A Condition Called Love Episode 2 Review

So guys, Buckle up before diving deep into A Condition called Love Episode 2 Review. The romance anime based on the manga of the same title is currently on air. Before immersing ourselves in the review, be ready for a roller coaster of cringiest sweet moments. 

A Condition Called Love Episode 2 Review

Not gonna lie; this episode was full of the cringiest yet sweetest moments. However, the couple was more cringe than sweet as they said: “The excess of anything is bad”. The story had nothing special enough to give you goosebumps. Especially if you are someone who enjoys constant ups and downs, the episode might not entertain you. The story is straightforward, without any significant roller coasters.


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The last hairpin incident had impacted Hotaru enough to say yes to dating Hananoi. There you go, their lovebird moments take charge from the instant. The whole episode was full of Hananoi going to lengths to win her love, which overwhelmed Hotaru to a great extent. She even felt the need to do something special for him in return. We could see her efforts to figure out how to be a good girlfriend, and thankfully, Hananoi could see that, too. 

Every day, Hananoi offers something new. At first, he overwhelmed the girl by providing her with fantastic, easy-to-understand notes for the coming exams. That’s a plus point because he actually cares about her academics. 

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Hotaru Hinase’s Efforts 

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This, in turn, forced our girl to reciprocate his efforts, and it took her a great deal to figure that out. The handsome boy was actually good at everything, from waiting for her early in the morning to showing kindness every now and then. So she decides to wait for him at the bus stand, but guess what?

She tried for a few days to show up early, but he used to be present there already. So after struggling for a few days, she finally reached a few minutes before him, and she learned how early he used to wait for her. Upon asking, he declared that he was doing all of this just to spend more time with her. 

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Saki Hananoi’s Excessive Sweetness

To be honest, this was a little annoying. How can you possibly spend more time with her if you are just waiting for her?! Hananoi’s character sometimes doesn’t make sense, and it annoys the audience. Viewers also feel the same; the character is flawed in a unique way. However, some fans like the story only because it brings something new to the table. No doubt, the male lead’s character is confusing, yet this is what makes the show entertaining. 

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At the end of the episode, we could really see the progress between the main leads. People never stopped judging Hotaru’s style and how boring she may seem. However, I absolutely appreciate the way he supports her and glares back at the people talking behind her back. He finally took her to his home and showed his room. From touching on general topics, he declared that he just doesn’t want to stay his friend. So that’s when Hotaru asks him to try kissing her. So yeah, the episode ended on a good note, which forces you to look forward to what’s next. 

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Overall, the episode was lagging and boring, not gonna lie. The hero’s character seems very confusing and annoying at points. Even though there are moments when one might mistake him for an obsessed boyfriend who can’t think of anything besides her. The character needs development, in my opinion. However, the anime brings something different to the table, where the struggles of two people working a relationship all while caring for each other’s feelings. 


Is a condition called love manga completed?

As of April 2024, the 15th volume will be out.

Where can I watch a condition called love anime?

Consider Crunchyroll Sensei, every otaku’s friend. 

What’s A Condition Called Love Anime’s Release Date?

The anime was released at the start of April and is currently on air. 

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