A Condition Called Love Episode 3 Review

Are you guys ready? It’s finally time for “A Condition Called Love Episode 3” Review. The romance anime has been keeping fans entertained, but many of us failed to understand the characters. However, I assure you that the third episode will help clear all sorts of doubts. Let’s dive in!

About A Condition Called Love Episode 3 Review & Highlights

A Condition Called Love Episode 3 review

Episode 3 was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful episodes. We finally got to understand the emotions of the main leads and the challenges they face. Hananoi has fallen head over heels for the lady, and the best part is his self-control. He loves Hotaru to the point he doesn’t want to hurt her, and I love his quality. 

Hotaru, the innocent lady who had never experienced feelings of love, started to grasp the idea. However, to understand more about her feelings, she asked him to try kissing her. Well, at this point, everybody was clear about the boy’s feelings.

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He was absolutely in love with her, but even then didn’t kiss her. Poor Hananoi couldn’t handle the situation because of his weak health and thus fainted. This was the moment that made Hotaru realize her feelings for him. She was worried, embarrassed, and regretted asking for a kiss. She finally learned how Hananoi felt for her.

Hotaru’s realization and Saki Hananoi’s Efforts

A Condition Called Love Episode 3 review

Someone who didn’t know what love was now had the idea of it. She was worried about his health and couldn’t stop thinking about him. Despite not doing well, Hananoi visited Hotaru on Christmas when she was there with her family. We could finally see all the green flags of Hananoi, especially when he confidently asked her parents to spend time with her. This shows how much he is serious about her.

Hananoi and Hotaru

Special Moments


The couple spends Christmas night together, praising the beautiful decorations, eating together, and skating together. All these moments bring them closer than before. The handsome man leaves no chance to make his girl feel like a princess. In all of their moments together, he never even once tries to cross the line and does his best to make her feel comfortable.

This episode taught us a lot about dealing with our emotions and facing challenges. One should always respect others’ feelings before one’s own, and this anime beautifully proves that relationships work in two ways.



The episode deals with the issues that teenagers face in their relationships. It’s very important to deal with them maturely, and the anime teaches this well. The third episode had the best pacing and the best moments. We finally started to grasp the idea of the anime and what it offers. 


Where can I watch a condition called love anime?

Watch it on Crunchyroll!

What does the name Hananoi mean?

It means Flower or Blossom.

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