Demon Lord Retry! Manga Getting Anime Adaptation

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Good news comes from the Isekai fandom. Demon Lord, Rety! will come back for the second season with a new title Demon Lord, Retry! R. 

The official Twitter for the series revealed the information on August 21, 2023. It stated that the anime will adapt Kanzaki and Amaru Minotake’s sequel manga. It also mentions that more information will be released with the upcoming release of the ninth volume of the light novel.

Where did the series leave off?

The first anime of Demon Lord Retry! debuted in July 2019. The series got a balanced review from fans. Some of them said the show is bland, while half of them expect another season for the series.

Demon Lord Retry! Manga Getting Anime Adaptation
Illustration Commemorating Second Season – Source: @maousama_info

It is a wonder how staff will adapt this series. As the announcement said, the anime will adapt the manga version, Demon Lord, Retry! R, which is the revamped version of the manga after the fifth volume.

Long story short, Amaru Minotake serialized the manga in October 2017 and already published 5 volumes of manga in December 2019. Then, he continued the journey by revamping the manga in 2020 making the count reset to one. Thus, the 2021 manga dubbed as Demon Lord, Retry! R.

The question about adaptation comes from the fact that the first season ended in volume 4, which has one volume manga left before the R version. So, how will the staff handle it? Who knows.

Maybe we can have an answer then the upcoming light novel or manga version release. For starters, the seventh volume of Demon Lord Retry! R manga will be published on August 30, while the ninth volume of the light novel will be released on September 29, 2023.

Demon Lord Retry! Manga Getting Anime Adaptation
The Seventh Volume Manga Cover – Source: @maousama_info

Demon Lord Retry! R Story

The Demon Lord continues his journey after encountering the mysterious creature on the lowest floor of the Bastille Dungeon. Now, he sets up to the next destination, Hellion Territory, where the Grand Devils compete for the region’s domination.

With the help of a new advisor, who is somewhat reliable (?), his adventure to get his game master’s authority becomes more bizarre and wackier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a second season of Demon Lord Retry?

Yes, the sequel for the anime was announced on August 21, 2023.

When will Demon Lord Retry! R anime released?

There is still no information aside from the adaptation confirmation. But, we can expect to hear it on September 29, 2023, when the ninth volume of the light novel is released.

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