Top 10 Best Martial Arts Anime Of All Time


Anime that involves action, fights, and badass characters are the heart and soul of otaku. They provide the viewers with the right thrill and entertainment. Martial arts anime have a separate fanbase that treasures it to the fullest. 

Watching Martial Arts not only makes us feel good, but it also teaches many self-defense techniques to those who observe. There are countless such anime, but today’s blog will only cover the best martial arts anime of all time.

I’ll try to enlist only the best according to my opinion, so stay with me till the very end!

10. Hunter x Hunter

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

Like the name makes you guess already, it’s all about Hunters and Monsters. Becoming a hunter is not an easy task. One needs to undergo training, and one needs to pass a tough and life risky exam. Gon Freecs is our main character who dreams of becoming a hunter. 

He believes if he becomes a hunter, he will be able to find his father, who was also a hunter. Each episode brings something exciting enough to make the viewers feel thrilled. So watch it, as it’s the best martial arts anime of all time.

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9. Afro Samurai

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

Afro Samurai is a popular anime that is based on a revenge story of a boy named Afro. The boy wishes to avenge his father’s death by killing a man named Justice. Justice holds the title of number 1, and Afro holds the title of number two. 

There is a rule that only number two can challenge number 1. Thus, there are countless people who are trying to defeat Afro. This is also something that makes things difficult for him. However, our MC is determined to defeat number 1 by hook or by crook. You can expect it to be a complete package as it has a lot to offer to its viewers.

8. The God Of High School

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

It’s a must-watch if you are looking for the best martial arts anime. I’m not going to lie; you won’t zone out even for a second. God of High School is basically a tournament, and the winner will receive this title. 

This is not it; the reason students are competing is because if they win, they will get their one wish fulfilled. 

It’s not an ordinary tournament and is extremely challenging because every student is different. And nobody knows who they will have to face. Jin Mo-Ri, our protagonist, is exceptional in taekwondo, and we follow his journey. There are many other main characters who will effortlessly capture your attention. Each character is entertaining enough to pull you towards the edge of your seat.

7. Naruto

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

Who doesn’t like Naruto? Naruto is the most popular Shounen anime worthy of praise. Its spectacular action sequences are one of the reasons it is loved the most. Watching characters fight each other using different fighting styles will win your heart.

Not just action, Naruto offers countless things to its viewers. The intricate plot, exhilarating characters, and crazy plot twists will make you feel entertained throughout. Follow Naruto on his journey, which involves a number of ups and downs. 

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6. Dragon Ball

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

Dragon Ball is one of the Big 4 anime and is a must-watch for every otaku. People are crazy for its overpowered characters and action sequences. You will get a high dose of martial arts; the good news is it’s just one of the entertaining things. 

It all started with finding the dragon balls because one with all the balls can summon the dragon. Then, the summoner can get his wish fulfilled. Therefore, the balls captured the attention of evil minds, and there you go! There is no going back; one villain goes, and the other comes.

Some came to destroy the planet, some for their hidden motives. Rest assured that Goku and the team will not let anyone get scratched!

5. Katanagatari

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

We are introduced to Japan’s Edo period, where people use impressive sword styles. Shichika, our protagonist, beats everyone in this art and has a different sword style. Instead of wielding a sword, he can wield his body. 

His talent grabbed the attention of Togame, who wanted him to join her in a mission to collect 12 swords. The story continues with the duo setting a mission to change their lives. I bet you will love the action sequences and the chemistry between the main leads. 

4. Rurouni Kenshin

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

Trust me or not, this is actually the best martial arts anime ever. Even after so long, it never fails to bore the audience and will continue to win hearts. Battousai is a name that is feared by everyone, and people don’t want to bring this name to their thoughts. He was a ruthless assassin, but it’s been a decade that no one gets to hear about him. 

This is because Battousai left the path of bloodshed and is now trying to atone for his sins. Surprisingly, someone else has taken his name and is using his name to indulge fear in the people once again. He meets a girl named Kaoru, the victim of the fake Battousai. Our MC then vows to help the girl end this matter once and for all. 

3. Kengan Ashura

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

Kengan Ashura is a fan favorite for being the best martial arts anime of all time. We are introduced to a world where people hire fighters, aka gladiators, to win business deals. So fighting and martial arts are the center of the anime. 

You will enjoy countless action sequences, which will give you thrilling experiences. Ouma Tokita is our protagonist and a skillful fighter who is known as Ashura. He gets a mission to fight for a man named Hideki. Ashura fighting countless battles makes the anime worth watching.

2. Fist Of North Star

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

Martial arts lovers get ready to watch Fist of North Star, famous for being the best martial arts anime of all time. This is the story of a warrior named Kenshirou, whose life is a mess. His fighting prowess is amazing and effortlessly attracts the attention of others.

He uses his skills to help humanity and fight off the bad guys. Unfortunately, his lover is kidnapped, and he is looking for ways to make things work. No matter how much he tries, life throws him into trouble, and things get complicated every time. 

1. Ranma 1/2 

best martial arts anime of all time

Credit: IMDb

When we say old is gold, we mean Ranma 1/2! Honestly, it’s the best martial arts anime filled with comedy, fantasy, and thrilling action. Ranman is the protagonist who has mesmerizing skills when it comes to martial arts. 

His life as a fine martial artist was running smoothly before he was cursed. The curse changes his gender when he comes in contact with cold water. The poor boy was unable to process his curse, and his father dropped bombs on his marriage amidst the chaos. 

It was decided that he would have to marry Akane, the daughter of Mr. Tendo. The girl is not a typical shy girl but a strong lady who is exceptionally skilled in martial arts. To top it all off, she harbors hatred for men, which may benefit our MC. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best fighting skills in anime?

It’s believed that Goku from Dragon Ball gives tough competition to everyone when it comes to martial arts and fighting. 

What anime has karate in it?

God Of High School is the best anime filled with different types of martial arts.


So, let’s end our list of the best martial arts anime of all time. Believe me, you will love watching all of them and, in fact, will end up rewatching them. So give them all a try, and share with me your experiences!

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