20+ Best Superhero Anime Of All Time

best superhero anime of all time

The love for superhero anime can never get old because they know how to push the audience toward the edge of their seats. Watching the fantasy world where some evil forces wish to destroy the world and are then stopped by humans with superpowers is no less than a blessing.

Throughout the years, anime creators have introduced many anime based on superpowers which have earned the praise of otaku worldwide. I will recommend a list of anime for all those who want to watch the best superhero anime of all time.

So get ready to find all those anime where the main characters fight off the bad guys using their abilities to protect the world!

21. Talentless Nana

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime highlights a world where the entry of some evil creatures changed the world. To fight off these powerful beings, teenagers were bestowed with superhuman abilities called Talents.

All these people with supernatural abilities train in an academy to master their skills. In a world where superhumans are common, our boy Nanao lives a messy life meeting everyone’s expectations.

The story becomes interesting with the entry of Nana into the academy, who befriends Nanao. When the duo become quite close friends, Nana reveals her true colors by stating that she is here on a mission to assassinate talented students who can be a threat. The anime thrills the viewers with some plot twists and suspense. 

20. Power Puff Girls Z

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Power Puff Girls Z revolves around the three superhero girls who use their abilities to protect the world from danger. The three girls aren’t naturally born heroes, but they receive their powers after the experiment of Professor Utonium and his son Ken.

Like any other cliche superhero anime, this one also revolves around the same idea where different bad guys aim to cause harm. Eventually, these superheroes make their missions unsuccessful.

It’s a great anime to feel refreshed, especially for those who wish to see some girl action. PPGZ was released in 2006, so you can’t expect the animation quality to be high. Overall it’s a great watch to feel refreshed.

19. Charlotte

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

If you are looking for a short superhero anime that you can binge-watch easily, this is a good one. Yuu Otosaka enjoys his life using his superhuman ability to take over people’s minds and bodies.

This ability has helped him pass the exams with good grades. One day, Nao Tomori, the SCP from another academy, learns about his ability and offers to join her. Nao’s academy is basically the home to many people with supernatural abilities who work together to stop the people who abuse their powers.

Each day brings a new mission to them, and while saving people from the harm of such abilities, the team of heroes finds themselves entangled in ups and downs. 

18. Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

I am sure we all are familiar with the Marvel superheroes and their special abilities, right? This Japanese anime is based on Marvel heroes, but its plot is not the same. In this one, we follow the Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman and a lot more.

The difference in the plot arrives when the superheroes get captured inside the DISKS. Eventually, some new characters will enter the scene and help the superheroes escape. It’s a pretty good watch if you are a Marvel fan and wish to see them animated. The change to the original plot is what makes it interesting and entertaining.

17. Tokyo Mew Mew

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Ichigo Momiya was living a pretty peaceful life before seeing the vision of a cat entering her body. Things turned mysterious when after some time, she found herself displaying the cat traits. All thanks to the monster attack that removes her curiosity, and she realizes that she is a magical girl able to transform into a catgirl.

Well, it’s not like she was born with cat-like abilities and recently learned to use them; in fact, her cat-like powers are the result of her absorbing the cat DNA. The Cat DNA in her body gives her a cat-like appearance and traits and makes her powerful enough to fight off the evil aliens. This anime offers a lot of action, drama, and entertainment, so you can consider this one a complete package.

16. Sailor Moon

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Usagi is an average student whose life flips upside down after she saves a cat with a crescent on its head. The cat was not an ordinary animal, its name was Luna, and it revealed that Usagi was fated to meet her.

Luna gives her a brooch capable of transforming her into a superhero. Now Usagi must use her powers to stop the evil monsters aiming to cause harm to the earth, especially the Queen of the Dark Kingdom.

Well, fighting off the bad guys is not her only duty. She must find a missing princess of the Moon Kingdom and other sailor guardians. If you like magical girl anime, then it’s a must-watch! Since the anime is not recent, you will have to compromise on its animation and sound quality. 

15. Jujutsu Kaisen

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Though JJK is not based on a superhero genre, it has many elements that make it worthy of being called a superhero anime.This anime introduces us to a world where people fear cursed energies that feed on people’s negative emotions.

To stop these cursed energies from harming people, Jujutsu sorcerers are always on duty to find and exorcize these energies. JJK follows the life of Yuji Itadori, whose simple life changes after he swallows a cursed object.

The object he swallowed was not something ordinary but the finger of the legendary Sukuna (King of Curses). To top it off, only one in a million could become his vessel, and fortunately or unfortunately, the vessel happened to be Yuji.

Eating the finger puts him in a mess, and he finds himself targeted by the top-class sorcerer Gojo Satoru. Gojo decides to teach him jujutsu to control his powers and allows him to eat all ten fingers of Sukuna because the only way to kill the king is by killing his vessel.

The anime has won countless hearts with appealing character design, art, top-class animation, and of course exciting plot! Do you still need me to justify this one for having similarities to the best superhero anime? 

14. Zetman

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime has a somewhat cliche plot that revolves around superheroes who vow to protect the world from the villains. Jin, aka Zet, is the main character with superhuman abilities. Zet isn’t a naturally born superhero, but all his powers result from scientific experiments by Organization Amagi.

With time, he learns about the true motives of Amagi. While solving the mysteries of the said organization, he never forgets his role in protecting humanity at all costs. The plot continues with him getting involved with multiple characters, which develops his character.

Throughout the anime, the constant ups and downs in Zet’s life make the whole anime worth watching! Though the concept and idea of the anime are nothing new, it offers excitement and fun with a great storyline and likable characters! 

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13. D.Gray-man

D.Gray man
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to Allen Walker, a boy who gets the mission to fight off the Akuma. Akuma is basically the weapon that the antagonist Millennium Earl has created by bringing back the souls of the dead.

Those who fight off the Akuma are officially the exorcists because they exorcize the trapped souls. Allen must find a way to stop the villain. Throughout the anime, they learn more about the evil motives of the Millenium Earl.

Allen’s unique abilities make him more special than the rest, and his capabilities make the whole anime amusing. The plot continues to get engaging with some revelation and the MC’s link with the Earl. You guys can easily expect some crazy fights and suspense.

12. Mob Psycho 100

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Mob, aka Shigeo Kageyama, is our main character with overpowered psychic abilities. He is so powerful that controlling his powers is a challenging task. This cute little boy really likes a girl, and he tries his best to impress her with his abilities.

However, his simple life takes a different turn when a con artist offers to join him in his mission to exorcise spirits. With time, exorcizing spirits became a part of his daily life. As we all know, a shounen is incomplete without powerful antagonists; therefore, Mob’s life gets messed up with the entry of some OP foes.

If you are a fan of One Punch Man, please don’t miss watching this epic series; it’s the work of the same creator. Mob Psycho 100 is famous in the otaku community for its unique storytelling, exciting characters, and amazing animation!

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11. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter
Credit: IMDb

There is no doubt that HXH enjoys a good reputation in the otaku fandom, all thanks to its plot and OP characters. Like the name suggests, the anime introduces us to the life of hunters who devote themselves to hunting monsters and finding hidden treasures.

Being a hunter sure sounds cool, but it is not an easy job. Therefore, to be a hunter, one needs to be skillful enough to pass the deadly Hunter Examination. 12-year-old Gon Freecs dreams of being a hunter like his father and decides to take the Hunter Exam.

During the tests, he befriends multiple characters who join him in his mission to find his father. Since it’s a Shounen anime, you can expect some crazy fights, plot twists, and overpowered characters that make it a praiseworthy superhero anime!

10. Bungou Stray Dogs

Best Superhero Anime
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of an orphan, Atsushi. After getting kicked out of the orphanage, he wanders from place to palace, shelterless. Things change for him when he saves an eccentric guy from drowning.

In return for his help, the man feeds him and reveals himself as Osamu Dazai, a supernatural detective. Atsushi tells him that due to the fear of a weretiger, he lost his place in the orphanage, to which Dazai explains that he is in search of the same tiger.

Osamu takes the boys with him to try to solve the mystery of the said tiger. However, things take a sharp turn when they learn that Atsushi is the same tiger they were looking for.

The story continues when Atsushi joins the team of supernatural detectives to help them solve similar cases and protect the people from the chaos! The anime offers good comedy, a fantastic plot, and thrilling action sequences!

9. Seven Deadly Sins

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of seven deadly kings, each one known for its specific traits. They are feared as rebels and evil people, but the plot twist is they are the heroes trying to protect the world from harm.

Don’t be fooled by the looks of the main character, Meliodas! He looks like a child but is nearly 3000 thousand years old, and the fact he hasn’t aged even a bit scares people even more.

The first season begins with Elizabeth knocking at the doors of Meliodas and requesting him to find the seven deadly sins to protect her kingdom. The initial episodes focus on Meliodas finding his former comrades to become a team once again.

Meanwhile, the fans are intrigued by the entry of some villains with evil motives. The plot of SDS is not simple and is full of twists and turns, and many revelations are made quite late in the series, which makes it worth watching.

SDS provides the fans with one of the best character development and action sequences. Last but not least, I assure you that you’ll love seeing the cute chemistry between the seven deadly sins!

8. Blue Dragon

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Shu is a passionate boy who wishes to protect the world from the terror of evil minds. The anime’s main idea revolves around the shadow powers and the legend of the 7 genuine shadow users. Some evil people have artificially created these shadow powers and aim to wreak havoc using them.

Shu and his friends meet Zola and Jiro, who later reveal themselves as the true show users. Shu’s meeting with Zola makes him realize his passion for protecting the world. In the middle of the chaos, he ends up releasing his shadow powers and surprises everyone.

Shu’s shadow power was of a blue dragon which is considered to be evil and of the most powerful among all. Since Blue Dragon is authoritative and evil, it is not easy for Shu to control his powers; therefore, Zola takes him along with her.

On their journey, Shu learns to master his newly recognized powers. Watching the group of heroes find the other true shadow users and fighting against the bad guys makes the anime commendable. Blue Dragon is one of the most underrated superhero anime, and I assure you that once you watch it, you will find yourself extremely pleased!

7. Parasyte: The Maxim

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a world where some evil aliens are able to invade the earth and control human minds. The aliens were parasites who could easily make the humans their host and started wreaking havoc in the world by following their heinous plans.

Things change for good when a parasite comes to attack Shinichi Izumi, and instead of controlling his brain ends up being a part of his hand. Now Izumi had the power to control the parasite, and the parasite bestowed him with some superhuman abilities.

The MC decides to use his newly obtained abilities to protect the world from the terror of these aliens. The anime highlights the cute relationship between the parasite and Izumi, and it’s super awesome to see them being friends. It’s a must-watch anime for all those looking for the best superhero anime! 

6. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

What would you do when you were asked to save a different world out of the blue? Well, Naofumi’s decision was easy to make because he was not given a choice in the first place. He and a few more were called to the Kingdom Of Melromarc to protect it from destruction.

All four of these heroes were given different weapons, and for Naofumi, it was the shield. The people were stereotypical and treated the MC poorly as they thought that a hero with a shield was a shame and was unable to fight.

The beginning of the anime gives nothing but a heavy loaded dose of frustration where we see the boy getting humiliated, betrayed, accused of rape, and whatnot! Finally, after a couple of episodes when Naofumi was on the verge of a breakdown, he found good people.

He buys a slave, Raphtalia, and treats her like a family. The duo decides to help each other in tough times and defeat the bad guys together! With time, the people who underestimated Naofumi realize their mistakes! 

5. Naruto

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

It’s impossible to believe that anyone who watches anime is not familiar with this name. In fact, most people start with watching Naruto and eventually get used to watching other anime.

Naruto follows the life of a boy with the same name who grew up receiving the hate of people. Naruto’s parents sealed an evil nine-tailed fox inside him to protect the world from the fox’s terrors.

That incident made Naruto lose his parents, and he was left alone in the dark world. People started hating him for that event that took place years ago. Eventually, we see Naruto finding people who believe in him and love him.

Despite receiving all the hate, this boy vowed to spread love and hope. It’s impossible to sum up Naruto in just a few words, and one can’t do justice to it with a few words either. This anime is known for teaching people thousands of lessons that one fails to learn from one’s life.

The villains, the hero, the supporting characters, the plot, the relatability, and above all, NARUTO himself makes this anime an unforgettable masterpiece! It’s overall the best superhero anime of all time and will always remain. In this anime, apart from seeing the main character fighting off the bad guys, you will see him changing people’s hearts, never giving up, keeping friends together and leaving everyone in awe! Though Naruto is not a pure superhero anime, it has many similarities to that genre!

4. My Hero Academia

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

This is one of the most popular anime of this decade, and we all have loved the journey of Izuku Midoriya since its release. MHA introduces us to a world where the majority of people are born with powers, and those who don’t are labeled as weak.

Our boy Izuku was among the weak because he was born without powers. Knowing that there was no way to be a superhero and use powers, Izuku never lost hope and continued to dream.

Watching different superheroes protecting people, he used to observe their fights and note down the most important details so that he could use them one day to save the world. Izuku loved All Might, one of the most powerful heroes and fate played its part in making him meet his idol.

All Might was impressed with Izuku’s selflessness and will to never give up. To top it off, All Might was at the stage of life where his health was deteriorating; therefore, he chose to transfer his powers to the boy.

That’s what changed the boy’s life, and his dream came true. The first season highlights the passion of the MC and his struggles in mastering his newly obtained powers. With each passing episode and season, MHA continues to spellbind audiences with its plot, characters and thrilling action sequences. 

3. Astro Boy

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

While discussing the best superhero anime of all time, we can’t miss adding Astro Boy to the list. It’s one of the oldest, most popular, and most iconic anime released in 1963. After losing his beloved son, Professor Tenma created Atom, a robot built to do the right things only.

Unfortunately, Atom couldn’t spend more time with the professor, and ultimately he was sold to another guy who wasn’t kind-hearted at all. Atom’s journey was full of ups and downs, and finally, after some suffering, he found the right owner.

The anime revolves around this cute little robot who tries his best to protect the world from the bad guys with his action. Unlike other anime where the superheroes are humans or aliens, Astro Boy won hearts for being a robot. It’s one of those anime that should not be missed, and it’s a must-watch for almost everyone who considers themselves a true otaku.

2.  One Punch Man

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

Just like most of us, our caped baldy, Saitama, has always dreamt of being a superhero. Unlike most of us, this guy has spent days and nights to achieve his dream, and his hard work paid off, making him a superhero.

His baldness is proof of his years of struggles and efforts; as they say, one needs to lose something to gain the other (XD). This boy is so skillful that no matter what, it’s not easy to compete against him.

Doesn’t matter how overpowered one is; one will lose it after Saitama’s Punch! Though it’s one of the most commendable abilities for one to have, our superhero is bored to fight easily attackable opponents.

The plot continues with the entry of Genos, who wishes to follow the footprints of the caped baldy, and he is lucky enough to be his disciple. This one offers thrill, excitement, adventure, awesome fights, and a lot more which ultimately makes it the best superhero anime of all time.

1. Dragon Ball

best superhero anime of all time
Credit: IMDb

I hope we all know that we don’t need to justify why this epic masterpiece is the best superhero anime of all time, right? Dragon Ball is a part of the Big 4 anime. It has impacted the childhood of many with its extraordinary battles and overpowered characters.

Goku is the main character whose life changes drastically after finding the powerful dragon balls. If one collects seven balls, one can summon a dragon capable of granting any wish the summoner asks for.

Though fulfilling the idea of wishes and desires sounds sweet, it attracts the attention of many evil minds to it. Ultimately, there began a war for it between the good and bad guys. Goku vowed to protect his people no matter what, and fans have seen him fulfilling his promise.

Each time when it feels like he will lose, this legend ends up leveling up his Super Saiyan powers. Dragon Ball entertains the viewers with mind-boggling action, massive powers, classy characters, humor, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Avengers anime?

Yes, “Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers” is an anime based on Avengers.

Who is the number 1 best anime character?

It is difficult to name only a single character. Almost all the main characters from the Big 4 anime are considered the best in all aspects.


In the list of best superhero anime, almost all of them have characters who wish to protect the world by using their abilities. However, suppose if one looks at the traditional definition of the superhero genre. In that case, you might find a few of them with a different concept and idea, but overall you’ll feel the same thrill watching them! Please give them all a watch and come back here later to share your views!

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