15 Best Anime Movies For Students-Ranked!

Welcome back, my dearest otaku friends. Many of you must be students still learning to cope with the academic pressure. Therefore, today’s list has been specially created for you. Yes, you got this right; it is all about the best anime movies for students. 

In the following list, I have tried to add many lesson-giving movies so that they can help us broaden our minds. Some of them will make us a little sensitive about the world, which is necessary for empathy. While others might motivate us to study hard to protect ourselves from many challenges. Let’s begin already!

15 Best Eye Opening Anime Movies For Students


  • All the movies are packed with the best life lessons that help us live better
  • None of the following movies is boring and are full of adventure and fun
  • I have ranked the list based on my personal opinion

15. The Anthem Of The Heart

anime movies for students- The Anthem of the Heart
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Jun Naruse is our gorgeous female lead who is so invested in fairy tales that she can’t understand the realities. Due to her strong belief in imagination, she often makes very naive mistakes. When she ends up revealing her father’s love affair, her parents get divorced. Unfortunately, the poor girl was made guilty of being the main reason behind their separation. But guess what? 

Things take a fantastical turn when she gets to experience fairytales for real. A fairy egg helps her zip her mouth to protect her from falling prey to similar situations. In fact, the fairy egg tries to stop her from speaking when necessary. 

This also came off as a challenge, only to lead her to beautiful revelations. I bet you will love this movie, which gives a prominent lesson about thinking before speaking. Well, so many reasons make this movie one of the best anime movies for students. 

14. Mary And The Witch’s Flower

anime movies for students-
 mary and the witch's flower
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

I am sure there must be some of you who try really hard to accomplish something but fail, right? But this movie motivates us in so many ways that you must watch it if you are searching for anime movies for students. Mary is our redhaired, cute main character who is clumsy in her actions and always fails to try to do something genuinely. 

However, her dream of getting praised by others is fulfilled magically when she finds magical flowers in the jungle. Just like a dream, she gets magical powers, and a broom flies her to the nearby magic academy. There, every other witch in training was surprised to see her performance. 

Everyone was impressed with her abilities and praised her, making her feel extremely great. Trouble knocked on her door when the headmistress figured out her secret. The greedy witch decides to have what Mary has, so she starts scheming to fulfill her evil desires. Mary is put in aight spot where she must overcome the challenges to protect the innocents.

13. Kiki’s Delivery Service

anime movies for students- -Kiki's Delivery Service
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Did someone say anime movies for students? Even though it’s not related to school, it teaches us so many lessons, making it one of the best lesson-giving movies. It teaches us to be serious about our goals, serious enough so that we can face every challenge with courage without the thought of giving up. 

An impressive thing about Kiki is her age, as she is just a 13-year-old girl. Her passion for becoming a witch overcomes her every fear, and she starts her 1-year of witch training, leaving her loved ones behind. Searching for a new town and befriending strangers was a daunting task, but nothing stopped her. 

So many hurdles came her way, but the girl managed to find a way out of it. Also, in just a matter of time, she managed to start a successful business of delivery service. I bet you’ll enjoy watching this gem. 

12. Summer Wars

Summer Wars; anime movies for students-
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This movie teaches us the lesson of not acting without thinking about anything. One must think thoroughly before taking an action, even if it’s a trivial request from others. The audience is introduced to a world that is highly dependent on a Virtual Reality program called OZ. 

This program is moderated by math genius Kento. He is impressive with cracking codes; that’s incredible. However, this is also his weakness because it has become his habit to solve puzzles without a second thought. So, the manipulators take advantage of this and send him a puzzle to solve. Guess what? 

He solves it without giving a thought, which hacks the system of OZ, leading to trouble for the world. Now, the boy must undo his action if he wants to save the people. Trust me, it’s one of the must-watch anime movies for students.

11. Wolf Children

anime movies for students-- wolf children
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

We thank Japanese anime creators and Studio Chizu for creating this masterpiece. Often, we can’t understand the daily life struggles of our mothers. We can never fathom what they go through to give us the best possible life. Wolf Children is one of the must-watch anime movies for students to learn about the value of our parents. 

Hana used to be a simple, loving girl whose life flipped upside down after starting a family with a werewolf. Things were going pretty smoothly until her lover passed away in an accident. The fear of the world struck her hard, leading her to worry about her kids’ safety. 

Her kids were werewolves, just like their father, so she had to keep their identities hidden from others. To improve their quality of life and to protect them from the evil minds, she settles in the countryside. Watching her manage everything all by herself will definitely move your heart. Anyone looking for anime movies for students must watch it at least once in their life. 

10. Boy And The Beast

the boy and the beast-anime movies for students
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Even if you face a lot of challenges, know that there is someone in the world facing more than you. Don’t ever just give up against anything, no matter what happens. This movie highlights the toughest times of a 9-year-old boy named Ren. 

After losing every loving member of his family, he found himself all alone in the dark world. After living on the streets for a while, he comes across Kumatetsu, a beast from the Beast Kingdom. He was in search of someone who could be his disciple

After crossing paths with each other, Kumatetsu took the boy to his world and started his training. That’s when the gate of challenges and adventure began adding the missing colors to Ren and Kumatetsu’s lives. You must watch it to figure out why it’s famous as one of the best anime movies for students. 

9. Josee, The Tiger And The Fish

Josee the tiger and the fish; anime movies for students-

If you can afford to study abroad and if you still aren’t passionate about it, you need to rethink your life choices. Well, because not everyone is as grateful as you. Tsuneo Suzukawa is a passionate student who has an immense interest in marine biology. He wants to study abroad, but unfortunately, he is not financially strong. Anyhow, this doesn’t stop him from moving towards his goal, and he starts earning money by doing part-time jobs.

One day, he saw a girl in a wheelchair; her name was Josee. Her grandmother offered him a job as his caretaker, so he couldn’t refuse. It took him time to figure out the reasons behind her cold demeanor. He knows about Josee’s dream, which is to see the world on her own two feet. Can you guess the lesson? 

Well, can you guess how grateful you are that you at least have a choice to pursue your dreams? Unfortunately, no matter the amount of passion, some people don’t even get a chance, just like Josee. Believe me, it’s a fantastic masterpiece and one of the greatest anime movies for students to watch. Please watch it change your perspective on life.  

8. Whisper Of The Heart

anime movies for students- whisper Of the Heart
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Many of us love studying, but we don’t have a direction in life, and a life without a goal is simply a waste of time. Goals teach us about our potential and capabilities, and there is no good feeling in that. You need to watch this one of the best anime movies for students if you don’t have a dream. 

Shizuku is a beautiful book lover and our FL who loves reading and writing all the time. One day, she notices that someone is interested in the book she read, and it intrigues her to meet that person.He was Seiji, a generous and goal-oriented boy. 

After having some conversation, they became very good friends, sharing some common interests. When Shizuku learns that Seiji is very ambitious and has a clear-cut direction in life, she feels disheartened. Well, it was not because she was jealous but because she didn’t know anything about herself. After taking inspiration from her new friend, the girl decides to find her way in life!

7. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

anime movies for students- 
 i want to eat your pancreas
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is a mind-blowing movie that will bring you to tears if you choose to watch it. Without any doubt, it is one of the best anime movies for students. It teaches us the lesson that one must not be so invested in oneself that he can’t figure out the pains of people close to him. 

Haruki is our male lead who always stays in his place, showing zero interest in others. His life flips to a 180-degree angle when he reads the diary of his classmate Sakura. It turns out the girl was suffering from a fatal disease and wanted to enjoy the remaining days of her life to the fullest. 

At first, the revelation didn’t hit him hard, but eventually, it grew stronger. The boy decided to accompany Sakura for some time to make her days memorable and happy. However, the more he spent time with her, the more he started to value life, and the pain of losing her grew even stronger. Also, if you are in the mood to watch depressing anime movies, this should be your first choice. 

6. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke; anime movies for students-
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Everyone should watch Princess Mononoke, especially people who are looking for anime movies for students. It’s not related to school, but it teaches some epic life lessons that can make our lives a lot easier if we follow them. It teaches us to see both sides of the story and to try to understand different perspectives

The story begins with Prince Ashitaka getting cursed by a demon boar. The curse was so strong that it was slowly but gradually eating him. Therefore, he didn’t have time to waste any time and began to search for a cure, which led him to Iron Town. 

There, he learned about the bone of contention behind the disturbed peace in the area. It turns out. One party wants deforestation, while another party led by Princess Mononoke is against it. Princess Mononoke intends to protect the home of the forest spirits, which is why there is no solution to the ongoing problem. The prince decides to look for a solution and try to bring peace between the two parties while fighting his illness. 

5. The Boy And The Heron

anime movies for students; the boy and the heron
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Trust me, dude, not even life teaches us the lessons that Anime Movies teach us in just a few minutes. How great is that? Mhaito Maki was living the most challenging time of his life, and trust me, things couldn’t have gotten worse for him. 

After three years of war, our boy experiences the loss of his lovely mother. Before he could heal the deep wound in his heart, his father gave him another wound. Maki’s father remarried that too with his aunt, leaving him deeply saddened and disappointed. 

Surprisingly enough, a series of dramas full of fantasy began soon after he saw a talking Heron. The Heron used to add insult to his injuries, leaving him frustrated. Above all, when his stepmother became pregnant, he was on the verge of giving up. That’s when Heron’s manipulation works as he compels the boy to enter a mysterious tower

The true challenges begin after he learns that things are not as they seem. He finds himself in a tight spot where he must figure out the will to live to see and escape from this. You need to watch it if you are looking for anime movies for students.

4. Grave Of The Fireflies

grave of fireflies; anime movies for students-
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It is not just students who must watch this movie; everyone must watch it so they can learn how war destroys lives. Wars never bring peace but are a source of death, destruction, havoc, and the worst possible things one can imagine. War is never a solution! 

Grave Of The Fireflies highlights the lives of war-affected siblings Seita and Setsuko. They do not have anyone or anything to rely on, yet their eyes shine with hope, and they have the kindest hearts. Watching them struggle to survive without food on the streets where the sound of bombs is a constant will bring you to the edge of your seats. 

You should watch it with your family as it’s a family-friendly movie! Also, keep a box full of tissues with you because you can’t even imagine how much you are going to cry. One more thing, it’s one of the anime movies for students who are 13 or older. So don’t watch it with your younger siblings because it might traumatize them.

3. Spirited Away

anime movies for students---SPIRITED AWAY
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It’s one of the must-watch anime movies for students, especially, who are naive and stubborn. Watching Chihiro’s life turn upside down will teach you a lot of things, including valuing your blessings. Chihiro experiences one of the worst possible scenarios, including her parents turning into pigs and her being trapped in a haunted park. 

She couldn’t find a way out of the park, so she left her parents trapped there. Just in time, a boy named Haku came to her help, introducing her to Yubaba’s bathhouse. He told her to work there because she wanted to keep herself protected from the spirits. 

Working in her bathhouse was a must for anyone wanting to survive. After working there as a laborer, she learned a lot about life. You must watch it if you don’t want me to spoil if she finds a way out or not. Believe me or not, it’s one of the most award-winning anime movies for students! After watching this gem, I am sure you will search for anime movies like Spirited Away

2. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME; anime movies for students-
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Anyone looking for a shortcut in life must watch this epic masterpiece. It’s one of the worth-watching anime movies for students that teaches them to value time. Makoto was an average student who found it hard to cope with academic pressure. 

Colors were missing in her life, and she was looking for something exciting. Her wish came true when she all of a sudden found the power to time travel. Feeling super excited after going to the past for once, she decides to use it for every stupid reason. 

She did everything she wanted to do in the past, and now she has the cheat codes to do them perfectly. However, realities hit her hard when she learns about the limit of her precious ability. Life put her in a situation where the use of her power became necessary, but there were not enough tries. Well, you need to watch it if you wanna know if she found a solution or not. 

1. A Silent Voice

a silent voice; anime movies for students-
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you bully students for fun, or if you see your friend doing this, then you need to watch it right now. In fact, every student must watch this movie to learn a lot of things. Not only bullying but there are so many reasons why this movie is on our list of anime movies for students. 

Shouya Ishida used to be very wild and cold, as he loved bullying others for amusement. However, karma hit him hard when he bullied a deaf student, Shouko, leading her to transfer school. After the girl’s transfer, everyone blamed him for his actions, leaving him alone and fighting with constant remorse

Even after years, he couldn’t find a way to lessen the effect of guilt in his heart. So, he decided to meet Shouko to seek her forgiveness in the hopes of breathing peacefully without any regret. Whether he will be forgiven or not, you have to watch it to find out. Have a fantastic watch, my friends!

Final Notes

There are so many anime movies for students that are full of fun and adventure. However, I listed movies that can help us live life better. Well, it’s not like they are not fun; they are super fun and intriguing enough to keep you on the edge of your seats. I will await your response regarding your experience watching these gems. 

Come back later for some awesome anime movie recommendations!


Why are anime movies popular among students?

They are popular for their impressive storyline and creative aspects. They are full of life lessons and also act as a form of escapism from reality. 

Are there any educational anime movies for students?

There are so many anime movies with life lessons, and most of them are famous for being inspiring anime movies. They teach us so many things that are very difficult to learn from life. 

Can anime movies inspire students?

There are so many motivational anime movies that can help students study. The anime world is vast and is full of a variety of educational and inspiring movies for students.

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