Overlord Season 5 Release Date | What We Know So Far

Overlord Season 5 Release Date | What We Know So Far

Fortunately, the sequel for the series is already confirmed. Overlord season 5 will be in the form of a movie instead of the usual 12 episodes. We’ve covered the information related to the sequel of Overlord the movie. Read on!

Anti-hero becomes a straight-up villain, that’s what Ainz becomes in the latest season of Overlord. Starting his journey for peace in the first season of Overlord. Yet, he mercilessly annihilated the entire capital as an example for anyone who dares to disrupt his peace.

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But, this isn’t the end of the road. The finale left the fans with deeper mysteries than ever. Who is the platinum dragon? Why does he know Yggdrasil? Maybe these questions will lead him to his treasured friend from the past.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

The good news is the sequel of Overlord has been decided. But, the bad news is there is still no information about the movie of Overlord. The official website of Overlord has released the visual teaser of the upcoming movie.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date | What We Know So Far
Overlord: the Holy Kingdom Visual Teaser – Source: @over-lord-anime

The news was announced at Overlord’s 10th-anniversary event on August 19, 2022. It was also the same date when the eighth episode of Overlord 4 was aired. It will be the first movie of Overlord which isn’t a compilation movie.

The movie will adapt the 11th and 12th of light novel volumes. It is important to note that this movie is happening before the Falling Kingdom arc in the second half of the Overlord’s fourth season. 

Due to the mismatch of sources, it is much appreciated for the staff to jump through this amazing arc and adapt the falling kingdom for the last stage of the last season. This way, we can enjoy the evil deeds of Ainz in the Holy Kingdom without getting rushed.

Will It Continue?

There is no doubt that Overlord is one of the most successful isekai anime to date. The sequel may as well have been decided after the fourth season’s finale. Yet, the fans are already convinced that there will be another sequel after the movie. Why?

The answer is pretty simple, a well-sold light novel. Reportedly, before the anime premiere in June 2015, the light novel had sold over 600,000 copies with eight volumes combined. Yet, 2 months later, the light novel already reached the one million mark.

Moreover, at the end of the year, It already double the amount with 2 million copies of the light novel sold making it the best-selling light novel series of 2015. In 2023, the official Twitter states that the light novel has surpassed over 11 million sold.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date | What We Know So Far
The 16th Volume of Overlord – Source: Overlord Official Website

Right now, the latest volume released was the 16th volume. Maruyama-sensei stated that he would end Overlord in the 17th volume. But, due to the thick pages of the draft, he decided to split the 15th volume into two volumes which makes it two remaining volumes in the future release. The afterword of the 16th volume said that it will take a couple of years for him to finish the remaining volumes.

This also means that we have to wait for a couple of years before the fifth season is released. Based on the previous seasons, Overlord always uses three light novel volumes for one season which makes the fifth season will use four remaining volumes in total (the 15th-18th volume).

Overlord Story

The previous season started with Ainz Ooal Gown taking over E-Rantel. Unfortunately, this newborn region had a dire situation with the shortage of goods. Thus, Albedo was sent as an envoy to the neighboring country to make a diplomatic relationship.

Meanwhile, the human supremacy country, Slaine Theocracy, began to devise a plan for countering the Sorcerer Kingdom in the Baharuth Empire.

However, when the Emperor planned to host the meeting in secrecy, Ainz accidentally confronted him. This misfortune led to make his relationship with the Theocracy beyond saving.

Little did he know that Ainz would challenge the strongest the Warrior King, the strongest fighter in the empire. Sweating a bullet, the Emperor can do nothing but hoped that the Warrior King can defeat Ainz for the future of humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Overlord Season 5?

No, it hasn’t been decided yet. But, it is confirmed that there will be an Overlord Movie called Overlord: The Holy Kingdom.

When is the Overlord movie released?

Unfortunately, the movie release is still TBA.

Source: Overlord Official Twitter, Overlord Website

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