Banished From The Heros Party Season 2 Announced

The Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside series is one of the most beloved fantasy romance series that came out in the year 2021, the official website announced the production of banished from the hero’s party season 2.

The first season focused on Red, Ruti’s older brother who left the hero’s party so he could live a peaceful life on the outskirts of town and start an apothecary business.

And while the series did gave us a proper ending with Red and Rit reuniting and Red being recognized as an important member of the hero’s party, there were still many things left for them to do.

The announcement came with a special illustration by the original character designer, Yasumo along with comments from various staff members and the original author, Zappon.

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Original Illustrations by Staff

The original light novel character design illustration was created by Yasumo:

Banished from the Hero's party season 2

Ruriko Watanabe, the character designer for the anime series also released a special illustration featuring Ruti and Rit very close to one another:

Banished from the Hero's

Words from the staff of Banished from the hero’s party season 2

The original author of the series, Zappon expressed his happiness about the release of the second season and thanked everyone who enjoyed his series: 

2nd term! It’s the 2nd term, the 2nd term! I’m so happy!
Of course, after watching the final episode of season 1, I really wanted to see the continuation in season 2, but… it’s not something the original author wants to do. This is all thanks to the many people who enjoyed the anime. thank you very much.

The chief director of the series, Hoshino Makoto congratulated the series’ author, Zappon, and expressed his excitement that he could work on a sequel:

I am grateful to be able to fight that God again.
To think that we can work together while shouting, Along with joy, a shudder runs through me, I want to fight by your side until the end of this battle, so Thank you for your continued support!
I would like to try various things, Not only Zappon-sensei, but also the fans I hope you can look forward to “True Friends Season 2”! Wow! I can do it again!

Megumi Shimizu

The series composer, Megumi Shimizu was appreciative of everyone’s continued support and happy work on the upcoming sequel:

Live like yourself even if you go against God… Red and Ruti are the ones who lead such a terrifying way of life. In the first season, Luti, who was bound by the divine protection of the “Hero”, was able to sleep, taste food, and regain her smile.
It ended beautifully, just like in the original, but I’d like to write Ruti smiling happily surrounded by Red and his friends.
When I heard that the second season was decided, I honestly thought so, and I was very happy.
I would appreciate it if many people could see the second life that Red and Ruti walkthrough. “True Nakama 2nd season” is under production, so please look forward to the follow-up report!      

Special comments and illustrations from the cast

Ryota Suzuki, who has got the leading voice role of Red drew a special illustration of his character. He presented it with comments about the upcoming sequel:

the Hero's party season 2

Nice to meet you again, this is Ryota Suzuki, who plays the role of Red. It’s already been a year since the previous work, where we watched the future of Red and Lit, sometimes got involved in incidents, and had a peaceful time while suffering from “divine protection”. I’m really happy to be able to play their daily lives again so soon.
We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Kanon Takao, the voice of Rit also created a cutesy illustration fearing her character and appreciating everyone’s continued support:

Banished from the Hero's party

I love the warm atmosphere of “True Friends”, so I’m really happy and looking forward to being able to play Lit again and to deliver it to everyone in the anime.

I would like to do my best to draw out the attractive part of Lit, who is a sweet, cute, and sometimes dignified woman, even more in the play. 

Judging from the illustrations, we can say not just the anime enthusiasts but the voice cast is also very excited.

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The Plot of Banished from the Hero’s Party

Red is a D-rank and a beautiful adventurer who lives in the outskirt of the kingdom. He also works on building his apothecary shop. The boy was living a simple life. He was once a member of the hero’s party. But he left because he never felt like he was good enough.

He soon meets the town hero. Rit who is more than interested in joining his cause to build an apothecary and continue helping people.

However, his peaceful life soon takes a turn when the demon lord forces strike in the tiny town. But don’t worry, since it’s fantasy romance get ready to watch a cute story.

About the series

Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside is a light novel series. Zappon has written it and Yasumo has illustrated it. The series began serialization in the user-generated Shosetsuka ni Naro website in October 2017.

The light novel series currently has 11 volumes in circulation and the first season of the anime covered four chapters. The upcoming sequel will begin from volume five.

Masahiro Ikeno is also working on a manga adaptation since May 2018 in Kadokawa’s shonen magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is banished from the hero’s party worth watching?

The series is an adventure-type series that introduces a fantasy world without intense action fight scenes. The series is more oriented toward the romantic aspect of the show and it is easily a great watch.

Why did Red leave the hero’s party?

Red felt like he wasn’t strong enough to protect Ruti. So he decided it was better to leave the hero’s party and continue on a different path.

Will there be a season 2 of banished from the hero’s party

Yes, get ready to watch it on your screens soon.


Anime fans eagerly await this masterpiece in the anime industry. It’s one of the most loved anime projects. Why? because those who have read the manga know that this anime adaptation is going to be watch worthy. For similar anime updates, keep following us! Hopefully Banished From The Hero’s Party Season 2 will be as good as season 1.

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