoto Shinkai. 

How many of you enjoyed the music of “A Sign Of Affection”? If you are one of its admirers, then you’ll absolutely love to hear that the Music Creator of the said show will handle the Music production of this coming masterpiece.  Yes, we are talking about none other than Yukari Hashimoto!

Who Will Voice Our Favorite Characters?

Voice Actors play a crucial role in giving anime characters depth and dimension. The famous voice actors have joined the team.

  • Akira Sekine, well known for her role as Tao in TENSURA, will voice Aoi Saki
  • Umeda Shuuichirou, famous for his role as Tayou in Rhapsody, will voice Hanaoko Makoto
  • Yuma Uchida, famous for Voicing Sakura Haruka in Wind Breaker, will voice Ryuji Taiga.


The story centers around the high school students Saki, Makoto, and Ryuji. Saki’s life takes a twist when she confesses her feelings of love to her friend Makoto. Unfortunately, she faces rejection and learns the girl’s secret. Her friend is actually a boy who loves to dress as a girl. To find a solution, she asks for friendly advice from their mutual friend Ryuji. However, things get even more complicated when he confesses his love for Makoto. How will the three cop with the challenges of this complex Love triangle?

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