Duel Masters LOST Manga to Get Anime Adaptation in Fall 2024

Whenever the anime adaptation announcement comes, it leaves fans overjoyed. The same goes this time; the popular manga Duel Masters Lost will also receive an anime this year. On February 1, Duel Masters LOST: Crystal Of Memories was launched. It’s basically the spin-off of Duel Masters WIN.

Almost a month later, the news of its anime adaptation arrived. No specific release date is out yet, the anime will officially hit somewhere in the fall of this year. 

About Duel Masters LOST Anime

Today, the higher-ups dropped key visuals and a teaser trailer presenting this epic news. The 54-second trailer gives us an idea of the theme, aesthetic, and genre. The animation quality looks fantastic, and why not? After all, J.C. Staff handles the animation production. 

Duel Masters LOST

Credit: Crunchyroll

Details in depth will take time to unveil, and getting the additional information regarding the staff and cast requires patience. The story revolves around the main character, Win Kirifuda, so his original voice actor will voice him. Yes, we are talking about the super-talented Shotaro Uzawa. On the other hand, Wataru Hatano will voice Jashin-Kun. 


As the anime title suggests, we will see the protagonist losing his memories and everything he holds precious. He seeks answers to his questions in a dilemma where life keeps bombarding him with challenges. He will be forced to enter a battle between inner and outer foes!

Source: Crunchyroll

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