25+ Best Supernatural Anime Of All Time

best supernatural anime of all time

The supernatural genre is one of the most watched when it comes to anime. Watching people with superpowers is not possible in reality, but it is in the anime world. To escape from the monotony of reality, people seek pleasure and freedom in a world where everything is possible. 

Watching powerful characters in action is thrilling and exciting at the same time. So all of you who want to experience fun and entertainment can watch the anime recommended below. I have tried my best to recommend the best supernatural anime of all time!

27. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

What if you start seeing someone dead all of a sudden? You’ll definitely ignore the event by calling it hallucinations, right? Something similar happens with our main character Jinta when he starts seeing his late friend Menma.

It takes time, but Jinta finally understands the whole situation. Menma wanted her friends to help her rest in peace; therefore, her friends who stopped being in contact after her death will all team up once again to help Menma.

It’s the perfect anime that teaches the true meaning of friendship and melts viewers’ hearts. Anohana highlights the pain and trauma people experience when they lose their loved ones. So, yes, this is an emotional anime capable of giving you teary eyes!

26. Deadman Wonderland

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of Ganta, whose life changes instantly when he sees a flying red man outside his classroom window. In the glimpse of an eye, the red-man massacres everyone leaving Ganta alone.

To top it off, he leaves by giving a portion of his powers to him, which makes things problematic for the boy as he gets imprisoned being accused of the murders. On the court’s orders, Ganta is thrown into the most deadly prison, “the deadman wonderland.”

In prison, the boy decides to find the red man to take revenge; however, he finds himself entangled with the prison’s wired rules. Unlike an ordinary prison, the prisoners were used to satisfy and please the audience by risking their lives in deadly dangerous activities. But, all thanks to Ganta’s childhood friend, Shiro, who always helps him. The anime has a lot of suspense, and its characters make it worth watching. So have fun watching!

25. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

I adored the character design of almost all the characters; they are so cutely designed that one can’t take one’s eyes off them. The story takes place in a school where specific ghost stories about the Seven Wonders of School are popular, and students used to narrate them to each other.

One of these wonders, Hanako Kun, is believed to be famous for granting wishes, and his spirit resides in the girl’s bathroom. Believing in these stories and fulfilling her wish to impress her crush, Nene Yashiro dares summon Hanako.

Well, she was lucky enough to summon Hanako, but the boy refused to help her. However, this couldn’t stop Nene, and in the struggle to make him agree, she ends up welcoming herself into the world of problems.

Fate brings them closer, and the duo gets entangled by a contract. The plot continues, and we learn about the stories of different wonders of the school. It has only 12 episodes, and all are worth watching. Its art, characters, and plot make this one of the best supernatural anime!

24. Death Parade

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Death Parade is unlike a cliche supernatural anime that involves countless fights and overpowered characters. It is filled with drama and the supernatural that highlight the themes of high-stakes games.

The anime introduces us to Quindecim, a bar that is a kind of limbo where a dead couple enters. There a Decim welcomes the guests and forces them to participate in a deadly game, and based on the game, the decisions regarding their lives are made.

The winner will get a chance to reincarnate, while the loser will be sent to void. Each episode brings a different story, and one is thrilled to listen to the pair’s story and watch them play the game.

23. Beelzebub

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Tatsumi Oga enjoys the reputation of a fighter, and even the delinquents are afraid to cross his path. Tatsumi’s life changes when he saves a man from drowning, and to his surprise, the man splits up to reveal a baby boy.

The baby gets attached to him instantly. Having left with no choice, Tatsumi looks after him, accompanied by the baby’s caretaker (the demon maid), who soon joins him. There is a twist! The baby isn’t an ordinary one but the son of a demon lord.

Tatsumi’s encounter with the baby changes his life, and with time he learns the mysteries of the demon world and why he was chosen to raise the demon baby. It’s one of the best supernatural anime with the perfect action-comedy blend!

22. Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Ryuu Yamada is a delinquent who wishes to start all over again in the new school because he is tired of his reputation as a delinquent. After spending a year with grace, he got bored and returned to his previous routines.

One day things changed for him, and nothing remained monotonous. It all started with an “accidental Kiss” with Urara Shiraishi. They soon realize that with a kiss, they can switch their bodies.

One thing leads to the other, and they learn that they are not the only ones who have experienced this unique phenomenon; in fact, seven other females, aka witches, can activate their powers after a kiss.

Ryuu and Urara find the seven witches to know why this phenomenon occurs! As you can guess, the anime promises waves of laughter, mystery, and romance! So get ready to experience a ride full of joy and laughter!

21. Kokoro Connect

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is a beautiful anime that gives a super beautiful lesson about friendship. In this one, we follow five friends who form a group called StuCs. Their simple and ordinary lives remain no longer simple when something strange happens to two friends, Aoki and Yui.

The two friends realize that they have switched their bodies with each other. Initially, they were the only ones, but later other friends experienced the same phenomenon. Of course, this mysterious phenomenon brought them close to each other and in a position where they could quickly learn about each other’s secrets.

There is so much to learn from this one, as it teaches how to deal with difficult situations and highlights the importance of friendship. Well, how would you react if your deepest desires and secrets were found by your closest friends?

20. Durarara

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of a boy named Mikado who has always imagined living in a city. Finally, his wish gets fulfilled when his childhood buddy calls him. Initially, the anime highlights Mikado’s love for city life.

Later, he gets stunned to find the number of secrets city life holds. Soon after his arrival, the new life keeps surprising him. Things become more mysterious when he gets entangled with supernatural events.

The anime’s idea is simple, but the plotline gets perplexing at a certain point, so you might take time to adjust according to its pace. Overall it is a good anime to watch that will intrigue you with its mystery, drama, action, and supernatural elements. 

19. Dororo

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Do you like watching anime that is emotional enough to touch your heart? If you are one of those, Dororo is a must-watch. It’s the story of Hyakkimaru, a boy born without the most crucial organs and body parts, yet he is breathing.

This is because his cruel father made a deal with the demons to grant his wishes; in return, he will sacrifice his son. When Hyakkimaru was born, he ordered him to throw him away in the river instead of keeping him.

A doctor rescued him and provided him with prosthetics, thanks to his luck. He cared for him like his own son, and when he grew up, the boy started his journey to take back his body parts from the demons.

On his way, he helped a young boy named Dororo, and that’s when the cute little Dororo decided to join Hyakkimaru on his mission. The anime is filled with action and drama. 

18. Noblesse

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

If you like reading webtoons, you must be familiar with this anime, right? This is the story of Rai, a Noblesse and one of the most overpowered guys in the anime. After the long sleep of 820 years, Rai opens his eyes, and his friend Frankenstein enrolls him in the school to save him from the spotlight, especially from the “Union.”

At the start, the anime highlights Rai’s struggle to adjust to this new era where technology rules everything; meanwhile, he befriends multiple schoolmates. The fans see a glimpse of his Over Powers each time his friends get in trouble.

Everything becomes interesting when Rai and his friends decide to find the motive behind the Union organization. You can expect some thrilling fights, revelations, and much more!

17. Pandora Hearts

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime takes place in a world where people scare the misbehaving children by telling them the folktale of an Abyss. However, the folk turn true for Oz when the Baskerville Clan comes to take him to the abyss.

The story continues with the adventures of Oz in the abyss, where he makes a contract with one of the monsters, aka Chain, named Alice. The duo decides to help each other in their troubles; meanwhile, Oz decides to find the purpose behind his banishment and the ones who sent him into the abyss.

The more he learns about the secrets of the abyss, the more intriguing the plot becomes. He finds his family connected with all the events that are taking place in his life. The anime intrigues the viewers by giving them a dose of action, suspense, thrill, and the supernatural.

16. Vampire Knight

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

I’ll get old watching vampire love stories and never get bored! If you can relate to me, you’ll have to watch this epic masterpiece. This is not only the best supernatural anime but also the best romance anime.

It’s a love triangle involving gorgeous Yui and hot and handsome Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryuu. Yuki and Zero are responsible for maintaining the discipline of the academy.

In contrast, Kaname is a student in the night class. The academy holds a secret: in the night class, the students are not ordinary humans but vampires! Kaname was the same vampire who once saved Yuki’s life, and their sudden encounter in the academy changed things for them.

The duo starts developing feelings for each other, and at the same time, Zero’s past complicates things for all of them. 

P.S. A friendly piece of advice I would like to give you is to “DO NOT ship any couple from the start!

15. Fate/Stay

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

In this one, we follow the life of an orphan Shirou. Luckily after the death of his family, a man adopts him and teaches him magic. Unfortunately, the man soon leaves the world, leaving him alone, and that marks just the beginning of his troubles.

Out of the blue, some superhumans, aka Servants, started attacking him one day. One of them injures him brutally, but Shirou ends up summoning his own servant in the midst of the chaos.

Shirou finds himself entangled in the fifth Holy Grail war, where he must participate against the servants to win the Holy Grail. Fate Stay is one of the oldest anime, yet it competes better than the recent anime. I am sure you will enjoy watching action and romance! Fate/ Stay is worth mentioning on this list of best supernatural anime of all time. 

14. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It’s a must-watch anime for everyone who likes to watch Comedy. This anime can bring smiles to your face effortlessly. The best thing about this one is that its episode lasts around 5 minutes.

Kusuo Saiki is a guy who has impressive supernatural abilities that one can consider a blessing. However, for Kusuo, his life is nothing but a curse as he is a person who wishes to live a peaceful and trouble-free life.

Unfortunately, it’s near impossible for him. No matter how much he tries to hide his powers and live an ordinary life, things put him in situations where he is forced to use his powers. Saiki’s character is so remarkably designed and written that no one can control laughter watching this guy cope with his troublesome life. 

13. Seraph Of The End

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a world in chaos after the breakout of a deadly virus that could kill anybody above the age of 13. To settle things down, the pre-existing vampires rise and promise to protect humanity. In return, they demand human blood.

Instead of settling down, things got worse under the vampire rule. Yuuichirou and Mikaela are the orphans who decide to escape from the brutal rule of vampires. However, things go against their plans, and Yuuichirou gets the chance to join the demon army.

After years, nothing could decrease the fire of revenge from the boy as he still vows to fight off the vampires who are responsible for the death of his loved ones. All I can say is this anime offers excellent action and thrill, which ultimately makes this one worth watching and the best supernatural anime. 

12. Fruits Basket

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

After losing her mother, Tooru starts living with her grandfather. But, unfortunately, she couldn’t stay with him longer and eventually had to move out. Having no place to stay, she decides to live in tents, that too in the jungle.

The girl tries her best to keep her stay a secret, but all in vain, when her schoolmates Yuki and Shigure learn about her stay in the jungle. They were kind enough to offer her shelter in their house.

However, when Tooru starts living with them, she realizes that the Sohma family hides the most important secrets. They are not ordinary humans but are cursed, and contact with the opposite gender activates the curse turning them into animals. Tooru decides to keep it a secret and help them overcome their curse.

Meanwhile, she meets Kyo Sohma, the male lead of the show. Tooru and Kyo’s couple rules millions of hearts, and it’s one of the most popular ones in the otaku community. Therefore, this is your PICK if you like romance and the supernatural genre!

11. Rascal Doesn’t Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces the strongest type of syndrome, puberty syndrome. Not many get it, and the number of affected ones is a few. One of those unlucky ones is our main character Mai Sakurajima. 

The story begins with Sakuta, who sees Mai in the bunny girl outfit. Surprisingly, our boy was the only lucky one who could see her. Since the boy believed in the existence of the said syndrome, he befriended her and decided to help her.

You can expect lots of drama, romance, and some exciting events capable of spellbinding you to the anime. This anime has gained huge popularity within no time, which makes it the best supernatural anime. 

10. Erased

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the most underrated and best supernatural anime of all time. It’s the best combination of mystery, supernatural, and suspense. The anime introduces us to Satoru Fujinuma, a 27-year-old mangaka.

His life flips upside down during a tragedy where his mother is murdered, and he is accused of murder. While the police were arresting him, he found himself back in the past, where he was a school-going kid.

Luckily, he had all the memories of his present and future. Therefore, he decided to change the future by changing history. Satoru vows to protect his friends who died in the past and also vows to protect his mother in the future.

However, things get mysterious when he realizes that things are interconnected, and so are the murders. Throughout the 12 episodes, there won’t be a moment where you’ll find yourself zoned out, and I can assure you that!

9. The Irregular At Magic High School

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Trust me, guys, this is one of the most entertaining and best supernatural anime combined with action, romance, and sci-fi. The anime introduces us to a world where magic and technology are prevalent and taught in schools.

Tatsuya and Miyuki, the brother-sister duo, join an elite academy where they soon get segregated into two different groups. Tatsuya became part of a group that was not skillful in practical magic.

However, with time, we learn that whatever Tatsuya showed himself to be was just a facade. He is skillful and OP enough to beat anyone without effort, but what makes the plot interesting is “Why is he hiding his true identity?”. The character design, development, action sequences, and suspense will keep you engaged!

8. Natsume’s Book Of Friends

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

This is the story of Takashi Natsume, whose life is a mess, all thanks to his ability to see Youkai. Of course, it’s not easy for people to believe that a person can see strange creatures; therefore, he was left alone and lonely, having no one to believe in him.

One day, he unintentionally breaks a barrier that frees a mighty spirit in the form of a cat. The cat, aka Madara, gets surprised to see him as Natsume resembles his late grandmother.

To top it off, his grandmother wasn’t an ordinary lady; she defeated a number of Youkai in her time. The plot becomes interesting when it is revealed that Natsume’s book, “Book of Friends,” originally belonged to his grandmother.

She wrote the names of the Youkai she defeated. Now, Natsume has the power to call all the Youkai whose name is written in the book. Natsume makes a deal with Madara where the cat will have to serve Natsume as a bodyguard for the book in return. Their chemistry is beautifully written, and otaku adores this cutest duo wholeheartedly. The anime highlights Natsume’s relationship with different creatures!

7. Bungou Stray Dogs

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: Crunchyroll

This is undoubtedly the best supernatural anime one can watch. It will entertain you with its humorous yet deadly characters and the plot that improves with each episode. The plot starts by introducing Atsushi, an orphan who wanders shelterless when his orphanage kicks him out, believing that he is linked with the recent incidents involving a tiger.

On his way, he helps a drowning man who reveals himself as Dazai. To return the boy’s favor, he feeds him in the restaurant. Dazai reveals that he is a supernatural detective and is currently on a mission to find the same tiger.

Dazai offers to join him, which he does, but things get inspected when it is revealed that Atsushi is the said tiger. Surprising, right? Well, all these incidents happen in the first two episodes of Bungou Stray Dogs; therefore, you can expect a lot more thrilling events from this one. If you are a fan of action anime filled with wonderful characters, don’t miss the chance to binge-watch this!

6. Black Butler

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

In this one, we follow an orphan boy, Ciel, who has suffered a lot in his life after the passage of his parents. People treated him like a slave, and the poor boy had no choice except to tolerate all the wrongdoings.

The story continues when Ciel makes a contract with the demon, aka Sebastian, who vows to bring ease to his master, and in return, Ciel will feed him his soul. You will ultimately be thrilled watching their chemistry and wish for the same demon in your life.

No matter what, Sebastian will not let his master feel pain or spare anyone who even thinks about hurting him. The action is super cool, and the story gets even more interesting after the first two episodes. Different scenarios and mysteries make the anime worth watching!

5. Another

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

How many of you enjoy watching horror-thriller mysteries? If you are one of the lots, then you’ll love watching Another. The anime’s first episodes glued the audience with the gripping plot and charming characters. The anime creates the right suspense and thrill right from its first episode. 

The story revolves around Kouichi Sakakibara, a transfer student. Soon after joining the school, he is intrigued by a mysterious girl, Mei Misaki. Whenever he tries to get close to her, she ignores him and asks him to stay away from her. 

Things make him even more curious when no one in the class wants to discuss her. At first, the majority of students deny her existence and the rest who reveal about her die instantly before uttering a single word. 

Let’s stop with the story details here because explaining even a little bit more about it will spoil your suspense! It’s the best supernatural anime and one of the best thriller mysteries I have watched so far.

4. Mob Psycho

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

A few characters can spellbind us with their looks only, and Mob is one of them. This is the story of Shigeo Kageyama, aka Mob, who is blessed with epic psychic powers. Well, blessed would not be a suitable word for Mob if we talk from his point of view.

This is because he is always worried about controlling himself, as his powers would harm his loved ones. However, he doesn’t mind using his powers to impress the girl he likes ;). The story continues with him joining a con artist Arataka who calls himself a psychic.

On Arataka’s orders, the boy goes from place to place to exorcise spirits. With each passing episode, the anime becomes better and better. Watching Mob fighting his inner self to control his powers and the entry of some evil minds who wish to use his powers for their own good makes the story even more gripping. 

3. Fire Force

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Fire Force introduces us to an intriguing concept of Human Combustion. The story takes place in a world where out of the blue, people start burning, and those who can’t control this phenomenon and go wild are called infernals.

On the other hand, there are Pyrokinetics who can control their flames. Shinra Kusakabe is our MC who joins the team of Fire Force as a pyrokinetic to protect the world from the terror of infernals.

When Shinra joins the team, he realizes things are complex, and mysteries lie behind the phenomenon of human combustion. Shinra’s backstory adds charm to the overall plot and makes the viewers connect to him better. The suspense goes side by side throughout the anime, but the entry of certain OP villains makes things spellbinding for the viewers.

You can expect some OP characters and extraordinary fight sequences in this anime that will give you chills and thrills. Many things make Fire Force the best supernatural anime.

2. Mushishi

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the most spellbinding anime that captures the audience’s interest with the perfect balance of mystery, adventure, slice of life, and the supernatural. The anime introduces us to a world of Mushishi, people who research Mushi.

Mushi is believed to be some entity that is just living and holds the power to mimic anything, including diseases, rainbows, and stuff. In fact, they are powerful enough to cause havoc, disasters, and many supernatural things.

They are the most mysterious things, and it’s not easy to research them. The anime follows the life of Ginko, a Mushishi who tries to solve the problems created by the Mushi, which enables him to learn more about these beings.

It is famous for its themes, animation, soundtracks, and captivating plotline. If you like to watch supernatural anime, then Mushishi is the best recommendation. It’s a popular watch among the fans of Supernatural, with an 8.66 MAL rating!

1. Death Note

best supernatural anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

When we talk about intelligence and smartness, nothing can beat this anime. The way the author has portrayed human intelligence is worth the praise. It’s the story of Light Yagami, who was an ordinary student before becoming the owner of Death Note.

The special book changed his life by giving him the power to kill anyone by simply writing their names. Kira had his own worldview and wanted to create a world where no injustice was possible. Therefore he started taking the lives of criminals.

However, it’s hard for people with absolute power to stay in their right minds. Kira became an anti-hero, all thanks to the immense power he got. The story continues with the entry of the investigation team and a genius named L, who uses their intellect to find the reason behind the mysterious murders.

The mind games between the two geniuses will blow your mind, and I can bet on that! Overall, Death Note is worth watching, a masterpiece that entertains the viewers to the fullest.


Which anime have the best fights?

Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, and apart from these Big 4, Demon Slayer, Boruto, Attack On Titan, and Hunter X Hunter have the best fights.

Is there a supernatural anime series?

Yes, all thanks to the anime creators, they have made an anime series based on the Tv Series “Supernatural.”


The supernatural genre combines best with almost all the genres, and usually, Otaku likes watching action-supernatural combos. The good news is that I tried mentioning all the combos, be it Supernatural-comedy, Supernatural-romance, or supernatural-horror, so that my friends can choose the perfect watch for themselves. Well, suppose you like to watch a particular genre combination. In that case, I recommend trying something new, as experimenting with new things often leads us to the most beautiful things! 

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