Top 20 Best Anime Endings Of All Time

best anime endings

Just like the anime’s opening songs are important, its endings are essential too. Without a proper opening or ending, the anime feels incomplete. Therefore, anime creators put effort into creating OP-ED songs. 

Today’s discussion will be about the best anime endings of all time. We’ll know what makes it unforgettable for the fans and why they are the best. I will enlist my top 20 most favorite anime endings, so make sure you stay till the end. 

20. aLIEz (Aldnoah.Zero)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: AmaLee Official YouTube Channel

I doubt you would have heard a trilingual song before. Yes, aLIEz is that one song for you. The singer has done an immensely difficult and plausible job of bringing out the anger, frustration and agony in this song. 

Drum Beats, vocals and passions are overflowing in aLIEz, and that is perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity. You will feel the sincerity in this ending song and hence will be drawn to the core of this anime. 

19. Paranoid Android (Ergo Proxy)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Ergo proxy Ending Song

Paranoid Android is a song by Radiohead based on the alienation and disconnection one feels. No song could have suited it the way Paranoid Android does. The fans of Ergo Proxy and Radiohead know that, at first, Radiohead didn’t want their song to be included in the anime. 

However, they couldn’t say no after learning the details about the anime. The addition of this song to the anime has added to its charm. The lyrics simply make the story relatable and add depth to it. 

18. Reason (Hunter X Hunter)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

HXH is the best entry in the world of shounen anime, and so are its OP-ED songs. The way it focuses on the relationship between Gon and Killua makes it a masterpiece. It’s been a decade since the Greed Island arc came out, yet everything seems new. 

It’s a beautiful song with heart-touching lyrics, and only those who can relate to it are familiar with the bond of Gon and Killua. If you haven’t watched this remarkable anime, then don’t think too much and begin ASAP!

17. Sore wa Shiisana Hikari na Youna (Erased)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Erased Ending Song

“I am the only one who has seen your past and future.”

Not only are the lyrics beautiful, but the fact that it perfectly fits the story makes it fantastic. Those who have watched Erased can only know the reliability of this song. Its visuals are perfectly chosen for this song which makes it the best anime ending of all time. 

It’s highly recommended to all those otaku who are crazy for anime OP-ED songs. The artist’s melodious voice and the power of the guitar is what makes this sound more magical. 

16. ScaPEGoat (Seraph Of The End)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Seraph Of The End Ending Song

After listening to this song, one can easily say it was made for this anime. Sawano Hiroyuki has beautifully and effortlessly made the song magical with his melodious voice. The way he switches from Japanese to English swiftly is mind-blowing. 

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Seraph Of The End itself is a masterpiece, so you can expect everything to be outclassed by this. The song perfectly highlights the life of the main characters.

15. Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai (Attack on Titan)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: AOT Ending Song

Man, this anime hasn’t left even a single chance to steal the audience’s heart. It was a banger entry into the world of anime. Not just its spine-chilling plot and character worth praising, but all of its opening and ending songs are!

There is an artistic touch to it, making it one of the best anime endings of all time. It has the most-heart touching lyrics as it beautifully narrates the whole story in just a few minutes. Isn’t that great?

14. Monster Without A Name (Psycho-Pass)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Psycho Pass Ending Song

Psycho-Pass enjoys a special place in the otaku fandom for its enticing plot and characters. The song’s visuals and theme fit best into its Cyberpunk and Psychological thriller genre. This is one of those anime whose openings and endings can’t be skipped; otherwise, it will result in regrets. 

Only electric guitar could create the right feel, and the song proves it well. The lyrics and the right visuals are very important in making a song, and this ending song has it all filled with perfection!

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13. Last Theatre (Death Parade)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Death Parade strangely shows the absolute realities of life and human emotions. This ending song only adds to the charm of the anime. The heavy visuals and instrumentals full of despair and agony are a magnum opus. 

This ending song is mesmerizing from the beginning, and the lyrics portray the depth of the anime and its characters. “Is it almost over now? Can’t see the way.” The sadness, emotions and reality are only reflected clearly. This anime and its ending song show that everyone is cherished by someone, no matter who the person is.

12. Some Like It Hot (Gintama)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Watch this one with visuals if you are a Gintama fan because this song showcases Gintama’s growth. Applaud to the bands SPYAIR and DOES that brought the masterpiece to the floor. The songs became popular as solos and attracted a lot of attention. 

For anime lovers, this song is an adrenaline rush, but once you get to the lyrics, it will go right through your heart. The lyrics are simply amazing as they bring out the loneliness and the inner self of our favorite character Gintama.

11. Lost In Paradise (Jujutsu Kaisen)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Wiki Fandom

This ending song takes all the credit for showing exactly as its name. Lost In Paradise is one ending song that you will never skip, no matter how much you listen to it. Half the credit goes to its visuals. 

Seeing your favorite most stern and serious characters dancing the life out of them is surely mesmerizing. If you are ever in need of a power boost for like in your morning routine, then play this one, and you will be filled with never-ending energy. 

10. Fairy Tail Pierce 

best anime endings of all time

Credit: IMDb

Music is harmony, not just with instruments but with lyrics and vocals. Pierce is more of a tribute to this shonen anime, and it brings back the nostalgia of all seasons. The song itself became more popular in the 4th season. 

If you have heard it, then you will agree to be enchanted by the bells in the background. Not only that, but the soft instrumental creates a serenity that runs deep through the heart. Even for someone who isn’t a Fairy Tail fan, this ending song will give goosebumps. 

9. Dango Daikazoku Clannad

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Flowers Of Evil Ending Song

If you have watched Clannad and have bawled your eyes out watching the show, then only you can understand this song. Apparently, it feels like it’s a childish song made on the dumpling family. Well, It’s not merely about food, but it’s a very deep song that highlights the overall life of the characters. 

Only the Japanese have the talent to make such meaningful and profound songs. Not gonna lie; Jun Maeda has done a remarkable job at writing this song. 

8. A Last Flower (Flowers Of Evil)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Flowers Of Evil Endign Song

Listening to this song effortlessly gives you an eerie feeling that perfectly describes the anime genre. If you like horror and thrilling types of songs, this is not to be missed. The lyrics and the way singers have sung this song describe their talents. 

It’s very unique, and unlike other songs, this one feels simply like an anthem without any melody. Nothing could have suited this anime apart from this song. 

7. Guilty Sky (Claymore)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Claymore Ending Song 

It is impossible to listen to this song and not feel anything. The lyrics, the singing style, the Chorus and Heavy Guitar make it spectacular. Riyu Kosaka sang this song so beautifully that despite two decades since the song was released, it still feels new. 

To be honest, this song and the whole anime are a bit too underrated. So, I would highly recommend that you guys watch it ASAP. 

6. Cowboy Bebop The Real Folk Blues

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Cowboy Bebop Ending Song

The opening song and Cowboy Bebop’s ending have an indescribable charm. This song makes one remember the characters effortlessly and has the power to make one feel emotions. Cowboy Bebop is recognized as one of the most iconic anime in history. 

This is because everything about it is out of this world, be it its characters, the story, the songs, the graphics, and simply whatnot! The fact that all of its visuals have a meaning and reference in the anime is just fantastic. The first visual of a rose represents the way to Julia’s heart. Similarly, each visual has a meaning that only the Cowboy fans can analyze. 

5. Roundabout (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Jojo Wiki

The lyrics and the music makes it impossible for one to keep calm. It is so good that one can’t help but relisten to it a thousand times. It also makes one laugh because of how it’s linked to a meme. It’s a 1971 song by YES, yet it hasn’t gotten old. 

Almost all the OP-ED songs of this anime have special fandom; nothing can be compared to Roundabout. It would have been unfair if I hadn’t mentioned this one on this list of Best Anime Endings of all time. 

4. Fly Me To The Moon (Neon Genesis Evangelion) 

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Neon Genesis Ending Song

Fly Me To The Moon is so peaceful that it will definitely move you to tears. Though Frank Sinatra originally sang this song, Claire Littley’s version in the anime is no less. It’s indeed iconic, and being a part of Neon Genesis makes it commendable. 

This is because of how it is linked to the overall nature and plot of the anime. This song highlights the characters’ emotions, ultimately making the fans emotional. The anime is tragic and dark, so this ending song was a must to keep the audience at peace. 

3. FMA: Brotherhood Uso (Lie)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: FMA: Brotherhood Ending Song

The beauty of this song is that not only does one want to relisten to it, but it also forces one to rewatch the anime. If someone has watched the anime, it’s hard to say that one has skipped this epic ending.

Uso is performed by Sid and is simply a masterpiece. Above all, the creative and cute illustrations used in the song make it a favorite of the fans. There is no opening or ending song of FMA: Brotherhood that one can skip easily. Indeed it is one of the best anime endings of all time. 

2. Vinland Saga Torches

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Vinland Saga Ending Song

Vinland Saga took years to release its second season. Listening to Torches made it even harder for fans to wait for the next, and this describes the remarkability of it very well. Aimer beautifully performed this song as it emotionally connected to the fans. 

The lyrics fit exceptionally to Thorfinn’s story, and the fact that listening to this song also makes one remember Askelad. Creating a song which highlights the character’s journey and makes the listener emotional is an art. Torches is indeed one of the best anime endings of all time. The lyrics and the animation and visuals, i.e., the selection of scenes, also make it the best. 

1. Saihate (Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc)

best anime endings of all time

Credit: Crunchyroll Dubs

We all know what an incredible comeback Bleach had this year. Not only was the anime thrilling and spine-chilling, but the music was top-notch as well. Saihate beautifully links to the story of the anime, and it definitely gives one goosebumps. Undoubtedly it’s a banger!

SennaRin has done a phenomenal job at performing this song, and trust me, if you haven’t listened to it yet, you have missed a gem!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Japanese anime songs called?

Japanese Anime Songs are popularly called “AniSon”.

Why do anime have ending songs?

The answer to this question is subjective. However, it is because anime are incomplete without a proper beginning and end. They connect the audience with the characters deeply and highlight the overall story engagingly.


Finally, we are done with the best anime endings of all time. Just listen to all of them one by one to feel goosebumps, as all are simply spine-chilling. I would be pleased if you shared your favorite OP-ED songs and the reasons behind them!

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