Top 10 Best Anime Winter 2023 To Watch

Top 10 Best Anime Winter 2023 To Watch

Winter season already ends and we are already on our way to the summer season. Looking back, we have a great list of anime that warms our hearts from the chilling snow outside.

Let’s step back and renounce the top 10 best anime in winter 2023. Who knows you haven’t heard one of them and decide to sit back for a minute before rummaging through your summer anime watchlist.

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10. Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Let’s start with your love and hate genre, isekai. While we have many titles lining up with that genre, each one of them almost tastes the same. Just think about the common troupe – reborn to another world, getting too powerful, having girls right and left – makes isekai genre so bland.

But, we have one stand-out isekai anime, Camping Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill. What you expect from typical isekai is none to be found. Girl? Nope, MC overpowered? Nope, what does he do then? Well, cooking.

The story follows Tsuyoshi Mukouda who is summoned to another world’s kingdom as a hero. Noticing their true intention, he successfully buys his way out using his useless skill, Online Supermarket. But no one can guess that it enables him to purchase the item from Japan cheaply. With his partners, a Fenrir and a slime, he travels the world while enjoying delicious food every day!

9. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack

We have a great deal of romance anime past winter. Most of them are big names to boot. Of course, we can’t leave this teasing rom-com anime from the list. While we have the classic romance with aggressive males and docile females, Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro overturns that premise upside down.

The story centers around Nagatoro and her upperclassman Hachioji. Their relationship begins when Nagatoro accidentally meets Hachioji in the library while working on his manga. After reading his manga and looking at his awkward personality, he decides to tease him a lot from that day.

8. The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

What’s on your mind when girls’ centered anime is mentioned? Slice of life? Musical? You won’t find those in this series. The fantasy anime which full of fan service but also there is a bit of drama the further you go beyond the episodes.

The story follows Princess Anisphia who dreamed to fly in the skies. She thought it is possible to do because there is an existence called magic in her world. Unfortunately, she isn’t blessed by the spirit despite her royal status. But she won’t give up. Along with his brother’s former betrothed, Euphyllia, they decide to immerse themself into the world of magic!

7. High Card

Being underrated anime doesn’t mean it’s bad. High Card is an original anime created by Homura Kawamoto and Hikura Muno (Kakegurui). The series is full of jam-packed action with different superpowers used in each episode. What makes this unique? The whole setting is high-class. Everyone wears a fancy suit and drives a classic car.

It revolves around Finn who set out for a casino to make a fortune. His bad luck guides him to encounter a car chase and bloodshed in the middle of the road. He finds out the reason behind that accident is caused by a man’s lucky card.

Finn eventually knows the existence of 52 X-Playing cards that can give different superhuman abilities. Then, he is scouted by the secret group called High Card with the purpose of collecting all the scattered cards across the kingdom.

6. Record of Ragnarok 2

Possibly the most controversial anime out there, this anime features Gods of different myths and beliefs. Put aside the controversy, the simple background story where humans should fight God to preserve their human civilization is hard to pass. 12 Gods and humans face each other in the arena and use their full capability to decimate each other.

The first season ends with God’s side having two wins and one loss. This time, the second season will feature the strongest Olympian demigod, Hercules, and the god of destruction, Shiva. On the other hand, the third battle is giving the humans hope that they have the potential to defeat a God. Against the embodiment of justice, Hercules, they will send the most nefarious murderer, Jack the Ripper, while, Shiva will fight hand-to-hand against the strongest sumo athlete, Tameemon Raiden.

5. Spy Classroom

This anime is basically cute girls doing cute things with the backdrop of a spy theme. Though the series gets a backlash for having a different pace than its source (light novel), it is a pretty decent anime to the point that it got the second season a week after the finale.

The story follows Lily, a patriotic young girl who aspires to serve her country as a spy. However, he always fails her subjects in the spy academy. One opportunity comes for her to work in the spy team, Lamplight. Unknown to her that this team only works on impossible missions with a 90% fatality rate. Can she and her comrades survive the mission under Claus’ tutelage?

4. The Angel Next Dorr Spoils Me Rotten

This anime comes out as the most, arguably, sweetest romance winter anime of 2023. While it uses a cliche plot of some unkempt boy and the most popular girl in the class having a relationship, you just can’t get enough of it. This anime can be considered a success as a wish-fulfillment fantasy aimed at the adolescent and young adult male audience.

The background story is fairly simple with Mahiru Shiina who is deemed an “angel” because of her divine beauty. On the other hand, Amane Fujiyima is an unkempt boy who has nothing to boast of. Those two are basically living in a different world. But, it all changes when Amane spots Shiina gloomily sitting amidst the rain and lends her an umbrella.

3. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4

Being one of the top seinen series in Japan, Bungou Stray Dogs came back for its fourth installment of the series. It is surreal that there is an anime that can keep its quality after three seasons and one movie comes out. The character’s introduction is unique and the balance proportion of serious and humorous moments is spot on. Really, it is arguably the best seinen series in these modern days.

The story rolled back to the history of the president of the Armed Detective Agency and the genius detective Edogawa Ranpo. Their meeting was nothing but fate. Together, they solved a bizarre murder mystery which lead to a bigger problem than they thought.

2. Tomo-chan is a Girl!

This anime might get a nomination as the best rom-com of 2023. You can’t help but have a mouth cramp after laughing so much for watching every single episode of the anime. At the surface, the series may be full of comedy, but the longer it progresses, the romance aspect is deepening.

The entire series takes the title quite literally. Tomo has a childhood friend, Jun, who treats her as a boy. The anime begins with Tomo confessing her feeling to Jun. Yet, Jun dares to accept her feeling and said that he also “likes” her, as a friend of course. Now, it’s up to Tomo how to open his eyes and make him realize that she is a girl!

1. Vinland Saga Season 2

After the death of his revenge target, Askelad, what’s left of Thorfinn’s life? Despite feeling empty, he decides to live on. This anime is already past the normal bounds of anime and has become a cinema. The depth of Thorfinn’s choice to abandon violence in his Viking blood is amazing to watch. Despite having a slow start, you can clearly see how Thorfinn making a life-turning point from what he was in the first season.

If you’re expecting full bloodshed like the previous season, then don’t waste your time watching the first half of the second season. But, if there is a question “What’s the focus of this series?”. Then clearly combat isn’t the answer. Makoto Yukimura stated that he wanted to balance the ideal of each character and the reality surrounding them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best anime winter of 2023?

Vinland Saga comes out as the best anime based on MAL. But, Tomo-chan is a Girl! is the best in the non-sequel category.

Which one of winter anime 2023 gets a sequel?

As for now, there are 3 titles that get a sequel. They are Bungou Stray Dogs, Spy Classroom, and Record of Ragnarok.

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