A Playthrough Of A Certain Dudes VRMMO Life Manga Chapter 92

God, Otaku, and their obsession with virtual reality-themed adventure manga. It’s not their fault; the Japanese Manga Artists have taken the VRMMO theme to another level. They made us experience stories in ways we couldn’t imagine. A Playthrough Of Certain Dudes VRMMO Life manga has gained more eyes with the release of its anime in fall 2023. Those readers who have been enjoying this masterpiece for years have now found a new favorite anime. 

Unfortunately, the ones who enjoyed the anime and started reading the manga felt disappointed. Why? Well, obviously, not because it lacks anything but because it takes a lot of time to update.

A Playthrough Of A Certain Dudes VRMMO Life Manga

A Playthrough Of Certain Dudes VRMMO Life manga

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The manga started to entertain the reader somewhere back in 2016. In so many years, we only got 92 chapters. The manga is stuck on chapter 91, with viewers desperately waiting for Chapter 92. In fact, many readers are in doubt if the manga has been dropped, but that’s not the case as long as it’s not official. 

Chapter 91 came back in June 2023, and we are still counting the days. According to sources, the raw version of the manga has been updated, but it’s more torture for the fans who read in English. 

The thing is, the manga finally made the last year more fun by updating a couple of chapters. Almost 95 chapters are updated, but the problem remains the same. It’s still in Japanese! 

So, probably, we’d have to wait a little longer to grasp the story. However, you can feel at peace knowing that the manga is still running, or let’s say, walking! 😉

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Recap of A Playthrough Of A Certain Dudes VRMMO Life Manga Chapter 91

Previously, we have seen our favorite protagonist who has been taking swimming training from a mermaid. He found his skills and abilities drastically improving. After all, the boy is a quick learner. After completing his training, he logged out when he felt a strange sensation, though he ignored it completely.

Later, logging in again, he received an email just like the others. The email highlighted the higher-ups’ promise to reward the ones who helped in defense of the city. Meanwhile, the MC decided to post a thread related to mermaid training and improving their skills. The episode ends with him purchasing a great cloak capable of a lot of things.

The chapter was entertaining, with comedy every here and there. The art made it more entertaining, and it was an overall fun read.

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Spoilers Chapter 92

In the coming chapter, you can expect action sequences. Above all, expect some impressive abilities the boy gets thanks to his newly bought cloak. We would witness the MC making progress steadily and slowly.

The art seems to have been improving with each single chapter. Fans who have read the raw version praised the character designs and art.

Manga Plot

Well, it’s not like you guys aren’t familiar with the plot. However, let me explain specifically for those who are unsure of the story. Nothing to worry about. The story is similar to what we have watched in the anime. 

The plot focuses on an average 38-year-old employee obsessed with VRMMO games. It’s all about his love for a game titled “One More Free Life Online,” which gives him the freedom to try different things. Eager to experiment and explore new things, he goes on learning new obscure skills–even the ones deemed useless.  

He enjoys it in the true essence and the story is all about him loving what he does!


What is the English name for Toaru Ossan no Vrmmo Katsudouki?

A Playthrough Of A Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life is the English name.

What is a manga called in English?

Feel free to call it “Japanese Manga”.

What happens if you read the manga?

You will learn a lot of things, and it will change your outlook on life. Though, make sure to read the age-appropriate manga.


There is no doubt that this splendid game-themed favourite manga has entertained the readers a lot. However, we request Shiina Howahowa and Shuusai Rikudou— the creators to update it frequently! Manga readers absolutely can’t wait for their favorite manga.

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