Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Will Air In Two Parts

To the shock of many, It is official that Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 will have two parts. The first half is scheduled to be released on March 3, and the other part will air sometime this year as well.

The official announcement for the split cour was up on the Attack on Titan website. It was later out on the official Twitter account via @anime_shingeki as well. The upcoming Season production committee also apologized for the delay.

And along with the information, a teaser Promotional Video was also out. The teaser featured the aftermath of the rumbling with a young Eren.

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However, there have been rumors that the first cour of Part 3 is likely to be a special episode much longer than the regular 20 minutes. Fans have speculated that because there are only 9 chapters left to adapt. This is most likely a complete recap special episode and the 2nd cour will cover the last 9 chapters.

Statement from MAPPA Studio

A statement from studio Mappa was also out stating that they had to cut Part 3 into two parts because there is a lot of workload with other shows that they have recently picked up.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 Key Visual

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 will be split into two parts

The key visual for the series was out some time ago before the decision to split into two parts. The visual featured most of the main characters including Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and Reiner who are all trying to stop Eren.

The list of cast members for the third season includes Yuuki Kaiji as Eren Yeager, Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackerman, Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi Ackerman, Marina Inoue as Armin Arlert, and Yoshimasa Hosoya as Reiner Braun.

The list of staff members handling the production are Yuuichirou Hayashi as the series’ director, Hiroyuki Sawano in charge of music, Kishi Tomohiro for character designs, and Seko Hiroshi for the series composition.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 PV

Besides the fact that the reasons are getting more delayed. No one can argue that there is anything missing in the production of this season. This Promotional Video is absolutely incredible and the choreography is a thing of beauty.

Perfectly capturing the true essence of Eren’s destructive power as he tramples the continent and everyone residing in it beneath his feet.

Things can only get better from here. March 3rd is the date you need to keep an eye out for.

What Happened so far in Attack on Titan

After Eren successfully infiltrated the Marleyan territory as a wounded soldier and met up with Zeke. Both of them came up with the plan of eradicating the Eldians through the Euthanization plan. However, Eren had different plans when he decided to attack the Warhammer Titan head on.

After the successful attack on Marleyan Island, and almost reaching back home unscathed Levi and Hange decide to keep a distance between the two brothers. The best way to do that was keeping Zeke in the eyes of Levi and trapping Eren in an underground Cell.

And while a rebellion grows in Paradise by Eren’s followers, capturing anyone who opposes Eren’s true plan. Well, all while making sure that Eren can meet up with Zeke to initiate his plan.

And when the Marleyan forces finally strike, they do their utmost to stop Eren and Zeke to meet. However, their plans fail and Eren shatters the walls, waking up thousands of colossal titans.

He has set his eyes on the world beyond the walls. He will not stop until every obstacle in his path is eradicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 was split into two parts?

A special statement from MAPPA animation studio stated that they are splitting Part 3 into two parts. This is because of the extreme workload, and the decision came after consulting with the production committee.

Will Eren destroy Marleyan island?

Eren is marching toward the Marleyan territory with his thousands of colossal titans right behind him. It is most likely that he will destroy everything in his path. The only way to stop him is if his friends try and kill him.

Source:, Twitter via @anime_shingeki


keep your hopes high as the coming one will be better than the previous seasons for sure. The AOT creator Hajime Isayama has never disappointed its fans and will never do. Anime and manga fans believe in him. Though, the ending may bring tears to our eyes but it surely will be all worth it.

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