Berserk Chapter 376: Spoilers & Release Date

Berserk has forever been keeping fans on their toes. Waiting for Berserk Chapter 376 is definitely hard, but it’s not something new. True fans of this popular manga series know that getting a chapter in a long time is no less than a blessing.

Berserk is famous for taking long breaks, but the good thing is it DOES come back. However, this time, things are a little different. Fans are furious over the delay of the upcoming Chapter 376. It was supposed to release sooner but there are no signs of it.  

RECAP of Berserk Chapter 376

The recent chapter took the breath away from people on-screen and off-screen. It came as a shock for everyone as Guts seems to be in serious trouble. In the last chapter, we see that Daiba gets a prophecy, and Silat believes that it’s coming true. Silat was confused about the wooden horse, and it looked like a Western warship to him. 

berserk chapter 376 official

Credit: Official Berserk Manga

Then, he doubted that they might be intending to invade the Kushan Seas. However, General Daiba didn’t seem to agree with him. The scene then shifts towards Guts, where we see him unexpectedly very weak. 

The Kushan warriors have captured him, and he is unable to do anything. Watching the great warrior in terrible condition left everyone, especially Isidro, in shock. He got furious over him and wanted Guts to get up, who had fallen on the ground. Later, one of the Kushan warriors is revealed to be Rickert. And there you go, the chapter ends!

Now, in such a messy situation, it’s definitely challenging to wait for the next chapter. Fans are eager to know how Guts will manage. What will happen to him now? Why has he let the Kushan warriors capture him, and in what state of mind is he? 

There are literally a thousand questions that have crowded the minds of readers. 

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Berserk Chapter 376 (Spoiler Time)

As far as the spoilers for Chapter 376 are concerned, fans are heartbroken now. Why? Because, unfortunately, there are no spoilers. Spoilers emerge only a few days prior to the official release of the chapter. So, this is something that makes fans impatient and furious. However, we can expect that certain revelations will be made on the Kushan warriors. Fans are not just waiting but, in fact, are busy creating theories about it. They are talking about possibilities and what-ifs!

Berserk Chapter 376 Release Date

The fact that it took chapter 374 months to come out is worrying the fans a lot. The irregular schedule of the series is actually very disturbing for some fans. However, nothing to worry about. The possible release dates of the most awaited chapter are December 8, 13, or 22. Let’s just hope that the creators don’t make us wait much. 

Overall Fan’s reaction

Some of the fans are extremely furious about the delays in the chapters. While some of the fans are patient as they have accepted that their favorite manga will take its time to update. The fact that a group of anime enthusiasts are creating New Berserk anime is mind-blowing. Studio Eclypse has taken the responsibility to create a fan-made adaptation of their favorite anime, Berserk. 


Why is Berserk so good?

Berserk is famous for its dark fantasy element, overpowered MC with a challenging life, and engaging plot. 

Is Berserk a dark anime?

Berserk is a dark anime with violence, blood, and themes like profanity.

Is Berserk a brutal anime?

Yes, you will find the series packed with blood, violence, gore, and nudity.


Old fans of Berserk have somehow accepted that waiting is their destiny. So, let’s just be like them and wait patiently. Simply be patient and observe how the story unfolds over time. Undoubtedly, Studio Gaga is doing a fantastic job of keeping the manga engaging. Have a good time waiting! For similar anime news, please stay connected with Animefleek. 

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