Anpanman Film 2023 Unveils Title and Opening date

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the upcoming Anpanman film, and the wait is finally over! The title and opening date have just been revealed and it looks like we’re in for an exciting adventure!

The much-anticipated film will be premiering on June 30, 2023, and is titled “Sore ike! Anpanman Roboly to Pokapoka Present!”

Anpanman Film 2023 Unveils Title and Opening date

This is sure to be an exciting time for fans of all ages, as the Anpanman franchise has been a staple in Japanese culture since the 1980s.

The film commemorates the 35th anniversary of the anime and the 50th anniversary of the picture book series.

What Sore ike! Anpanman Roboly to Pokapoka Present! Will Be About

The film stars Comet Robo, a home for robots that can manufacture anything, and Roboly, a robot girl who is the most efficient at what she does. However, she discovers that there is one “important thing” that she cannot build on her own. She then decides to leave Comet Robo with her robot bird sidekick Koto to get it.

Along the way, they discover a music box and trace its roots back to Anpanman’s planet. They then head there to seek the owner. Roboly’s chest begins to feel “warm” after spending time with Anpanman.

Baikinman develops the strongest mecha “Roboking” during this time and aims to transform Comet Robo into Comet Baikin-Robo. Thus, Anpanman and his companions attempt to safeguard Comet Robo as Roboly looks for the “important thing.”

More about Anpanman

Anpanman is a popular Japanese children’s manga that follows the adventures of a superhero made of bread called “Anpanman” and his friends. He has become a beloved figure in Japanese culture and has been adapted into a popular anime series, video games, and even a live-action film.

The franchise was created by Takashi Yanase in 1973. It has since been adapted into various media, including television shows and films. Anpanman is also known as “Anpuran” in Japan.

The character’s name derives from the Japanese fluffly bread roll and the verb “anpa” meaning “to burst.” This refers to his habit of bursting out of any container he enters. This concept was used for the movie poster where Anpanman bursts out from a bag of flour that he caught inside when it exploded due to too much baking powder being added to it!

Anpanman Film 2023 Unveils Title and Opening date
Credits: Crunchyroll

The characters are heavily merchandised in Japan, appearing on practically every possible child’s product, from clothing and video games to toys and snack foods.

In 2011, research by Bandai found Anpanman to be the most popular fictional character among people aged 0 to 12 in Japan for 10 consecutive years. Anpanman overtook Hello Kitty as Japan’s top-grossing character in 2002 and was Japan’s top-grossing character as of 2019.

Anpanman’s Impact

Anpanman inspired the manga and anime series One-Punch Man, as well as the K-pop song “Anpanman” by BTS.

The show also inspired a short-lived spin-off series featuring one of the show’s most popular recurring characters, Omusubiman.

The franchise is the subject of five museums in Japan, including the Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall. There is also the Yanase Takashi Memorial Hall, a museum devoted to Takashi Yanase himself.

Anpanman train livery may be seen on various JR Shikoku trains, including the JR Shikoku 2000 series DMU and the JR Shikoku 8000 series EMU.

Anpanman Film 2023 Unveils Title and Opening date
Credits: By Rsa – Rsaが岡山駅で撮影, CC BY-SA 3.0,

To Recap

The upcoming film is sure to capture the hearts and minds of young viewers. So, if you’re looking for a fun, exciting, and heart-warming cinematic experience, mark your calendar for June 30th and make sure to check out Sore ike! Anpanman Roboly to Pokapoka Present!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the inspiration behind the show?

The creator, Takashi Yanase, endured starvation countless times during World War II, which made him to fantasize about eating an anpan. This sparked the idea for Anpanman.

Where are updates posted?

We will post follow-up news articles here on animefleek but additional info could be retrieved from the official website.

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