Top 10 Anime Movies with Happy Ending

For the past few years, romance anime movies with happy ending have been a hot topic. Their unique perspective, realistic dialogue, and vibrant/memorable characters make these movies more appealing.

These movies, although generally humorous, do not miss a chance to find a serious side of the subject such as heartbreak, self-search, and sacrifice. Also these romance movies create a strong emotional connection between viewers and the main character, enhancing the impact of the story.

Romance anime movies often succeed in keeping the audience engaged by portraying the diversity and complexity of love. So, without further discussion, let’s get started.

Anime Movies With Happy Ending That Will Add Sparkle To Your Life

anime movies with happy ending


10. Hello World

Hello world

The story highlights the lives of book lovers named Ruri Ichigyou and Naomi Katagaki. Naomi is more shy and stays away from group events. However, he hesitates to approach and becomes scared by Ruri due to her rudeness and lack of friendliness.

His fate begins to shift when he decides to take a short walk to a nearby location. There he stumbles upon someone who looks a lot like him, his future self. He warns Naomi that something tragic is going to befall the girl.

Now he is aware that he should now prevent the tragedy that is needed for Ruri’s life while progressing his romance.

9. Suzume


The Suzume anime movie may be light on romance, but the story is entirely beautiful. One day on her way to school Suzume stumbles upon Souta Munakata, a man searching for abandoned areas. Suzume decided to direct the Souta to nearby ruins.

Once there Suzume can see an isolated door with a dream-like universe beyond it. After a while she left for school while leaving the door open which came with huge consequences. The evil inside the door can freely escape and wreak havoc all over Japan.

Now She is determined about closing every single one of those mysterious doors that has led the country into turmoil. Yet, with less romance it still comes in the list of anime movies with happy ending due to its storyline.

8. Fireworks


The sci-fi story of young love and the adventure of life that happened in Fireworks. Kobayashi’s classmate Nazuna is the apple of both Yusuke’s eyes and Norimi’s. Yet, it is Norimichi she likes and she wants him to help her to escape the house.

However after the escape plan fails, Norimichi discovers a magical ball which can reset time and give a new opportunity. Each failing and time reset comes with a new challenge to fulfill the plan.

7. I’ve Always Liked You

I’ve Always Liked You

The inevitable highs and lows of high school love and the struggles of saying the truth are the points that make this film “I’ve Always Liked You” perfect. The story is set in Sakuragaoka High School of Natsuki Enomoto and his romantic relationship with Yuu Setoguchi.

Despite being childhood friends, they don’t truly know each other and feel jealous, adding depth to the story. So, there comes when Natsuki tries and tries again to confess, and the reaction of Yuu changes from big to small.

They might be the center of attention we get to see. Their closest friends knit their hearts in the love web. Because of that, the movie knows how to take you from thrilled to somber, and makes this romance anime movie with a happy ending.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle, which took the spot among the best movies of Ghibli, is based on the novel of the same name. Sophie is an ordinary girl who somehow finds herself in the house of Howl, a prominent wizard with a magically materializing castle.

This film’s main themes are magic, drama, war, and slowly developing romance between Howl and Sophie. However Sophie is cursed by an evil witch which makes her look like an old woman while Howl is missing his heart because of the curse.

Despite the fact that they bear a different curse the two eventually start to develop feelings for each other. Moreover, the movie can almost rival any of the Disney Princess films. The values of this film are what really set it apart: real love stands above beauty.

5. Tamako Love Story

Tamako love story

In “Tamako Love Story,” we escape the adult world to dive into the whirlwind of young love. Tamako and her friends in the Baton Club experience the ups and downs of love, capturing the intense feelings of first romance.

As Tamako and Mochizo confront their emotions, the movie takes us on a straightforward yet powerful journey through the uncertainties of love. Fans love how it focuses on feelings rather than complex plots, finding comfort in its heartfelt portrayal of young love. The best part? It’s one of the best anime movies with happy ending.

4. Whisper of the Heart

Anime movies with happy ending: whisper of the heart

Whisper of the Heart, one of the very few romantic anime movies with happy ending taking place in the sprawling city of Tokyo, a film also made by Studio Ghibli and written by Hayao Miyazaki. The story centers on Shizuku and Seiji, both old souls: Shizuku plays the violin while Seiji writes.

They share a love for books and enjoy visiting antique shops. Through their passion for books getting them closer and closer, the two finally meet actually in the store. Although its plot is less complicated than the rest of the films.

Whisper of the Heart is still an amazing and heart touching movie. With a chance encounter of the main couple that takes place in a true love message. It is also a lovely romantic setting that leaves the audience with a sort of fulfillment, especially at the end, since it signifies a happy ending.

3. Weathering With You

Anime movies with happy ending: weathering with you

One of the best anime movies with happy ending is Weathering With you. The main character of the movie is a seventeen year old school boy named Hodaka who comes on a gorgeous journey of romance.

Hodaka runs from his little town to see the girl named Hina, who has weather-manipulating powers. Hina’s gifts are not understood by anyone around them, which becomes a burden the couple has to carry.

The two get closer, but Hina’s mysterious powers start to take a toll on them. They had to come up with a plan to deal with the unusual event involving Hina’s ability to change the weather while warding off evil forces.

Creating its own weather, it is kind of a complete masterpiece built with attractive animation. Like most Shinkai’s films, Weathering With You shouldn’t be missed; it explores love and friendship’s boundaries.

2. A Silent Voice

Anime movies with happy ending: a silent voice

Fans of A Silent Voice fall under the spell of the movie despite the film portraying the message of deepness so softly. Shoya Ishida, a main character in the movie, bullied a deaf high school girl named Shoko Nishimiya in his class.

However, he is still constantly haunted by his past actions toward her. He tried to make amends when randomly he saw Nishimiya and tried to atone for his wrongdoings. While attempting to gain Nishimiya’s trust as well as being her friend; Shoya comes to see the world from her perspective.

On top of its nice plot, the film has equally amazing cinematography as well as a great soundtrack which massively enhances its audience appeal. It also comes in the list of sad romance anime movies but still, it’s the anime movie with a happy ending.

1. Your Name

Anime movies with happy ending: your name

On our first rank of anime movies with happy ending is the movie Your Name. The movie is undoubtedly one of the best anime films ever made and one of the most influential worldwide.

Critics have praised the work by Makoto Shinkai, depicting the beautiful story of Mitsuha and Taki. The high school prep which somehow starts swapping places unintentionally. After encountering each other, their own lives become increasingly difficult as they must come to terms with this peculiar situation.

Apart from the lovers, the climax of the story further presents itself through the strange turns at the end of the plot. Your Name movie enchants its viewers with stunning visuals and a deeply emotional story, making it a modern classic you must watch.

Final Notes

Finally, there are many romance anime movies with happy ending out there. We pick out some of the most liked movies that are famous among anime and manga fans. These movies show us how love always wins even if there are millions of obstacles.

For more anime recommendations, stay with us!

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Do romance movies always end with a Happy ending?

The Simple answer is no, it is not compulsory there are many heartbreaking anime movies as well.

Q2. Are there more romance anime films with a happy ending available?

Yes, there are many more movies available for viewers to watch. Such as The Garden of Words, Hello world and so on.

Q3. Where to watch these romantic anime movies?

Most movies are available to stream on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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