Popular Manga “Ikoku Nikki” To Get Anime Adaptation—NEWS

Josei Genre has a huge fandom that entertains adult and middle-aged women. If you enjoy reading in this particular category, then get ready to feel over the moon. Ikoku Nikki, the popular Josei Manga, is in the works to hit the screens as an anime. 


  • The release date for the upcoming anime adaptation needs to be set.
  • According to Pony Canyon, it will be a Television anime adaptation.
  • Ikoku Nikki’s Live Action Film will hit the theaters on June 7, 2024

Details About The Upcoming Anime Adaptation of Well-Known Josei Manga “Diary Of A Strange Land”

My manga friends must be feeling super happy after this news. This Japanese Comic by Tomoko Yamashita magically spellbinds every reader from the instant they start it, forcing them to binge-read it. The popularity of this masterpiece can be guessed from the successful 8.27/10 score on MAL. 

Whenever the announcement of an anime adaptation is made, fans get curious about a number of things. The first question that crosses their minds is, “Who will animate the manga, and who will act as the director of the series?”

In this case, Studio Shuka, popular for Creating Durarara, Natusme’s Book Of Friends, and 91 Days, will take care of the animation production. Studio Shuka has a separate fandom since it has entertained otaku with a number of worth-watching treats.

Miyuki Ooshiru joined the team as the Director, and Koyei Kiyasu joined as the Series Composer and script writer, respectively. Kenji Hayama is responsible for creating visually appealing character designs. Lastly, music connects the audience to the story, so Kensuke Ushio was selected to handle the music area. 

Teaser & Key Visuals

Ikoku Nikki anime

The announcement was entertaining as it came along with an almost 30-second teaser and some key visuals. Though the trailer wasn’t long enough to share the depths of the story, it was just introductory. The key visuals, though, speak volumes about quality, art, and aesthetics. 

You can watch it here:

Plot Of Ikoku Nikki

Makio Kudai, a 35-year-old novelist, is the main focus of the story. Her life was pretty challenging, and her bitter relationship with her sister played a role in it. She received criticism and nothing peaceful from her sister, which made her distant. However, she never expected that the death of her sister would change her life drastically. She learns about her niece Asa Takumi, whom she has never seen in years. Watching Asa facing the harsh realities of life, she decides to be her guardian. The story then highlights the two’s struggles to cope with life and to try to understand each other. 

Fans’ Reaction

Despite not receiving an exact Release Date for the anime, Fans are super excited about it. They are literally going crazy appreciating the staff and the good news. 

Final Notes

Before you go, let me bless your ears with some exciting news! Can you guess? Well, we may not have the release window for the anime adaptation, but we sure know when the Live-Action film will hit the screens. Mark your dates for June 7, 2024, as the theaters will hopefully be full for Ikoku Nikki’s Live-Action Film.

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Source: Pony Canyon (A Production Company)

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