15 Best Anime Movies Like Arrietty-Ranked!

For those of you searching for anime movies like Arrietty, I am sure you loved the intricate art and adorable characters. Well, this is the beauty of Ghibli movies. If you watch them once, you’ll yearn to watch similar movies because they are addicting. 

My dearest otaku friends, regarding your special demands, I have come up with an exciting list that closely resembles what you are looking for. Allow me to present my recommendations to you. So, let’s get started!

Heart-Winning Anime Movies Like Arrietty-Full Of Captivating Aspects


  • Doesn’t matter if you liked the aesthetics, art, story, or characters of Arrietty; the list includes movies with many similar aspects
  • Some of them bring a different idea of fantasy, and some bring the deepest life lessons
  • The list is ranked based purely on my personal opinion

15. Swan Lake

Swan Lake
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Movies from the 80s have something special that still spellbinds the audience to it. Watching them refreshes us in so many ways that today’s movies can’t. The main reason is the beauty and the portrayal of the truest emotions in the old gems. Anyhow, this movie is very similar to Barbie of Swan Lake. You heard me right! So if you are looking for anime movies like Arrietty with adorable characters and intriguing plots, here me up:

Things become colorful for Prince Siegfried when he finds a beautiful swan. Unlike others, she had a different aura, and the most eye-catching thing was a crown over her head. Forced by his curiosity, he follows the Swan to learn that she is actually a gorgeous Princess named Odette. 

He was bewildered seeing her human transformation, implying that the cute girl was actually cursed. Just like typical fairy tales, her curse can only be broken with true love from the opposite gender. I am sure we all found fairytales interesting; let’s try this 80s masterpiece to see how it used to entertain people of that time! 

14. Panda! Go Panda!

Anime Movies like Arrietty, Go Panda Go
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Dude, beware because watching this movie with extremely cute characters will steal your heart. The best part? You can watch it with your friends and kids because it comes under the best kids and family-friendly anime movies. Just like watching Arrietty and her friendship with a completely different of her kind Shou melted your heart, this will do the same. 

Mimiko is our orphan and cute main character who was living a simple life without anything exciting. Her grandmother used to look after her, but when she left her alone to pay a visit to her grandfather’s memorial, things changed. Our sweet little girl saw a baby panda in her house. He was so cute that he effortlessly brought a smile to everyone on screen or off-screen. 

The two became friends within no time, and later, baby panda’s mommy and daddy also became well acquainted with Mimiko. Can you guess the best part? Since Mimiko lacked the love of her parents, the pandas decided to fill in that gap for her. Oh My God, how cute is that? Yes, it’s effortlessly one of the best anime movies like Arrietty. 

Bonus: This movie is just around 33 minutes long, so watch it without worrying about time!

13. Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersons The Little Mermaid22 min
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Get ready for another cute and one of the best anime movies like Arrietty. It’s similar to the friendship shown in Arrietty between the two different kinds and, later, the challenges they face. It’s a mermaid and human love story. Marina is our gorgeous mermaid who is extremely intrigued by life on land.

The thought of exploring the human world crosses her mind often. When she spots a handsome guy on a boat who seems to be in trouble, she finds it as an opportunity. Without thinking twice, the mermaid helps him and, at the same moment, loses her heart to him. Spending more time with her deepens her passion for becoming a human, and guess what? She is not afraid of anything standing in her way.

12. Penguin Highway

anime movies like Arrietty-- Penguin Highway
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Imagine waking up and seeing a group of penguins appear out of the blue. This could mean something serious and threatening, right? Well, let’s find out! It’s the story of Ayoma, who is apparently like any other child his age. However, when it comes to his intelligence and thoughts, he is no less than a mature individual.

The sudden appearance of the Penguins creates curiosity in him, and he, along with the woman he likes, sets out to seek answers. They come to learn about a hole that is a mystery in itself. Nobody knows about it or what lies there. Why? Because no one has ever returned from there.

Surprisingly enough, the penguins seem to have the answer to the mysterious things happening all of a sudden. The good part about this movie is that it spellbindes one instantly with suspense and thrill. Moreover, you will love Penguins the way you adored Arriettty, so it definitely makes it one of the best anime movies like Arrietty. 

11. Lu Over The Wall

lu overall the wall
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

A handsome boy, Kai Ashimoto, is our male lead who loves creating music and listening to it. It’s a source of calmness and peace of mind for him. However, his grandfather prohibits music because of the pain of losing a family member. Not just that, there is another reason that haunts the people of his town.

It’s believed that a mermaid who is super attracted to music lives in the sea near the city. Anyhow, the story doesn’t stop Kai from listening to what he loves. One day, when he was listening to music and enjoying the view of the sea, a mermaid named Lu came after listening to the music.

The two became good friends, and it turned out that the mermaids were very loving and cute. They are exactly opposite to what the legend says about them. Their friendship becomes a source of challenges for the two to decide to face together. This movie is similar to your favorite one in many aspects! Such as adorable characters, the friendship between different kinds, and the challenges coming the character’s way. So, it perfectly fits on the list of best anime movies like Arrietty.

10. Children Of The Sea

Children of the sea
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Ruka Azumi likes to stay out of her house for as long as possible. The reason behind her hatred for going home is actually her alcoholic mother. To avoid the interaction with her, she loves playing handball and stays on the court all day. Problems began when she was prohibited from playing handball for some reason, and she also lost a place to stay.

Therefore, she decided to visit her father’s workplace, which turned out to be an aquarium. There, she sees Umi, a unique individual who was raised by Dugongs. Therefore, he became the project of research. Within no time, the two became really good friends, and later, they were joined by some more fun-loving individuals.

Together, the friends decided to set out on an adventure under the sea. Though the story’s nature is very different, the elements of intrigue, fantasy, and fun are a lot similar to Arrietty. So, in many aspects, it’s effortlessly one of the best anime movies like Arrietty.

9. Summer Days With Coo

anime movies like Arrietty: Summer Days With Coo
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It’s the story of a boy named Kouichi Uehara, whose life becomes extremely entertaining with the entry of a new friend. Out of the blue, when he was out, he came across the fossil of a baby Coo, and that’s how he met him. The two instantly became friends, and Kouichi started crying everywhere in his backpack.

Though their friendship was worthy of praise, poor Coo couldn’t refrain from missing his family. Also, it was very challenging for him to accept the life of humans and their style of living. Just like Arrietty and Shou had difficulties understanding each other’s challenges, the same goes for Arrietty and Shou. I am confident you will love it the same way, and hopefully, you’ll find it one of the best anime movies like Arrietty.

8. The Cat Returns

anime movies like Arrietty: The Cat Returns
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Haru Yoshioka was in search of something extraordinary and exciting, and her wish came true when she helped a cat. To her surprise, the cat belonged to the Kingdom of Cats and was loved as a Prince there. The Cat prince felt obliged to his savior and invited her to his kingdom.

Within no time, he even sent her a marriage proposal, which she refused, but things became problematic. She found herself bound to the Cat Kingdom with the constant worry of losing her humanity. Yes, the longer she stayed there, the quicker she was transforming into a cat.

To get her out of this dilemma, our very handsome Baron came to her help like a knight in shining armor. His advice helped the girl become confident, and she decided to seek the answers to her enigma with courage. Suppose you liked The Secret World Of Arrietty because you enjoyed exploring a different world and living style.

In that case, this one will entertain you. Also, once you watch it, you automatically connect the similarities. So, for so many reasons, this movie is on our list of anime movies like Arrietty. 

7. Stand By Me, Doraemon

anime movies like Arrietty -Stand By Me Doraemon
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Nobita and Doraemon’s friendship is world-famous, and everyone wishes for a similar bond. Though the nature of the story is very different from what you are looking for, it offers the same vibes, fun, and high-quality art and aesthetics. It’s not a bad idea to try it if you are into anime movies like Arrietty. 

Nobita was living a messy and chaotic life before his successor from the future sent him a robotic cat called Doraemon. To save Nobita from constant troubles, Doraemon was specially programmed to help him out. However, after seeing Nobita’s struggles, Doraemon refuses to help him, but he is forced by their successor. Watching them become good friends and supporting each other in time of need is no less than a visual treat

6. Kiki’s Delivery Service

anime movies like Arrietty -Kiki's Delivery Service
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It’s another masterpiece from our favorite Studio Ghibli. Since it is created by the same studio, you are gonna find a number of similarities in art and aesthetics. Trust me, you are going to love the vibes and the beautifully designed places. Also, the element of intricacy and delicacy is very much similar to Arrietty, which is also why it’s here on this list of anime movies like Arrietty.

Kiki’s life starts a new chapter when she begins her traditional witch training. For this training to be completed, it’s required for a 13-year-old to search a whole new town to live alone for around a year. The ambitious Kiki said goodbyes to her loved ones and started her journey on her magic broom with her friend cat Jiji.

The two found a beautiful town near the sea, but they still had to look for a palace in which to stay. Unfortunately, the challenges began the moment she left her house, which came in the form of heavy rains and unwelcoming people. Anyhow, watching her adjust to the new life and starting her own business will move your heart. So enjoy!

5. Spirited Away

anime movies like Arrietty --SPIRITED AWAY
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are looking for anime movies like Arrietty specifically for the aesthetics, fantasy element, suspense, and characters facing challenges, then do watch this one. 10-year-old Chihiro’s life starts a tough and daunting chapter when she loses her parents in a creepy park.

Her parents were no longer humans but pigs, and without them, she was all alone with the spirits. Unable to find a way out of the place, a boy named Haku solved her problem. He suggested that she start working for Yubaba, which is the only way to survive.

Not having any other choice, she had to agree to the offer. That’s when I began a new journey full of adventures, challenges, and new learnings. The life lessons this movie teaches are of extremely high value, making it the best lesson-giving movie.

4. Howl’s Moving Castle

anime movies like Arrietty: howl's moving castle
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Did someone say the best Studio Ghibli anime movies like Arrietty? Howl’s Moving Castle is truly a complete package that entertains fans of every genre. So you don’t even need to worry about whether you’ll love it or not because it’s a given. It’s the story of Sophie, whose simple life changes the moment a witch transforms her into an old lady.

The evil villain did this because she didn’t like her encounter with the town’s most handsome wizard, Howl. Anyhow, fate brought the girl in search of answers to the door of Howl’s Moving Castle. She started working as a Cleaner there as she needed a place to hide. The interesting part?

Howl didn’t recognize her, though he figured out she was under a strong spell. Then, we follow the story, and we see them both learning about each other’s secrets. Eventually, their closeness increases, leading them to find solace in each other. It’s a wonderful movie with a stunning visual experience, just like Arrietty. 

3. Suzume

anime movies like Arrietty: Suzume
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are in search of anime movies like Arreitty, then open your heart and welcome this beautiful movie to the list. Suzume will leave you awestruck with its exquisite animation, natural aesthetics, music, characters, and plot twists. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful anime movies, and it’s like Arrietty. Let me give you a warning! Hold your hearts firmly because it’s the movie with the most handsome characters

High school student Suzume’s life takes a life-changing turn when he guides a handsome boy, Souta, to an abandoned area. The man was out looking for a mysterious door that leads otherworldly,  deadly worm-like creatures to this world. Unfortunately, Suzume messed things up when she accidentally removed the Keystone, which transformed into a cat right in front of her eyes. Her actions lead to calamities in the world, and the boy explains that they must capture the cat. But guess what? The plot twist begins when the cute yet naughty cat transforms the Souta into a chair. 

2. Ponyo

anime movies like Arrietty- Ponyo
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

What a fantastic masterpiece!! Trust me, it is a fantastical masterpiece full of intricacy and beauty, making it one among anime movies like Arrietty. It’s the story of an adorable goldfish named Ponyo and her adventures in the human world. She was on the run from her home, fearing the overprotective behavior of her Sorcerer and ex-human father.

She is soon taken in by Sousuke, a boy who finds her cute, and the two become friends. The life on earth intrigued the adorable fish that developed in her a desire to be a human. Her strong will paved the way for her to fulfill her wishes, but it came with a huge cost. The world’s peace and balance were threatened as a consequence. Watch it to learn how your friends will cope with the challenges ahead. 

1. My Neighbour Totoro

anime movies like Arrietty-- My Neighbor Totoro
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This movie will definitely take you back to the strongest and the most beautiful memories of your childhood. Its visually captivating elements intrigue us the same way as Arrietty. The visual aspects, the art, the themes, and the genres, in some ways, make it one of the best anime movies like Arrietty.

The movie begins with Mei and Satsuki traveling to their hometown with their loving father. Soon after arriving, the two sisters start exploring the house and find some mysterious black spirits. Inquiry from the father gave no answers because no one else could see them except them.

After some time, Mei saw a cute and adorable little rabbit and followed it to the jungle. There, she saw a giant, chubby, and lovable spirit named Totoro, who was sleeping. The two had a little hilarious interaction, which led to a beautiful bond at some point. Totoro’s world was just like a fairytale, and their friendship opened the doors to exciting adventures.  Trust me, you will fall in love with every single aspect of this film! So, have a great watch!

Final Notes

Here, we are done and dusted with the list of best anime movies like Arrietty. All of them have the potential to spellbind you with one thing or the other. So, allow yourself to experience the beauty of all these anime gems. I await your update regarding the movies so my friends please do come again!

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What are some anime movies like Arrietty?

There are so many anime movies like Arrietty such as Ponyo, My Neighbour Totoro, and Suzume.

Which movies are like Arrietty on Netflix?

On Netflix, you can watch top anime movies like Arrietty such as Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo. 

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