Date A Live V English Dub Reveals Cast and Crew, Release Date

Date A Live V English Dub cast and crew details are out. Anime fans can watch it in dub starting April 24. Thanks to the creators, Koshi Tachibana and Tsunako, for bringing such a fantastic story to light. 

About Date A Live V English Dub Cast And Crew

Date A Live V English Dub Cast

Credit: Crunchyroll

Famous animation director Jun Nakagawa directs the anime, and Fumihiko Shimo manages the series’ composition. Naoto Nakamura is the man behind visually appealing character designs. Studio GEEKTOYS manage the overall animation production.


  • Jessie James Grelle voices Shido
  • Brynn Apprill voices Kotori
  • Alexis Tipton voices Kurumi 
  • Felecia Angelle voices Mana
  • Christopher Wehkamp voices Westcott 
  • Barrett Nash voices Reine 
  • Trina Nishimura voices Ellen
  • Michelle Rojas voices Tohka


  • Lee George works as the Voice Director
  • Zach Bolton is the Producer
  • Matthew Greenbaum handles the Adaptation
  • Ian Emerson works as an engineer


It’s an action fantasy anime that highlights the lives of ordinary high school boy Shido. He works to seal the spirits threatening the peace of mankind. His simple life becomes intriguing when he discovers a mysterious girl who turns out to be a spirit. Now, to complete his job, he must make her fall in love to seal her. 

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Source: Crunchyroll

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