15 Best Drama Anime Movies

Hello, my dear otaku friend! Today I’m here to help you find the next anime movies to add to your must-watch list. You and I are gonna go on a short trip today! While I present you a list of the 15 best drama anime movies

However, before I officially start, let me just tell you something real quick. If you’re new to the anime world and randomly clicked here… I recommend you to check our other list! There you’ll find the best anime movies for beginners. Now, let’s go! 

15 Best Must Watch Drama Anime Movies 


  • Not all anime movies here are available on Netflix
  • The scores are all based on my personal thoughts
  • Not all movies are family-friendly. So, if you’re looking for something more soft, check out the family-friendly anime movies list. 

15. Hal

Hal- Best drama anime movies
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Yes, I’ll start with a super strong one! So you can see I’m not playing here. Check this out: 

Hal is an anime movie that tells a story of love, loss, and recovery in a futuristic setting. You can expect a lot from it, especially drama.

After the tragic loss of her boyfriend, Kurumi becomes emotionally isolated from the world. Then an advanced robot is sent to help her overcome her grief. I’ll tell you what the fun part is: the robot is created to look and act exactly like Hal. Can you guess what’s coming with this plot? I can already smell the technology domination from here! 

Gradually, Hal’s presence begins to bring new light into Kurumi’s life. It helps her to cope with her grief and loneliness feelings. However, as robot Hal and Kurumi develop a deep connection, surprising revelations about their true natures come to light. This one is a great go-to anime movie if you also enjoy sci-fi anime stories! Not one of the best anime drama movies, but It’s a great option.

Oh, and don’t forget not to fall in love with the robot. 

14. Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Next, if you’re looking for a great anime drama movie, I truly recommend you “Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day”!

This Japanese film portrays the power of friendship and redemption. Set in a small town, the story follows Jinta Yadomi! He’s a reclusive young man who is haunted by the loss of his childhood friend, Menma. Now I’m gonna be super honest: If I ever lose my only best friend, I’d never be able to love someone like I love her!

One day, Menma’s spirit appears, asking for help to fulfill her last wish and finally rest in peace. Okay, I said I love my best friend, but I’d faint if she appeared in ghost-form! Continuing, Jinta needs to reunite his childhood friends, who have drifted apart in the wake of the tragedy. Then they face their own guilt and painful memories. Lastly, the plot will show you deep emotional connections and touching symbolism. I personally think this one has a good potential to make you cry!

13. The Garden of Words 

The Garden of Words
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Moving on, “The Garden of Words” is set in Tokyo. The story follows Takao Akizuki, a young aspiring shoemaker who finds refuge in a garden during rainy days. There he meets Yukari Yukino. She’s a mysterious woman who also seeks escape from her daily worries in the same place. During the movie, you’ll feel a warm and comfortable feeling in your chest! It’s like drinking hot chocolate on cold days. 

Day by day, an unexpected friendship blossoms between the two of them! Their friendship is marked by silent encounters and unspoken words. Then, as the seasons change, the two characters’ feelings deepen, revealing their own struggles and longings. But something makes them ponder the possibility for them to be together. What could that be? Will they stay together? Well, give it a chance and watch it! 

Finally, “The Garden of Words” is a touching drama anime movie that honors the ephemerality of human encounters. It will also show you the beauty of human connections through poetry and nature. Looking for your next “comfort movie”? This is a strong candidate!

12. Millennium Actress 

Millennium Actress
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

When it comes to drama, I can only think about deep feelings and emotional stories. Guess what movie fits my thoughts? Yes, “Millennium Actress”! 

This Japanese animation mixes fantasy and reality to tell the life of a legendary actress. The story begins when two documentary makers decide to interview Chiyoko Fujiwara. She is a reclusive former movie star. As she tells her story, Chiyoko takes viewers on a long trip through her memories. Believe me, sometimes you might feel a bit confused about what’s her real life and what’s about her acting. What if I tell you that’s the intention of the movie? 

In addition, each movie reflects her hopes, dreams, and search for a lost love. After all, an actress’s life is never like we think! Trust me, this drama anime movie will keep you entertained from start to finish. 

11. 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters per Second
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

How could I ever talk about the best drama anime movies without talking about “5 Centimeters Per Second”?  

This is an anime that will show you the complexities of love and distance over time. But if you don’t like real-life themed anime… Skip this one! Because It really pictures how love and friendship work in real life. Firstly, the story follows Takaki Tohno and Akari Shinohara. They are childhood friends who are separated when Akari moves away. Despite the distance, they keep in touch through letters, nurturing a deep bond. Strong connections last forever, right? 

Well, as the years go by, Takaki and Akari struggle with the realities of adult life. This beautiful story shows the passage of time and the meaning of shared moments. Ultimately, “5 Centimeters Per Second” addresses the inevitability of change. Also the resilience of the human heart. This is one of the best drama anime movies to ever exist! The story is so touching and will probably make you burst out crying. 

So, you may be asking: why did you put it in 11th place if you liked it so much? 

Um… If you watch it, you’ll probably figure it out. That’s all I can say!

10. Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl

Rascal Does not dream of a dreaming girl
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

This long-named film is an anime movie that portrays the complexities of love and adolescence. Do you like teen types of movies? Well, I have that too! 

After the events of the original series, Sakuta Azusagawa continues his life with his girlfriend, Mai Sakurajima. Then he meets Shouko Makinohara, a girl from his past who mysteriously appears in two versions: a child and a teenager. I can already feel the drama running through my veins! 

Little by little, Sakuta finds himself caught up in an emotional problem, as he tries to help both versions of Shouko. Yet, he discovers that Shouko’s condition is linked to a supernatural phenomenon! That puts his own life and Mai’s at risk. If you like movies about personal growth and sacrifice… I definitely recommend this to you! Probably one of the best drama anime movies. 

9. Into the Forest of Firefly Lights 

Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Let’s move on to one that I fell in love with! At first sight, to be honest. “Into the Forest of Firefly Lights”  is a touching anime movie

This Japanese animation tells the story of a magical friendship between a girl and a forest spirit. Sounds weird at first, but after you see the forest spirit, you’ll understand. (I fell in love with him) After getting lost in an enchanted forest as a child, Hotaru is rescued by Gin. He is a spirit who cannot be touched by humans. So every summer, Hotaru returns to the forest to spend time with Gin! Eventually, they developed a deep and special friendship

The connection between them grows stronger and stronger… But the physical barrier between their worlds becomes increasingly painful. Even so, they both know that their relationship has a tragic limitation. You may be asking yourself: what happens if a human touches Gin? Well… It would make him disappear forever. This is one of my favorites drama anime movies.

Do you think love can survive the lack of physical contact? Could you still be with someone you can’t even hug? Think about it for a second. 

8. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo)

15 Best Adventure Anime Movies; The children who chase lost voices
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

I’ve talked about this anime before, but I just needed to add it to another list again. Makoto Shinkai directed this one, so you can expect a lot from it! Children Who Chase Lost Voices is a fantasy and drama anime film. 

Here we’re gonna follow Asuna closely. She’s a young student who finds a mysterious radio crystal. With that, she’s drawn into a journey to the underground world of Agartha. She then joins Shun, a mysterious boy from Agartha, and his teacher, Ryuji. They’re all on a quest to discover the secrets of this hidden world. I’d absolutely NEVER explore an underground world! I guess that’s why I love this anime so much. I admire the characters a lot because I’d never had their courage. 

Asuna slowly learns about the legends and dangers of Agartha, including its mythological creatures. Also the conflicts between its inhabitants. At this point, I’d have already run away. However, the journey reveals more than simple adventures, leading Asuna to confront her own feelings of loss and loneliness. This mixture of adventure and drama will have you crying your eyes out! 

7. Wolf Children 

Wolf Children
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Maternal love, society’s pressure, and real-life struggles? All wrapped up in one movie? Yes, of course, I’m talking about “Wolf Children”! 

This anime mixes fantasy and drama to tell a touching story of love and resilience. The plot follows Hana, a young woman who falls in love with a wolf man. They have two children: Yuki and Ame. Then, after the sudden death of her partner, Hana faces the challenge of raising her children alone! The most difficult part is hiding their true nature. I fear what society could do if they found out there were half-wolf human beings… 

With that, Hana decides to move to the countryside! There, her kids can explore their lupine identities a bit more freely. Furthermore, as they grow up, Yuki and Ame must choose between living as humans or wolves. Adding more drama to the plot, they end up following different paths. In the end, “Wolf Children” is an emotional masterpiece that captures the true meaning of motherhood! Also, the acceptance of differences that humans still struggle to understand. Don’t you agree?

6. The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Let’s move on to a classic one: “The Wind Rises”! 

This is an anime that combines history and drama to narrate the life of Jiro Horikoshi! He is an engineer behind the famous Japanese fighter planes. The story follows Jiro’s life from his childhood, where he dreams of flying and designing airplanes. Until his career as an aeronautical engineer. So you can see he happily realized his dreams! However… Is he really happy about it? 

Through a series of historical events, including the Second World War, we see Jiro facing some professional problems. Since he’s doubting his choice of becoming an aeronautical engineer. Why? Because he sees his country falling apart because of the war… And he designs the airplanes that go to war. 

Next, the anime highlights Jiro’s romance with Naoko Satomi. She’s a young woman he meets in a sanatorium. The animation captures the beauty of dreams and the harsh reality of the consequences of his creations. This is definitely one of the best drama anime movies to watch!

5. Violet Evergarden: The Movie

depressing anime movies- Violet Evergarden; The Movie
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Now, folks, we’re going to my top 5 list! Are you ready? Because that will be thrilling! 

Violet Evergarden: The Movie is an exciting continuation of the acclaimed anime. It pictures Violet’s journey to understand her emotions and find her place in the world. After the events of the series, Violet continues to work as an Auto Memory Doll. She helps people express their feelings through letters. Then she receives a letter that leads her on a new mission! It brings up memories of her past and her lost love, Gilbert Bougainvillea. 

Step by step, Violet confronts her own emotions and the pain of her loss. At the same time searching for answers about Gilbert’s fate. Meanwhile, she also discovers new connections and friendships that help her heal. In the beginning, you feel like this is a cute movie… However, when you go deep into it, you end up feeling Violet’s feelings with her. I swear you’ll get so attached to her!

4. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

I could never make a list of the best drama anime movies and not include “A Silent Voice”!

This Japanese animation is a deeply emotional story. You’ll see themes of regret, redemption, and acceptance. At first, the story follows Shoya Ishida. He’s a young man who, as a child, bullied a deaf classmate, Shoko Nishimiya. Then, years later, tormented by guilt, Shoya decides to seek redemption. He meets Shoko again and tries to apologize. Redemption is such a long way to go… Especially when you’re the one who can’t actually forgive yourself. 

As Shoya tries to make amends for his mistakes, he struggles to reconnect with old friends and build new relationships. The anime tackles issues such as bullying, disability, and the lasting impact of one person’s actions. “A Silent Voice” has a powerful narrative about forgiveness and empathy! It shows the journey of personal growth. I remember when I watched it for the first time, It’s a dear memory. One of the best drama anime movies on Netflix!

3. Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko)

Weathering with You
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Moving on, we’re gonna talk about Weathering With You. Makoto Shinkai directed this one, so you can obviously expect a lot from it. After running away from home, Hodaka Morishima arrives in Tokyo. There she meets Hina Amano, a young woman with the mysterious ability to control the weather

Hodaka and Hina start a business to bring sunny days to people, but soon face the consequences of this ability. We already know about powers, right? No power comes without a price. Ha, guess what?

Hina’s power comes with a price too! Forcing them to face difficult choices that impact their lives and the city of Tokyo. Also, the relationship between Hodaka and Hina grows, revealing their dreams and fears. Another point I’d like to bring to the table is that the soundtrack of this movie is super engaging! If you’re a music appreciator like me, you’ll love this. 

2. Grave of The Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Oh, no… Here we go again! Should I warn you about this one..? Okay, only because I’m a good friend. Hear me out, dear: YOU WILL CRY FOR DAYS, MONTHS, YEARS AFTER THIS! Also, you won’t ever get over it. Trust me, this anime movie is not for the weak ones! It’ll change your brain chemistry once you watch it. 

Got it? So, if you think your mental health is good enough to handle it… Let’s go:

“Grave of the Fireflies” is a devastating anime that portrays the cruel realities of war. The most heartbreaking part is that you’ll see it through the eyes of two children. The story follows Seita and his younger sister Setsuko. They try to survive in Japan devastated by the Second World War. Then, after their mother dies in a bombing raid, they are left to fend for themselves. In an increasingly unforgiving world scenario. 

Seita and Setsuko then face starvation, disease, and the indifference of the society around them. The anime highlights sibling love and the loss of childhood innocence. All I have to say is that “Grave of the Fireflies” is an extremely moving narrative. It emphasizes the fragility of life and the horrors of war. Well…It left me dehydrated, really.

With that, I can say that this is one of the best anime movies on earth.  

1. Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

Your Name
Source: Your Name movie
AnimationCharactersPlotTotal Score

Makoto Shinkai directed this movie too! So I’m pretty much sure you’ll love it. After mysteriously switching bodies, teenagers Mitsuha and Taki begin to live each other’s lives. They communicate through messages and try to adapt to their new realities. Just imagine switching bodies with the opposite sex! That’ll be a nightmare for me! What about you? 

With that, a deep connection develops between them, even without meeting in person. However, as they discover the truth behind their exchanges… They realize that they are separated by more than just physical distance! You will be so captivated by the story, just trust me. After all, there’s a reason why I put it in first position.

Literally the best anime drama romance! 

Final Notes

Oh, no… I’m afraid you’ve reached the end. Okay, no drama! Because you know that here, in Anime Fleek, you’ll always find more. This was my 15 best drama anime movies list and I hope you enjoyed it. Additionally, I’d like to thank you for keeping up with me until the end! 

If you loved the recommendations here, why not see something new again? Tell me what you’re into and I can recommend some of our other lists! Is it adventure? Emotional anime movies? I have them all. Just believe me, you will have your “must-watch” list full again. 

Well, here I’ll say goodbye. I hope to see you again though! 


Which drama anime films are a must watch?

All anime movies in this list! However, the ones I hardly recommend are: Grave of The Fireflies, Your Name, and A Silent Voice.

Which drama anime movies have the best storylines? 

Definitely Your Name and Grave of The Fireflies.

What are the best romance drama anime movies?

If you want romance with drama, Your Name, To the Forest of Firefly Lights, and 5 Centimeters Per Second. 

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