Attack On Titan Author Gets Emotional And Apologize For Ending

Attack On Titan
Credit: MAPPA | Attack on Titan

At Anime NYC 2022, the creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, expressed remorse at the show’s ending and was showered with love and support from the audience.

Attack on Titan or “Shingeki no Kyojin” creator Hajime Isayama attended Anime NYC, the first anime convention in the United States. During his guest appearance, he delivered several surprises, including one that most of his fans had anticipated.

He created one of the most tales in the history of manga and anime at the young age of just 26. Hajime Isayama continued to feel the need to apologize for his mistakes. The mangaka, one of the most well-known presenters at Anime NYC 2022, startled the guests by expressing regret for the divisive Attack on Titan finale (Shingeki no Kyojin).

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What did The Author say in Anime NYC 2022?

Attack On Titan
Credit: MAPPA | Attack on Titan

On the occasion, Hajime Isayama took part in a panel where he spoke about a variety of subjects, including the inspirations for his characters however what caught the public’s attention were his regrets over the way the series ended.

Hajime Isayama’s remorse was conveyed as:

I still have doubts in me about the way it ended, and I’m still suffering for it. I’m very sorry

Hajime Isayama

Isayama responded with a trace of emotions when asked if he always had the ending of Attack on Titan planned out. Thankfully, the audience cheered him on and showered him with a boisterous ovation to demonstrate their respect for the author.

As the audience applauded him for his apology, he nearly started crying. After this heartwarming encounter, he thanked his fans for a wonderful experience.

I want to express my gratitude to all fans.
I wasn’t sure how to feel about the end of the story.
I was having a really difficult time and I apologize.
Carrying heavy feelings, I was down for a long time, until yesterday when I met fans during the signing.
Fans told me the ending was great and that they loved the ending and it made me happy and coming to New York was a great experience for me.
Thank you.

Hajime Isayama

Spoiler about the Ending

Attack On Titan
Credit: MAPPA | Attack on Titan

Throughout the event, Hajime expressed his regret about how he ended the comic. But as a manga reader with a broken heart, I can confirm that there was no other way to bring it to a close. Skip the last phrase and watch some other amazing anime if you don’t want spoilers. I’ll now discuss the anime’s finale.

I’ll now go through what prompted “Attack on Titan” developer’s to apologise in the first place. Eren’s ultimate attack, The Rumbling, was shown in season 4 part 2.

Furthermore, what seems to be the end of the world as we know it actually just began. The Rumbling will nearly completely wipe off Warriors and Titans as they become involved in a terrible battle for humanity. In the end, this invasion was successful in achieving Eren’s objectives of defending his country and rescuing Titan humanity.

There is only one other person who has seen everything, in contrast to Eren. I’m talking about Mikasa. In spite of the fact that doing so necessitated murdering Eren and putting a stop to his intentions, poor, faithful Mikasa did all in her power to defend the guy she loved.

She ultimately succeeded in doing precisely that, enabling the planet (as well as Eren’s friends) to fully recover. We who have supported Eren from the start do not despise Hajime. Instead, we cheerfully support all of his decisions about Eren.

The only way Eren could win was in that scenario, albeit humanity may also succeed. There is hence no need to apologize!

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