Baikinman and Anpanman Team Up in New Anpanman Anime Movie Trailer

Time to feel nostalgic as everyone’s childhood favorite characters are returning to the big screens. Anpanman anime movie is ready to entertain us on June 28. The upcoming masterpiece’s key visuals and teaser trailer keep the fans spellbound. 

A one-minute 29-second teaser trailer, along with some key visuals, gives glimpses into the world of Anpanman. There are almost 34 anime films out there, and this one will be the 35th! The upcoming anime film is titled “Let’s Go! Anpanman: Baikinman and Lulun Of The Picture Book”.

About Anpanman Anime Movie

Sorei! Anpanman key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

Jun Kawagoe is the captain of the ship, and he directs Soreiki! Anpanman. Shoji Yonemura is responsible for writing the scripts. The anime’s music connects the audience deeply. So, Taku Izumi and Hiroaki Kondo handle the music creation and production.

In the film’s trailer, the two cast members are also highlighted. Apart from human characters, you can expect some cute and wild animals.Aya Ueto voices Lulun, and Takashi Okamura plays the role of Suitoru Zou, an elephant. Takashi sensei is one of the most famous comedians. Details in depth may be announced in a few days. 


In the upcoming “Sorei! Anpanman” movie, we can expect a lot of exciting moments. We’ll see that Lulun will summon Baikinman in a magic book, who will act as the warrior of love and courage. Suitoru Zou, the elephant, goes out of control, and a fairy requests his help to stop him. Baikinman would try his best to handle things all by himself, but the challenges will force him to seek help from anyone other than Anpanman!

Source: Crunchyroll

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