A Condition Called Love Episode 5 Review

This romance anime is a paradigm of sweet-cringy couple moments. A Condition Called Love Episode 5 is out, and if you watch it, you’ll have a mutual say.  As usual, there was nothing new in the episode except the gradual development of feelings between the two leads.

I am glad that the recent episode highlights Hananoi’s worldview and explains his reasons for not making friends. Everybody has a different point of view, and he believes that he wants to prioritize his family and the other half over them. According to him, there comes a time when you’ll have to choose the most important people in your life, and friends don’t take that place. 

Anyhow, it’s not the case for everyone, but it’s a relief to learn something about his character. Let’s dive into the latest episode!

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A Condition Called Love Episode 5 Review & Highlights

a condition called love episode 5 review

The episode begins by enlightening the boy’s perspective on life, which clears Hotaru’s concerns about him not having any friends. I like how Hananoi is sensitive about everything and gets an idea when his partner is not feeling well. This is how a relationship should be, but there are still many objectionable things.

a condition called love episode 5 review

When the girl still felt cold, they went to the rooftop and, as predicted, got stuck there. After spending some quality time coping with the cold together, it turns out Hananoi didn’t check the door properly. Above all, he wanted to spend some time with her, so he said the door was locked. 

Judging from his character, I guess he just said it nonchalantly to cover up for not checking the door properly. I hope this is true; otherwise, it was very immature of him to do that, knowing that his girl could get seriously ill. 

The LoveBirds’ Date 

the lovebird's date

The first thing they did was watch a movie, and later, went to the restaurant. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open, which made Hotaru feel sad. However, her partner is a gentleman who assures her not to worry, as he appreciates her thoughtfulness. There are a lot of green flags that one can easily notice about the male lead. 

When Hananoi learns that Hotaru enjoys going on dates with him, he feels extremely relieved. After all, his past experience with his ex had impacted him a lot. Another thing that I found really hilarious and that didn’t make sense was when he was hit by a football. 

the lovebird's date

They were sitting on a bench in a playground where some kids were playing soccer. When Hananoi saw the ball coming, he tried to protect Hotaru and ended up fainting. DANG, like, can you seriously faint with a light throw? Well, maybe it can happen, but that was completely unnecessary unless you want to add humour. 

Anyhow, we learned a lot about Hananoi in this episode and why he feels a certain way. He feels lonely deep down as he believes no matter what he does, people never choose him. Honestly, I felt bad for him, but I am glad he found a gem of a person like Hotaru. 

Final Notes

It’s a great anime for youngsters to learn about the tiniest things that matter in a relationship. It focuses on the small details that can make a relationship strong. Today’s episode concluded with the FL understanding her true feelings for Hananoi. Also, the fact that today’s episode highlighted the ML’s emotions and feelings cleared a lot of doubts. In short, it was a good episode that was full of sweet moments.

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How old is Hananoi Kun?

Both Hananoi and Hotaru are teenagers. He is 16 years old.

Did a condition called love end?

The anime is currently airing. 

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