A Condition Called Love Episode 4 Review

Have you guys watched A Condition Called Love Episode 4? If not, don’t fret—you’ve got Anime Fleek to update you on the episode highlights. The romance anime is keeping its momentum, and I like this about it. This episode was also full of sweet moments, but there was also something that would make you zone out.

A Condition Called Love Episode 4 Review & Highlights

A Condition Called Love Episode 4

As usual, the episode entertains us with a number of pleasant moments. Honestly, it’s an excellent watch for anyone who loves a slow-burn shojo and an anime full of emotions. However,  anyone who quickly gets bored in slow-paced anime will definitely find it challenging to complete.

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Hotaru Hinasa

There’s nothing big happening; we focus on Hotaru and how she eventually learns to understand Hananoi’s feelings. I can see that the story lacks balance between the character development of the male and female leads. 

It would have been more fun to see Hananoi’s side of emotions as well and how challenging it is for him. After all, he was the one in search of a soul mate, and their relationship began because HE wanted that.

Hotaru Hinase’s Realization

A Condition Called Love Episode 4

This episode focuses on the girl realizing the boy’s true feelings for her and how she should reciprocate. Thanks to her female friends who are trying their best to teach her stuff. I like how her friends are genuine and care about her. 

Hananoi’s Respect for Hotaru

Hotaru and Hananoi

A week had passed after Christmas, and the couple met after a week. Of course, the boy wanted to spend time with his girlfriend, but she was shy and tried her best to avoid him. To top it off, the couple wasn’t alone; a group of friends was surrounding them all the time.


Anyone would have felt bad, but how Hananoi dealt with the situation was worth appreciating. He is a little possessive and wanted to spend some time alone with his girl. He is also very straightforward when it comes to Hotaru’s feelings. Therefore, he confronted Kurata and showed his dislike for the idea of kissing. 

A Condition Called Love Episode 4

Also, the best part is that even after dying to be with Hotaru, he politely asked for her permission to let him recharge. I loved how he felt her closeness without touching her. That’s how a relationship should be: respecting each other’s boundaries and waiting for the other person to be completely ready. 

The Two Share Things About Themselves

Hotaru and Hananoi

At the end of the episode, the couple share things about themselves. Hotaru shares her experience of getting mistreated by her close friend, who cut her hair short as a prank. She also highlights how it has always been hard for her to understand others’ feelings. He respects her and placates her that she doesn’t need to be guilty about anything. The boy also shares his side of the story about how he used to be scared of people, which is why he lacks friends. The backstory of both the characters has cleared a lot of doubts and confusion. Now we know why Hananoi appeared strange in the beginning.


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Overall, the episode was fine, but the slow pacing made one feel bored at some point. We definitely craved spine-tingling moments. Apart from that, the animation and aesthetics were all fine. The anime teaches youngsters a lot of lessons regarding relationships. Instead of rushing things, it’s very important to give others space and understand where they are coming from. 

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